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An Elegant Weapon 0

An Elegant Weapon

Fankid chats and interviews for a more civilized age. Hosted by J.M. Clark...more
J.M. Clark

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    86. Episode CCCXLI...Frank Gogol

    Writer Frank Gogol sits in to talk about his journey through The Comics Experience, joining Source Point Press publishing to release his debut book Grief and his upcoming project Dead End Kids.

    Jun 10,2019 01:38:46
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    96. Episode CCCXXXI...What Mad Universe?!?

    A crosspod featuring the newest members of  Never Sleeps Network Adam and Phil, hosts of What Mad Universe?!? podcast. What Mad Universe is a show where two guys delve into the history of pulp SF and fantasy books, from the classic to the obscure.

    Jan 21,2019 01:13:13
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    127. Episode CCCIII...Andrea Scott, Julian Apong and Steven Andrews of The Toronto Comics Anthology Vol 5: Osgoode As Gold

    This week we venture to the wondeful Sidekick Comic Cafe in Leslieville, Toronto for a chat with Toronto Comics Anthology lead editor Steven Andrews and contributors Andrea Scott and Julian Apong. Visit the Kickstarter now for volume 5 Osgoode As Gold!

    Mar 05,2018 01:15:13
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    129. Episode CCCI...Andy Schmidt and Travis McIntire

    A chat with writer and Source Point Press Editor-in-chief Travis McIntire and Andy Schmidt, writer and former editor at Marvel and IDW and now founder of and instructor at Comics Experience. We talk comics and discuss the new publishing venture happening between their two outfits.

    Brought to you by ComicBook Syndicate's Action! 2018



    Feb 12,2018 01:15:23
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    161. Episode CCLXIX...30 in 30 Session 8 - Oktoberfest Revisited

    Good friend Tony McKay, host of Drunk On Comics Podcast regales us with a tales of his trip the Munich for Oktoberfest.

    Nov 08,2017 09:39
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    170. Episode CCLX...Gordon Smuder

    A conversation with the man behind Seeka.TV 's Transylvania Television, puppeteer and puppet forge Gordon Smuder.


    Oct 26,2017 01:25:40
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    171. Episode CCLIX...New York Comic Con '17 Part One - Twiztid

    Part One of The Weapon's New York Comic Con 2017 coverage featuring the creators of Source Point Press' Haunted High-Ons Dirk Manning, Marianna Pescosta, Alessandro Iniko de Fornasari and the boys from Twiztid!

    Oct 16,2017 24:20
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    184. Episode CCXLVI...Toronto Comics Social #7

    LIVE from The Sidekick Comic Cafe at The Toronto Comics Anthology's Sunday Social 7 featuring chats with contributor Marcia Iwasaki and Lead editor Steven Andrews.


    Jun 21,2017 45:53
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    185. Episode CCXLV...Motor City Comic Con 2017 Part 3

    We close out our Motor City Extravaganza 2017 by diving deep into the trenches of Artist's Alley. Part 3 features conversations with Source Point Press's Ben Goldsmith and Keyla Valerio of The Seance Room, Kasey Pierce of Norah and Pieces Of Madness, and Gary Sobek. Dan Dougherty of Touching Evil and Beardo, The El Arto crew with John Marroquin, Aman Aman, Jack Fragg and Erick Gutierrez. Fellow podcasters Dave Patterson of Dave's Nerd Compendium and Heather Miles of the Pod Bros. network. Comic's 'n More owner and podcast host Chris Brown and to finish us off a little bit of the dirkalicious one, Dirk Manning of The Tales of Mr. Rhee and NightmareWorld.




    Jun 18,2017 56:30
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    189. Episode CCXLI...Motor City Comic Con 2017 Part One

    Thus begins The Weapon's coverage of Motor City Comic Con 2017! In this part one, The Jedi Ras is joined by Drunk On Comics host Tony McKay for a chat with the headmaster of Source Point Press Publishing, Travis McIntire and artist Rob Hogan, followed by a talk with Stan Konopka, the writer of SPP's latest hit, The Rejected. 

