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Why choose Boomplay?

Boomplay offers comprehensive marketing plans for brands to reach their target audience, especially music lovers and the young generation.

Boomplay Ads
With the most effective native advertising placements, CPM-based buying models, Boomplay Ads can give you massive brand exposure and drive your brand awareness among Boomplay users.
Boombuzz is Boomplay's community section, and it covers many topics of interest, namely music, celebrities, films, sports, etc.
ln-app activities
Boomplay can create campaigns that drive direct traffic and increase exposure for your brand.
The client brand can provide its products or coupons as sponsored gifts to increase impressions and conversion rate. Boomplay will be in charge of carrying out the campaign integration.
Social media
Boomplay social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help your brand gain more exposure.

Ad placements


Full–Screen size to increase brand exposure.

Displays for 5 seconds with a high click-through rate.

Top placement to maximize user’s attention.

Extended Player

Ideal placement on the main music player.

Incomparable placement, the most used function by users in terms of exposure.

Displays when the track begins, shows again once the next track starts by itself or user skips.


Ads will pop up when the track begins.


Anchor displays above the play bar.

A perfect placement to reach your audience with huge traffic and effective conversion.


One and only placement on library page.

Highlight brand materiel & strengthen awareness.


Ideal placement on the music home page.

Powerful exposure & huge traffic, stands out among other playlists.


Perfect placement to reach your target audience.

Huge traffic and effective conversion.


At the bottom of the playlist/library-local music/library-downloads/album page.

Audio ads

Audio advertisements play when users skip to the next song.

Audio ads come with an accompanying banner which displays the advertiser's information on the player's interface, notification and lock screen.

Case studies

Promote brand jingle, Drive brand awareness

Promote brand jingle, Drive brand awareness

Coca-Cola presents “Ginjaaah Your Flow” by Mayorkun.

In order to promote the Coca-Cola brand jingle and achieve stream targets, Boomplay provided in-app exclusive channels to promote the Coca-Cola jingle. The jingle was streamed 1.4M times in one month.

Promote new product, Drive brand awareness

Promote new product, Drive brand awareness

Drive awareness to the Martell brand. The campaign got over 2.5M impressions with a 7.44% CTR.

Promote brand playlist, Drive brand awareness

Promote brand playlist, Drive brand awareness

Branded playlists to promote and create awareness for Club Shandy which came with a weekly theme of everyday conversations and trends used regularly (party time, weekend vibes etc). The campaign got over 3.4M impressions in 6 weeks and got more than 5% CTR.

Club Shandy

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