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Talking Flutes!

The popular Flute Podcast Channel ‘Talking Flutes‘ where the recipe and ingredients are very simple.Take a leading flute player, author, golfer and Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London (Clare Southworth) and mix with flute player, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker and Managing Director of the world famous TJ flute brand (Jean-Paul Wright).Speak with some of the world‘s leading flute players including Sir James Galway, Jasmine Choi, Denis Bouriakov, Paul Edmund-Davies, Gareth Davies (too many more beautiful flute playing guests to mention in a single paragraph), and gently mix these together with some Grammy and Emmy winning musicians. Top with mental health awareness advice from Dr Joe Stammeijer and finish with some stunning music, laughs and plenty of fun....more
Jean-Paul Wright & Clare Southworth

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    16. Possibly the worst flute music project brief ever given? E: 230 with Dr José Valentino

    'Funky Fusion Flute Flix' (now say that fast 3 times!)

    When you give a brief to a musician, you usually need to supply them with an expected overview of the project, how much artistic freedom they have, how long or short, how many segments, who is the audience, what is the expected outcome…

    Early in 2022 the team at TJ flutes said to Grammy and Emmy winning musician José Valentino they wanted to do a project with him which was not like their usual musical adventures together.

    The brief to José… to create 10 x 60 secs videos of a brief musical moment in time.

    Simple eh?

    Not really! José was tasked with writing down 10 things that came to him at one specific moment. Each of these thoughts would then become the name of a track and would then represent the spontaneity of interpretation and freedom of that particular moment in time in which it was recorded. He then had to record the background 'vibe' for each track without knowing what the top line would be.

    When in the studio, José had to hold each of the ten thoughts in turn and let himself be free to just play over each track. No re-takes…just one-off moments!

    Artistic freedom was there and yet it was at the same time confined between boundaries of imposed time structures dictated by an external entity.

    Was each recorded moment actually going to deliver freedom of musical expression, or was the barriers of space within time going to impose creative limits?

    Within the time structure, José was artistically free to spontaneously improvise knowing that each moment is always different to the moment before. Creating with freedom and understanding that every recording immediately becomes a reflection of an earlier moment.

    Why set a 60 second barrier? The audience. These videos are aimed at the transient and fast moving social media population. Those who expect their information, both auditory and visual to be contained with a brief message via their scrolling finger. Valid in that moment and consigned to the archive when the finger pushed upwards.

    'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by the TJ flute company.  For more information visit www.tjflutes.com 

    Sep 05,2022 19:15
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    26. A flute sound of claret with a hint of Prosecco! - E: 220 with Philippa Davies

    "I want flute playing to be expansive and to communicate a story!

    This week on Talking Flutes, Clare speaks with the wonderful London flute player, and Professor at the Guildhall College of Music in London  Philippa Davis about how she started and always being very busy!!

    Philippa Davies has established an international reputation as one of the finest flautists currently performing. Originally Principal Flute of the National Youth Orchestra of GB, Philippa went on to train at the Royal College of Music with Douglas Whittaker and later William Bennett. She won many awards including the Tagore Gold Medal Prize, the National Federation of Music Societies award, the Mozart Memorial Prize and was a Park Lane Group Young Artist. She was a member of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’s ensemble Fires of London, and of the ensembles Capricorn and Albion; currently she is part of the Nash Ensemble and London Winds directed by Michael Collins and plays in duo with Jan Willem Nelleke, piano, and with Maggie Cole, harpsichord.

    She was principal flute with the London Mozart Players, and continues to be a regular guest principal flute with all the main London orchestras. As a soloist, she has taken part in many international festivals since her debut at the BBC proms in 1988. She gives masterclasses, recitals and broadcasts, and performs concertos throughout the world with many orchestras.

    Philippa’s numerous recordings include Mozart’s entire original concertos and quartets, Bach’s Flute Sonatas, Romance of the Flute and Harp, Poulenc’s Flute Sonata, Giles Swayne’s Winter Solstice Carol with the King’s College Choir and all William Alwyn’s flute music. She is a Professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and has a summer International Flute Course in Cubertou, France.

    'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast recordings by the TJ flute company.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com 

    Jun 27,2022 30:26
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    49. ”When you drop your jaw in awe!” with Patricia Nagle - Podcast 190

    "What is the French style of flute playing?"

    A enlightening podcast with the wonderful Paris based flute player and teacher at the prestigious The École Normale de Musique Patricia Nagle.

    In Part 1, they look at the various schools of flute playing and how the 'French School' still influences flute playing around the world today.

    Patricia perfected her skills in France with the great Masters: Maxence Larrieu, Michel Debost, Jean Pierre Rampal and Andras Adorjan and during part 1 of this interview, Patricia explains the importance of "Sound and playing the line".

    There is so much fascinating information for every flute player in this interview that part 2 will be 'live' next week where Patricia speaks about contemporary music.

    'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by the TJ flute company.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com


    Nov 22,2021 42:02
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    65. 167. Fun is my 'F' Word - José Valentino & Gualo

    "We need to cut the umbilical with those nerves and just let go when we improvise - now more than ever we need some fun in our lives"

    This week Jean-Paul revisits a podcast going back a little while when he caught up in the beautiful Santa Monica in Los Angeles with the then, new Emmy wining musicians José Valentino (flute) and Gualo (guitar).  Since this recording was originally aired, both Gualo and José have gone on to win countless more awards including a Latin grammy win for Jose only a few months ago.

    In normal times, the stresses of study, finding work and then performances are immense for most performing artists. Combine this with the additional issues faced during the last 18 months of Covid-19 and that L world ‘Lockdown’…. and the word ‘fun’ in particular has been bottom of many of our vocabularies as the virus still continues to ravage populations around the world  whilst musicians have an continue to struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table. 

    So in choosing the podcast this week, I just wanted us to at least begin to look at the ‘fun’ word again in our music making. When we listen to music we use it to escape, to remember, to smile, to dance, to cry, or to find ourselves motivated and stimulated by an auditory pattern of sounds that goes deep within our being.

    'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by TJ flutes in the UK.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com 


    So for the next 58 minutes, sit back and listen to these wonderful musicians improvising and speaking about the importance of that ‘F’ word!

    Jun 14,2021 01:07:37
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    68. 164. "There's a moment in life when something clicks" - Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE

    "If I'd had been a man, life with the flute would have been very different!"

    This week on 'Talking Flutes' in the first of a two part podcast Clare speaks with the enigmatic, colourful and tour de force that is Atarah Ben-Tovim M.B.E about being involved in the flute playing world for over 60 years.  From breaking down barriers and being Principal Flute in Liverpool during the 60's and the time of the Beatles, to her continued love and passion for flute study.

    Atarah Ben-Tovim, MBE is a British flautist and children's concert presenter.  Born in Wales, Ben-Tovim played her first television concert live at the Royal Albert Hall, at the age of fourteen. She was principal flautist with the National Youth Orchestra, and then from 1963-75 principal flautist with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. She left the RLPO to found Atarah's Band in 1975, a group which sought to improve children's experiences with classical music. Atarah was awarded the MBE in 1980 for her work in this field. During its lifetime, the band played to over three million people.In the late 1980s, BBC Radio Three made the programme Atarah's Music Box, all about children and music. Omnibus devoted a programme to her work, as did Blue Peter and Magpie. Her own television series, Atarah's Music, aimed at primary school children, aired in 1982.

    Together with her husband Douglas Boyd she published The Right Instrument for Your Child followed by You Can Make Music!.

    'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by the TJ flute Company.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com 


    May 24,2021 43:27
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    85. 147. How to win a Grammy! - Dr José Valentino

    "Employing the imagination and never letting go!"

    In this extended 'Talking Flutes Extra' podcast this week, Jean-Paul speaks with Emmy, Grammy and winner of over 50 Downbeat and many many other music Awards, the multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording engineer, entrepreneur, music Professor and all round lovely guy Dr José Valentino.