    May 29,2017 39:05
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    190. Episode CCXL...Kessle Run Free Comic Book Day Tour

    The Jedi Ras embarks on a journey across the 905 to visit three local shops for Free Comic Book Day. First up is Altered States Comics in Clarkson Village and a chat with Stephany Lein and Craig Ferguson, followed by a jaunt over to Comic Connection Oakville for a talk with the mighty uncooth one, Mike Rooth. The journey comes to a close at Gotham Central Comics and Collectables with conversations featuring The Heroes of The World, Aaron Broverman, Paul Miranda, Gibson Quarter and Jason Fabok! And all in under 12 parsecs!

    Support your LCS's! Support brick and mortar!


    May 15,2017 01:17:22
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    197. Episode CCXXXIII...Toronto Comics : Yonge At Heart

    This week we celebrate the kickstarter for Vol 4 of the Toronto Comics Anthology, Yonge At Heart,  by sitting down and chatting with contributors Aaron Feldman ( editor/writer ) Jeff Estrella (writer ) and Shawn Daley ( artist ) LIVE from The Sidekick comic cafe. We also engage in some Star Wars conversation ( of course ) and trade some theories about The Last Jedi.

    Please visit the kickstarter today to pledge and support T.O.Comics!



    Mar 14,2017 01:22:41
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    199. Episode CCXXXI...Toronto Comics Social

    Another fine afternoon at The Sidekick Comic Cafe for this instalment of the Toronto Comic Anthology's Sunday Social. This episode features an update on the Heroes of Homeroom C kickstarter from Anthony Ruttgaizer, a chat with fellower podcaster Aaron broverman of Speech Bubble and Allison O'toole, lead editor for The Toronto Comics Anthology.


    Feb 27,2017 59:50
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    200. Episode CCXXX...Pat Kawula

    A chat with Michigan podcaster, host of Digital Nerdage, Pat Kawula. Talking all about making pod.



    Feb 20,2017 01:06:08
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    201. Episode CCXXIX...Niagara Artist Spotlight

    The Jedi Ras ventures 'round the Golden Horseshoe to check out The Geekery pub in Niagara Falls for the Niagara Artist Spotlight. Featured chats include Marvin Law, Sam Noir and Graham Misiurak. 

    Feb 13,2017 43:54
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    202. Episode CCXXVIII...Agent Jay Nugent

    This week I chat with the guitarist for legendary NYC Ska band, The Slackers. The Slackers have been around for 25 years now and Jay and I discuss that history, how he came to join the band, the history of modern ska, the band's relentless touring schedule and much more.


    Feb 06,2017 48:30
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    207. Episode CCXXIII...Toronto Comics Social

    It's the Toronto Comics Anthology's second social meet up at The Sidekick Cafe featuring chats with creators Andrew Stevenson, Mike Heron and Andrea Fort, and James Edward Clark.

    Dec 13,2016 56:30
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    208. An Elegant Weapon Episode CCXXII...Morte Part 1

    Part One of a special crosspod event with Derek Becker's Comic Pros and Cons podcast featuring a conversation with artist David Bishop and writer Kevin Joseph discussing their upcoming project, Morte. Part two of this chat can be found at comicprosandcons.com. Make pod.


    Dec 06,2016 52:13
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    221. Episode CCX...Aaron Broverman

    The Jedi Ras chats with journalist, ju-jitsu student, comicbook enthusiast and host of the Speech Bubble podcast on The Never Sleeps Network, Aaron Broverman. Aaron discusses his beginnings in Vancouver, his move to Toronto, his life long love of comics, his experiences living with Cerebral Palsy and all the adventures in between that have made him the inspirational and awesome guy that he is. This is Part One of an epic 3 hour conversation held one beautiful Sunday at The Sidekick comic café and lounge in Leslieville over iced coffee and decaf americano espresso...




    Aug 29,2016 01:37:43
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    223. Episode CVIII...ConBravo feat. Droids Canada

    The Jedi Ras reviews his recent adventure at ConBravo 2016 featuring a crosspod with Droids Canada. He also lays down his thoughts on Suicide Squad...

