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Artists showcases

Yo Maps

Zambian Artist
Boomplay is a amazing platform, easy and a life-turning point for me as an artist. The platform helps me and many other artists reach millions of people.

I make my music with passion, but yes, the result should be money. However, every artist's dream is to get as many people as possible, and Boomplay displayed an opportunity beyond my imagination.

Boomplay has opened doors for me to be known by non-Zambians (Growth) and get proper feedback from my fans on my songs via comments. It has also allowed me to be noticed by other international artists, making communication easier. It's pretty inspiring; nothing beats the feeling of having to see how many people are streaming your songs, their reactions in the comments, and give you reasons to carry on doing well in the studio, on stage and outside the music as Elton.

The confidence brings inside me is amazing. Give me reasons or an opportunity to reach out to the international artists; international bookers are calling.

Malcolm Nuna

Ghanaian Artist
Boomplay played an important role in my music getting discovered because I recall people telling me they chanced on my music by being a cover of a Boomplay playlist. I always feel very appreciative because it's a big streaming platform that created revenue for us musicians, so I am pleased about that.

I've gained many fans through this streaming platform, and I feel accomplished whenever I win a fan's heart.

Jay Rox

Zambian Artist
Boomplay is an amazing app that allows the audience to access Zambian music easily. Before Boomplay came through, people just put down their songs in different blogs and had the songs downloaded for free. After Boomplay was active in Zambia, it was easy for listeners to access music and for artists to get their music to their fans.

As an artist, I feel fantastic working with Boomplay; it's been the most uncomplicated interaction and partnership I have ever had in a long time; very understanding and creative in how things have been done. I also like how we work together and discuss how we can do things better.

Boomplay has an outstanding team that makes you feel like a family. That's always been a principle for me that I stand by my family, believing in your family, so I have been able to work with a team that believes you are a part of them. It makes it easy for me to share ideas and discuss how we can meet more people. That's a fantastic feeling, I must say.


Zambian Artist
Boomplay is a breath of fresh air for us independent artists and, most of all, African artists. In my opinion, I feel Boomplay understands our market and target audience better than any other store. We have better reach and better numbers with Boomplay.

I first noticed Boomplay in 2021 when I received my first report, and the money was good compared to what I had received from other stores. That made me start looking into it. I decided to find the email address and got in touch. Surprisingly, I was given good attention and started getting on some playlists. That's when I realized that Boomplay was made for artists like me.

Since then, I have continued to work harder to create new content. I landed on some big playlists, not only in Zambia but also in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya, to mention a few. Subsequently, I earned followers from different regions in Africa. I have been able to reach a bigger target audience not only in Zambia but also in other regions I have never had a chance to.

Right now, Boomplay is my to-go App. 80% of my followers use Boomplay to stream my music.


Kenyan Artist
I think Boomplay is a game-changer because it's one of the biggest streaming companies in the world and is so accessible to me as an artist, with a physical office I can go to and get advice on my career growth.

First off, Boomplay is my highest income earner, which showed me that most of my fans love Boomplay and that I had to prioritize Boomplay as my main service. I had a song called "Ready" that grew on Boomplay, and I thought it would be great to get in touch and learn how the platform works. It was so amazing; from content creation to learning about playlists and pitching, I could see a different dynamic in how my music projectile was heading, all thanks to the Boomplay staff. A ready audience and possibilities to get on Billboard via Boomplay. It feels great to know my streams count and are verified in the highest ranks of the industry.