    During the podcast José speaks about his musical journey to date.  He also talks about his Grammy winning composition and performance of 'Sacre',  and lists 10 attributes which he believes have helped him personally along the road to being the latest winner of a Latin Grammy Award.


    For millennia, the flute has been utilised as a sacred instrument to evoke both the spirit of humanity and the spirit of God. It is well-observed that the acclaimed Austrian Classical composer, Franz Joseph Haydn, brilliantly utilised the flute in his Credo movements to depict the motion of the Holy Spirit ministering to His people. Ethnomusicologists have noted the breathy timbres of the flute being inspired by the sacredness of humanity's first experience listening to music, which is in the mother's womb hearing her breathe, as well as her heartbeat which is conveyed by the profound rhythmic nuances on the piano.

    In Latin American countries, flutes have been purposed by native tribes to transport listeners into the spiritual realm during worship ceremonies and are subsumed as appointed instruments for amelioration, both physically and emotionally - a tool utilized during the earliest forms of music therapy.

    The etymology of the word, "Sacre", denotes the dedication or setting apart for the service or worship of the Creator. When an entity is sacred, it is considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring awe and reverence among observers. Sacredness can be applied to the expressions of creativity including ethnic and cultural wonders of the human experience such as music, the arts, relationships, communication, a person's place of origin, and so forth. Philosophically, it is the reverence for a person's identity, purpose, and role. A derivative of the word, "sacre", is "sacrifice", which is one of the greatest actions and attributes of displayed love for another person.

    Composers Carlos Fernando Lopez [who performed the piano] and Dr. José Valentino Ruiz [who performed the flute] aimed to create a piece the takes listeners on a sonic journey portraying the human experience; the beauties of cultural diversity, inclusivity, and equity which is (1) musically-observed by the respect, unity, and dialogue between the pianist and flutist, and (2) reflected in the harmonic, rhythmic, and timbral expressivity inspired by the quartal and harmonic traditions of Western European's Impressionism, Afro-Latin American polyrhythmic drumming, and indigenous textural expressions on the flute akin to the Colombian zampoña and Peruvian kena.

    In just five minutes and twenty-five seconds, Lopez and Ruiz, provide a chronological road map of the human condition evoking the sacredness and inception of birth to a person's emotional uncovering of the world being both breathtakingly-beautiful [hence the breathy flute sound] and turbulent [hence the piano insinuating pain, war, and struggle]. Ultimately, the listener arrives to a halt and an inner destination where s/he realises that life well-lived requires for humanity to humble themselves and connect with the Creator [evoked with the rubato drone of "eternity" played by the piano and the vocalisations on flute] to plea for restoration for the world. Through the eye’s and ear’s observance of "what IS sacred" such as people's lives, people's identities, people's heritage, and people's hopes and dreams, the person realises that sacredness is omnipresent and must be preserved, not abolished.

    At the end of the composition, Lopez and Ruiz recapitulate the opening

    Jan 25,2021 01:23:45
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    114. 125. 'I Can - I Will"...De-stress & focus with guided meditation - Jean-Paul Wright

    Recharging our inner batteries with the same effort as we do our mobile phones!

    How guided mediations can lead you on a journey to new focus and relaxation.

    This week Jean-Paul takes a different route with 'Talking Flutes' Extra as he looks at meditation with music and guided meditation with voice.  With tracks from www.thehappyflutist.com website, he shows us that just by taking 10 minutes a day to re-charge your batteries can have very beneficial benefits to your mental health and musical wellbeing.

    'The Happy Flutist' website is a completely free resource to use  with no sign-up or login so check it out.  You've nothing to lose...only gain!

    'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes' Extra are podcast productions by the TJ flute company.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com 

    Jul 20,2020 28:02
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    120. 117. The flute is such a mysterious instrument - Paul Edmund-Davies

    May 25,2020 53:20
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    126. 114. Falling in love with optimism is the key - Viviana Guzmán

    May 04,2020 49:44
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    142. 97. Why don't you recharge yourself like you do your mobile phones?? - The Happy Flutist

    Celebrating music, our little imperfections and supporting positive mental health

    A different 'Talking Flutes Extra' this week where Jean-Paul talks about his brand new and completely free to access website for the stressed, tired or anxious flute player www.thehappyflutist.com.  He speaks about why it's called 'Flutist' and not 'Flautist', how and why he has built the website as a free resource tool for musicians to dip-in and out, and along the way you'll hear some beautiful tracks especially composed for this project by Emmy and Grammy winning musician José Valentino, NY based electric flutist Melissa Keeling and London multi-instrumentalist Theo Travis. 

    Next week Jean-Paul returns with another 'Talking Flutes Extra' podcast from the biggest trade music show in the World - The NAMM Show held each January in Anaheim, California. 

    www.thehappyflutist.com has been made possible by the financial support of the TJ flute company based in London who also fund the production of the 'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' podcasts.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com

    Jan 13,2020 25:32
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    147. 92. "It's not rocket science to be able to play the piccolo well" - Janet Richardson

    "Piccolo playing is a piece of cake providing you have the diaphragm control, technique and ability to control your embouchure.."

    In 'Talking Flutes' this week, Clare talks via Skype from her home in Hove, Sussex to Janet Richardson, Principal Piccolo of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

    Janet has worked with orchestras throughout the country including BBC Symphony Orchestra, RPO, Philharmonia Orchestra, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, CBSO, RLPO, BBCSSO, SCO, BSO, Scottish Opera. Her performances have included regular appearances on television, Radio 3, Classic FM and multiple CD recordings with RSNO and multiple concerto performances such as Vivaldi piccolo concerto with RSNO in 2005, Bach Brandenburg 4 in 2004 and Mozart flute and harp with Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra 1990. In addition to teaching on degree courses at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland since 1992 Janet Richardson has delivered masterclasses around the UK and also in Europe.

    With an upbringing in Oldham, close to Manchester, Janet began her flute studies with Trevor Wye while reading for her degree at University of Lancaster. Postgraduate study at RNCM led to piccolo tuition from Pat Morris which rapidly led to invitations from orchestras in the North West of England, Scotland and London. From this point her performing emphasis shifted to piccolo and to the post of Principal Piccolo with Royal Scottish National Orchestra in 1984. 

    'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by the TJ flute company.  For more information www.trevorjamesflutes.com


    Dec 02,2019 20:05
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    185. 56. Silent rehearsal and funny flute moments - Jean-Paul & Clare

    How silent practice can improve your musical performance, funny flute moments, B foot or C foot flute and many more of your questions answered.

    In this 'Talking Flutes' podcast, Clare and Jean-Paul are in dialogue to answer some of the flute questions which have been sent in from our listeners.

    We love getting your questions and thoughts for future podcast topics, so keep them coming via [email protected] or through Direct Message on Instagram @tjflutes Twitter @flute or Facebook @TalkingFlutes 

    Next week, 'Talking Flutes Extra' returns with a podcast from Los Angeles with a lively and interesting interview with the fabulous multi-Grammy nominated and newly crowned 'Emmy' award winners José Valentino (flute) and Gualo (Guitar).

    Wishing you a great week and thank you as always for listening.

    'Talking Flutes' and 'Talking Flutes Extra' are podcast productions by the Trevor James Flute Company.  For more information visit www.trevorjamesflutes.com 


    Feb 18,2019 39:10
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Talking Flutes!

The popular Flute Podcast Channel ‘Talking Flutes‘ where the recipe and ingredients are very simple.Take a leading flute player, author, golfer and Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London (Clare Southworth) and mix with flute player, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker and Managing Director of the world famous TJ flute brand (Jean-Paul Wright).Speak with some of the world‘s leading flute players including Sir James Galway, Jasmine Choi, Denis Bouriakov, Paul Edmund-Davies, Gareth Davies (too many more beautiful flute playing guests to mention in a single paragraph), and gently mix these together with some Grammy and Emmy winning musicians. Top with mental health awareness advice from Dr Joe Stammeijer and finish with some stunning music, laughs and plenty of fun.

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