    Aug 13,2016 50:51
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    233. Episode CXCVIII...Dirk Manning

    To celebrate The Weapon's upcoming guest appearance at this years Motor City Comic Con , The Jedi Ras chats with fellow MCCC guest, writer Dirk Manning. Check out Dirk's juggernaut of a Kickstarter campaign for Tales of Mr. Rhee : "Those who fight monsters" and join the party!




    May 09,2016 01:08:17
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    238. Episode CXCIII...The Actionverse w/ Anthony Ruttgaizer

    Toronto comicbook writer and long time friend Anthony Ruttgaizer ( The F1rst Hero ) joins us to discuss a little Batman v Superman, Star Wars ; Rogue One, his upcoming projects and the new ACTIONVERSE crossover series from Action Lab Comics starting April 13th.





    Apr 11,2016 01:15:30
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    239. Episode CXCII...C2E2 Part Two

    The Jedi Ras brings you conversations straight from the trenches of Artist's Alley at C2E2 2016 with such amazing talents as Scott Hepburn (Star Wars, Drax) Jay Fosgitt (Rocket and Groot, Dead Duck and Zombie Chic) Bob Salley (The Salvagers) Josh Dahl (Rapid City: Below Zero) and Ryan Lee (The Naturals, InHumans).



    The Weapon is also very proud to announce that we are now a member of The Podcast Detroit Network...Check it.




    Apr 04,2016 01:11:55
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    241. Episode CXC...C2E2 Pre-show Party w/ Comic Pros and Cons!

    This episodes features the first hour of a two hour chat with Derek Becker, host of the Comic Pros and Cons podcast. We get all excitable discussing the who's it's and what's it's that will be happening this coming weekend when we're at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo. Tune in this Wednesday to hear hour two of our conversation all about the upcoming Motor City Comic Con! Con season hath begun!!




    Mar 14,2016 59:56
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    242. Episode CLXXXIX...The Toronto Comics Anthology

    This week I venture from the 905 to the 416 to sit down for a chat with a few of the editors of the Toronto Comics Anthology Vol.3, Andrew Stevenson, Allison O'Toole and Aaron Feldman. We talk about the origin of the project, the T.O. comic community, the people, artists and writers involved and what it takes to put together an endeavour such as this.

    Support Toronto Indie Comics, visit the KICKSTARTER and pledge today!




    Mar 07,2016 01:07:17
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    243. Episode CLXXXVIII...Dave Bishop

    The Jedi Ras is joined by long time friend of the show, Toronto comic creator Dave Bishop. We chat about the Toronto comic community, the upcoming issue of his series Of Stone and his contribution to Vol. 3 of  The Toronto Comics Anthology.  You can also check out Dave's other series Squirrels and the zombie series Stranger.


    Feb 29,2016 01:06:50
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    248. Episode CLXXXIII...Sean Seal

    After years of chasing the mystical and illusive creature know as the artist Sean Seal, The Weapon is very proud to finally welcome one of the most talented guests to ever grace this podcast. Sean is a fine artist from the Michigan area and as it turns out, is a really nice guy as well. We discuss his life, art, painting, little zen trees, The Rot and Norah, his upcoming masterpiece with writer Kasey Pierce from Source Point Press.

    Jan 25,2016 01:22:41
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    250. Episode CLXXXI...Jay P. Fosgitt

    This week I'm joined by an incredible friend and an amazing talent, cartoonist/illustrator Jay P. Fosgitt. Jay is an artist for My Little Pony and his own personal creation Bodie Troll as well as producing the new Gwenpool variant cover for Marvel's Avengers Standoff. Jay is one of my favourite individuals to ever have had the pleasure of talking to and has a heart the size of his insane imagination. Fun times, indeed.






    Jan 11,2016 01:01:09
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    253. Episode CLXXVIII...Solo's Hold

    To celebrate the release of Episode VII, The Force Awakens, I bring you a conversation with Tron a.k.a Juan Cholo, a.k.a Aaron of Solo's Hold, a custom lightsaber and prop fabricator with some serious skills. We chat about his art and our thoughts on The Force Awakens.

    May the Force be with you!



    Dec 17,2015 58:15
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    255. Episode CLXXVI...Dave Hillyard

    It's a dream come true for The Jedi Ras as he gets to chat with Dave Hillyard, founder and saxophonist for the legendary NYC Ska band, The Slackers. Dave is a very influential figure in the Ska/Reggae scene and an extremely talented musician. We talk about family, The Slackers relentless touring schedule, his hippy dippy beginnings and of course, Jamaican Rock 'n Roll.

    Dec 10,2015 27:56
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    256. Episode CLXXV...Dan Dougherty

    This week The Jedi Ras welcomes the talented and super cool Dan Dougherty. Dan is the writer and artist behind Beardo comics and also Touching Evil, a thrilling comic that is currently being collected into a 240 page hardcover graphic novel via Kickstarter. Please visit and lend some support to one the best comic books I've had the pleasure of reading this year, truly amazing stuff, kids.

    Dec 03,2015 43:14
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    260. Episode CLXXI...Brian Lee Byrd

    This week in the L5J studios I chat with Brian Lee Byrd. Brian is an editor and content contributor at Master Plot Comics. He's the writer of Bullets and Angels and the upcoming 100 tears based on the slasher film of the same name. We talk about the formation of Master Plot Comics, the development of 100 Tears, balancing family and a busy professional life and a whole slew of other fun stuff including, of course, Star Wars. Brian is a super fun and impressive fellow and I urge you to visit Master Plot Comics and check out and support the kickstarter for 100 Tears.

    Nov 05,2015 01:24:16
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    262. Episode CLXIX...Kasey Pierce

    I visited Grand Rapids Comic Con where I sat down for an in depth discussion with author Kasey Pierce, writer of Pieces of Madness and the upcoming Norah. Kasey is one of the coolest cats to ever grace this show.We kosmic kids enjoyed a pint together talking comics, writing, family, religion, childhood, the '80's and much much more.   This episode also features a foreword about Ms. Pierce provided by her sensai himself, Dirk Manning. And, as if that wasn't enough, as a prologue I got to spend two minutes with Anthony Carrigan ( Victor Zsasz ) of TV's Gotham.

    Oct 23,2015 01:12:53
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    271. Episode CLX...The Indie Huntress

    This week I had the extreme pleasure of getting to know indie comic journalist Crystal O'Rourke. Crystal, a.k.a The Indie Huntress, is a writer for TheOutHousers.com and a staunch supporter of the independent comic community. We chat about her foray into the comics world, the motivations behind her writing and the art of the interview. As well, there's a little bit of a history lesson on The Weapon it's self as Crystal flips the script on me and I find myself responding to her own queries. We also discuss Michigan, gush about some of our favourite artists and dwell upon the man in black himself, the indelible Dirk Manning. Hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did. Take it ease.    

                                                                                                                                                                          -The Jedi Ras


    Aug 20,2015 01:13:26
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    278. Episode CLIII...Wild Bullets

    The Jedi Ras chats with writer Greg Wright, author of Wild Bullets. Greg is a member of the Michigan Comics Collective and his story has been brought to life through a coming together of some very talented members of the Collective. We talk all about the book, those involved and what it took to bring this ambitious book to fruition.

    Catch an amazing deal when you purchase Wild Bullets through Drivethru Comics receive a copy of The Michigan Comic Collective's Anthology Vol.1 free!

    Jun 25,2015 56:25
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    280. Episode CLI...Denver Comic Con 2015


    The Jedi Ras heads to Denver Comic Con to hook up with his Points of Interest podcast network co-horts El Hawkez and Francis The Other Guy to represent P.O.I in the Podcast Peak section of DCC'15. This episode features chats with Star Wars author Kevin J. Anderson about the EU, it's history and what's new on his agenda as well as a talk with his padawan Peter J. Wacks, author of Second Paradigm. Also, The Jedi Ras experiences Denver as any ganjable enthusiast would, hear the results of his wacky adventure and enjoy some clips from Rob Paulsen and Randy Rogel's Animaniac's sing a long!

    Jun 07,2015 55:22
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    281. Motor City Comic Con Live Podcasting Panel w/ An Elegant Weapon, Drunk On Comics and Snake Oil Comics

    This is a live Podcasting panel from Motor City Comic Con 2015 featuring your's truly, Matt, Tony and Derek from Drunk On Comics and Real Big Dev of the Snake Oil Comics Podcast. We chat all things podcasting including influences, styles, equipment, set up, publishing, promotion and etiquettes as well as answering audience questions.  This is a fantastic listen for beginners and pod vets alike!

    Make Pod.

    May 31,2015 51:59
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    282. Episode CL...Motor City Comic Con Part 3 - Star Wars

    For Part 3 of our MCCC '15 extravaganza The Jedi Ras has the honour of chatting with legendary Star Wars and Suicide Squad writer John Ostrander, custom lightsaber smiths Solo's Hold and Darth Alice, con security/Sith lord Adam Tornow and the return to the show of E. Roger Mitchell of The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. to help me close out the show!

    May 22,2015 47:34
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    283. Episode CXLIX...MotorCity Comic Con 2015 Part 2 - Dirk Manning Live

    I was very honoured to have the pleasure of moderating writer Dirk Manning's Write or Wrong panel at MCCC '15. Dirk is a freelance writer whose credits include Nightmare World, Tales of Mr. Rhee and Write or Wrong, a beginner's guide to writing comics as well as Image comics and Newsarama. He's a very inspirational fellow and if you're an aspiring writer you won't want to miss this, especially the Faygo incident...



    May 20,2015 59:48
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    286. Motor City Comic Con 2015 Pre Show Special Crosspod w/ Drunk On Comics

    The Jedi Ras and Derek of the Drunk On Comics podcast run through all the upcoming guests, artists, events, adventures and good times to be had at Michigan's largest pop culture event Motor City Comic Con 2015 ! Both An Elegant Weapon and Drunk On Comics will be covering the event happening May 15,16 and 17th. Hope to see you all there!!

    May 05,2015 52:11
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    291. Episode CXLII...Toronto Comic Con 2015

    The Jedi Ras attends Toronto Comic Con 2015 and brings you some fantastic chats with artist Jay Fosgitt ( Bodie Troll, My Little Pony, Necronomicomics ) , writer Ricky Lima and artist Shane Heron ( The Black Hole Hunters Club ) , artist Shawn Daley ( TerraQuill ) writer Anthony Ruttgaizer and artist Danny Zabbal ( Action Lab's The F1rst Hero Vol 2 ) and of course our favourite seamstress and geek girl SparkleGirl Jen!

    Check out more pics and fun stuff at www.anelegantweapon.ca !

    A Jedi ras cut.

    Next up...The Great Philladelphia Comic Con!!

    Mar 26,2015 01:12:21
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    293. Episode CXL...The Human Saga

    Mar 12,2015 01:03:13
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    294. Episode CXXXIX...Up The River

    We review the Star Wars Rebels finale, the Motor City Comic Con guest list and Batman issue #39 before The Jedi Ras converses with writer Travis Mcintire and artist Stephen Sharar about the kickstarter for their new book Up The River from Source Point Press.




    Mar 06,2015 01:18:50
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    295. Episode CXXXVIII...Kingdom's Run

    Comic book writer / DJ / Pro Wrestler and long time friend Anthony Ruttgaizer joins The Jedi Ras to chat about his upcoming kickstarter for The F1rst Hero Vol. 2 for Action Lab, his final tour in the wrestling biz, Gotham, our first look at Jason Mamoa's AquaMan and a whole lotta Star Wars.

    A Jedi Ras cut.

    Feb 26,2015 01:13:45
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    300. Episode CXXXIII...Marvel Mayhem

    The Jedi Ras is joined by Derek of the Drunk On Comics Podcast to lay down their initial reactions to the news that broke mere hours before recording this episode that Marvel's upcoming Secret Wars would result in the joining of the 616 and Ultimate universes into one rebooted ( Think they'll have 52 titles?) uniform entity. We also share our thoughts on Marvel's newly released Star Wars #1 and a tangent of other booze and weed fueled conversations. Flick yo bics and crack a cold one...engage!

    And check out the new web comic from Anthony Ruttgaizer, Heroes of Homeroom C!

    Jan 22,2015 58:58
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    301. Episode CXXXII...Kosmic Girl

    This week The Jedi Ras welcomes writer Kasey Pierce a.k.a Kosmic Kasey. Great times are had discussing art, life, inspiration, movies, comics, the Michigan scene and more. Pure Pod 'n Roll, Killer.

    A Jedi Ras cut.



    Rochelle Davis ( Episode CXIII )  - you may know her as "Sarah" from The Crow - Is asking for help for her ailing husband ♡ please help if you can and please share. Thanks guys.

    Visit Ken's Fund





    Jan 15,2015 01:07:40
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    303. Episode CXXX...The Bud

    Prepare thy bics, packeth thy bowls and twisteth thy spliffs! To celebrate The Weapon's year end episode The Jedi Ras is joined by Nathaniel Baker of Agromania Ink and creator of The Bud, Gary "Odd" Edmund of Odd Comics.

    We wish you and yours a very happy holiday and prosperous new year!

    Dec 29,2014 01:40:32
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    306. Episode CXXVII...TGACC Chats From The Floor

    The Jedi Ras conducts floor interviews from The Great Allentown Comic Con featuring Gigi Edgley ( Farscape, Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge, Hashtag ) comic artist Mark McKenna ( Banana Tails, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Detective Comics ) and Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens, Kim Possible, Family Guy )

    Check out the kickstarter for Gigi's new short film Hashtag and support!

    A Jedi Ras cut.

    Nov 24,2014 36:11
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    312. Episode CXXI...NYCC Blues

    The Jedi Ras and Derek of the Drunk On Comics podcast hangout to console each other while missing New York Comic Con. The boys get into deep chat discussing the controversy surrounding the influence of the cinematic side of the business of comics themselves. Also, reviews of Batman, Justice League and JL United's Future's End editions, The Death of Wolverine and the art of Mr. Ryan Lee. Pop yo tops, flick yo bics and enjoy!

    A Jedi Ras cut.


    Oct 15,2014 01:21:52
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    315. Episode CXVIII...Deep Sea OGN

    The Jedi Ras welcomes writer Ricky Lima ( Black Hole Hunters Club ) and artist D.A. Bishop ( Stranger ) to discuss their new project Deep Sea, an original graphic novel. Please visit the Deep Sea OGN Kickstarter for a preview and support this original and imaginative story from two talented Canadian comic creators!

    A Jedi Ras cut.


    Sep 20,2014 55:45
  316. Boomplay Music

    316. Episode CXVII...FanExpo Extravaganza! Part 2

    Part 2 of our FanExpo special is a jam packed journey through a variety of chats with Drunk On Comics , Tony Miello , Pat Davidson , Shawn Daley , Action Lab , DNDUI podcast , SparkleGirl Jen and Ryan Stegman !

    Thx again to all those who took the time to talk with The Jedi Ras and thank you to all the organizers and volunteers for this year's event. Bravo! See ya next year!

    A Jedi Ras cut.




    Sep 13,2014 01:19:43
  317. Boomplay Music

    317. Episode CXVI...FanExpo Extravaganza 2014! Part 1

    The Jedi Ras welcomes Derek and Kevin of the Drunk on Comics podcast for their maiden voyage to North America's 3rd largest pop culture convention to celebrate FanExpo Canada's 20th year. Hear chats from con watering hole Hoops and from our home in Artist's Alley at P106 hanging out with Anthony Ruttgaizer, Lee Moder and a featured conversation with Jamal Igle. Also featured is an interview with Phil Fraboni of The 501st Legion Canadian Garrison who absolutely outdid themselves this year with an incredible exhibit.  Enjoy the ride!

    A Jedi Ras cut.

    Check out the 2014 Fanexpo photo album including lots of great cosplay and exhibit displays on An Elegant Weapon's Facebook page or in the photo gallery link in the menu above.

    Stay tuned for a mega packed part 2 and hear chats with DNDUI podcast, Pat Davidson, Shawn Daley, Sparkle Girl, Action Lab and Ryan Stegman!



    Sep 06,2014 01:15:01
  318. Boomplay Music

    318. Episode CXV...Mr. Rhee of The Man in Black

    The Jedi Ras welcomes writer Dirk Manning (Nightmare World, Mr. Rhee, Write or Wrong) to the show for a chat about the art of writing, creating comics and chasing the dream.

    A Jedi Ras cut.


    Stay tuned next week for our 3rd annual FanExpo adventure!!

    Aug 27,2014 50:27
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    321. Episode CXII...Drunk On Comics Crossod

    Join The Jedi Ras as he and Dereck of The Drunk On Comics podcast bring you a special cross-pod comics review edition of our respective 112th episodes. Books reviewed and discussed include The Wake, Dead Letters, The First Hero, Bodies and the Justice League.

    A Jedi Ras cut.


    Aug 03,2014 01:16:30
  322. Boomplay Music

    322. Episode CXI...Catwoman's Revenge

    The Jedi Ras joins up with Stan while on the noblest of missions chatting San Diego Comic Con and Nemesis Studios news along the way. A super fun chat 'em up fueled by the excitement of The Batman's glowing white eyes of ass kicking glory!

    A Jedi Ras cut.


    Aug 01,2014 52:00
  323. Boomplay Music

    323. Episode CX...The Stoned Scribe

    Andy "The Writer" Vega of The Adventures of Superstoner returns! We chat about the Cannabis Cup '14, meeting Tommy Chong, Star Wars news, comics and a whole lot more! WARNING: Prepare your bics...


    Jul 24,2014 01:13:54
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    334. Episode XCIC...GTA Comic Con

    The Jedi Ras invades the inaugural year of the GTA Comic Con. Chats include an interview with the super awesome E. Roger Mitchell (The Walking Dead, Catching Fire, Anchorman 2) Anthony Ruttgaizer ( The First Hero,Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers), Alphonso Espinos (Studio Comix, The Night Spike) Joe Osei Bonsuand Mark Williams ( The Heroes of the World) The Puppettrazzi ( The Del Morgado Show ) Toronto Joker ( That Joker Guy ) and The X-men of Toronto!
    Apr 24,2014 01:15:50
  335. Boomplay Music

    335. Episode XCVIII...Flight of The Wayward Raven

    The Jedi Ras is joined by Mark and Alex from Wayward Raven Media. We discuss comics, conventions, movies and their Kickstarter for Signed C.  Many goodtimes and giggles are had!A Jedi Ras cut.
    Apr 18,2014 55:43
  336. Boomplay Music

    336. Episode XCVII...Devil Dealers

    The Jedi Ras welcomes Ross May, writer of Devil Dealers and Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We talk Turtles, Eastman and Laird, Star Wars and Devil Dealers, his new book from Markosia Enterprises along with artist Brett Wood. Prepare for fiddle battle.A Jedi Ras cut.

    Apr 09,2014 56:33
  337. Boomplay Music

    337. Episode XCVI...The Drunk Without Fear

    The Jedi Ras is joined by co-host of the Drunk On Comics podcast, Derek, for a jovial conversation about comic books, X-men, Star Wars and up coming adventures at Motor City Comic Con 2014.A Jedi Ras cut.
    Mar 30,2014 01:21:30
  338. Boomplay Music

    338. Episode XCV...Toronto Comic Con Casual 2014

    Shawn Nixon and The Jedi Ras head down to Toronto Comic Con 2014. The Jedi Ras chats with artist Shawn Daley of Terraquill, creator of the web comic Ball and Chain Christina Marin and Geek seamstress SparkleGirl Jen while Nixon conducts a little business with Tony Moore. A Jedi Ras cut.
    Mar 13,2014 52:37
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    345. Episode LXXXVIII...miles per New Mutant

    New Mutant Alan White, artist behind  T Power Principle joins me to close out 2013 with a grand conversation full of good times! Check out the KickstarterHappy Holidays!
    Dec 20,2013 01:02:38
  346. Boomplay Music

    346. Episode LXXXVII...Attack of The TerraQuill

    A straight up chat about life,comics and art in Toronto with local artist Shawn Daley. Shawn is a great new talent on the Toronto scene and a hell of a nice guy. Go visit ShawnDaley.ca and check out his fine cartoons and creations including issue three of TerraQuill. He'll also be in Artist's alley this Sun. Dec 15. at the Toronto Comic Con at the MTCC. Drop by and say hello!A Jedi Ras cut.
    Dec 13,2013 01:03:02
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