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Marketing B2B Technology

Napier‘s take on the world of B2B marketing and PR, with a particular focus on Europe. For more information about Napier and the services we offer B2B technology clients visit www.napierb2b.com....more
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    1. Interview with Karthik Suresh – Ignition

    In the latest podcast episode, Mike sits down with Karthik Suresh, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Ignition, a go-to-market platform automating the product launch process.

    Karthik explains how noticing a gap in the SaaS market for a tool supporting product marketeers led to Ignition's development. He discusses the pros of working in start-ups versus large corporations, and what marketers should consider when undertaking a product launch.

    Karthik also shares how to approach putting together a go-to-marketing plan, from establishing a target audience to communicating the value proposition of a new product. 

    Feb 02,2023 21:26
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    2. Interview with Jeffrey Mack – Agility PR

    Jeffrey Mack, VP of Marketing at Agility PR, sat down with Mike for the latest episode of Marketing B2B Technology.

    Jeffrey discusses the benefits of having a PR platform that integrates distribution with measurement, and how measurement is becoming a critical component in successful PR strategies. He discusses how measuring PR success is evolving from traditional quantitative AVE data to more qualitative data and how marketing teams can benefit from this shift.

    Jeffrey also shares his thoughts on the future of trade publications and why marketeers may have more impact from reaching out to smaller industry publications.

    Jan 16,2023 28:06
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    3. Interview with Jason Byer – Crowdspring

    In the latest episode of Marketing B2B Technology, we interview Jason Byer, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at crowdspring.

    At a time when attention spans are shortening and competition rising, having great design assets can be vital to a successful marketing campaign. crowdspring is a collaborative design platform that simplifies the design process.

    Jason discusses how businesses can produce great designs whilst sticking to strict brand style guides, and the importance of the creative brief.

    He also shares why he thinks marketers shouldn’t get hung up on the tactics and the advice he would give to someone just starting out in their marketing career.

    Jan 06,2023 28:06
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    4. Interview with Sam Oh – Ahrefs

    As more people understand the value of SEO, competition increases. In this podcast episode, Mike chats with Sam Oh, VP of Marketing at Ahrefs who offer a suite of SEO tools from keyword research to competitor analysis.

    Sam discusses Ahrefs’ commitment to reliable data and how bad data can lead to bad decisions.

    He also offers advice on how marketeers can approach SEO campaigns and how impactful SEO fundamentals and basics can be for companies.

    Dec 14,2022 28:01
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    5. Interview with Darby Sieben – Unbounce

    The internet is an increasingly crowded place, with competition rising and ad costs increasing. Ensuring landing pages are as optimised as possible is more important than ever. In our latest podcast episode, we interview Darby Sieben, Chief Product Officer at Unbounce, who shares top tips and insights about creating effective landing pages.


    Darby shares how Unbounce continues to evolve to build tools that drive better conversions for marketeers, and his opinion on how pop-ups can be used for success.


    He also shares the advice he has gained from throughout his career and discusses his goal of helping marketeers get better at what they do and levelling the playing field between small and large businesses.

    Dec 01,2022 37:25
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    6. Interview with Terri Delfino – FormAssembly

    In the latest episode of Marketing B2B Tech, we interview Terri Delfino, Chief Marketing Officer at FormAssembly, an online form builder.

    Terri discusses what makes FormAssembly stand out amongst its competitors and how marketers can integrate forms into their marketing automation and CRM systems like Salesforce.

    Terri talks about the importance of branding forms, and how features like pre-fills give customers a better experience. She also shares details around the need to be compliant with legislation, such as GDPR, is driving more people to tools like FormAssembly, where it is harder to make a mistake.

    Nov 14,2022 25:24
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    7. Interview with Daan Reijnders – Foleon

    In our latest podcast episode, we interview Daan Reijnders, co-founder and CEO of Foleon, a content creation platform where users can create engaging long form content.

    As an increasingly bigger portion of the customer journey is done offline, out of the marketeer’s view, the amount of individual investigation prospects do is increasing. Daan discusses how content is a good solution to support that journey and shares his expertise on how to ensure you capture attention and overcome shortening attention spans.  

    Nov 02,2022 27:36
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    8. Interview with Chad Reid – Jotform

    In the latest podcast episode, Mike sits down with Chad Reid, VP of Marketing at Jotform, an online form builder offering a suite of productivity tools.

    Chad discusses what makes Jotform stand out amongst its competitors, shares which marketing tactics have proven to be the most successful and offers some top tips on how to maximise form conversions, as well as how to approach a marketing strategy when marketing to a broad audience.

    Oct 17,2022 31:17
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    9. Interview with Ian Ferguson – Lynx

    Ian Ferguson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Lynx Software Technologies, sat down for our latest podcast episode in the B2B marketing professionals’ series. 

    Ian discusses his career in the B2B technology industry and shares his opinions on the importance of having technical knowledge when marketing such products. He also shares his insights into how the need to shorten sales cycles is impacting the balance between sales and marketing, the importance of saying no when prioritising marketing activities and how course-correcting campaigns based on ongoing metrics allows you to optimise their success. 

    Oct 05,2022 33:38
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    10. Interview with Mike Roberts – SpyFu

    In this podcast episode we interview Mike Roberts, Founder and CEO of SpyFu, a search analytics tool offering competitor keyword research tools.

    Mike discusses how the tool leverages search data in real time, providing users with the data to build informed and successful campaigns for both paid search and SEO.

    He also shares how the tool provides insights on multi-lingual campaigns, and how users should view competitor data to successfully influence future marketing campaigns.

    Sep 23,2022 19:47
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    11. Interview with Hannah Ingram – Ignys

    In the latest episode of our leading B2B marketing professionals’ series, we interview Hannah Ingram, Marketing Manager at Ignys, an electronic and software development company.  Hannah talks about how she built her career as a 360 marketer and the need to be quick to adapt and learn when marketing for a start-up business. She also discusses how marketers can build business credibility and increase prospect confidence in a business.  Hannah also shares some valuable insights into how Ignys prioritise the channels they use for campaigns, and advice to new marketeers starting their careers. 

    Sep 15,2022 28:21
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    12. Interview with Zachariah Moreno – SquadCast

    In this podcast episode, we interview Zachariah Moreno, Co-Founder and CEO of SquadCast, a cloud recording studio platform.

    Zachariah discusses his mission to cultivate creative collaboration and how his journey from a podcast listener to an aspiring podcast creator led him to becoming to a software creator.

    He also shares his insights into what B2B businesses need to consider when launching their own podcasts, and how SquadCast’s unique development enables creators to overcome internet struggles and achieve good recording quality anywhere around the world.

    Sep 05,2022 35:48
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    13. Interview with Alex Price – Vicor

    In the second episode of our leading B2B marketing professionals’ series, we interview Alex Price, Senior Marketing Manager at Vicor, a global power components manufacturer.

    Alex explains why he thinks the barriers between marketing and sales teams are being broken down and the importance of aligning marketing’s priorities with the sales team. He also discusses the importance of leveraging subject matter experts when marketing complex products and shares his insights into how marketers can appeal to a more technical audience.

    Aug 17,2022 27:07
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    14. Interview with Cat Anderson – Sprout Social

    In this podcast episode, we interview Cat Anderson, Head of EMEA Marketing at Sprout Social, a social media management solution.

    Cat shares how she started her career in digital marketing, spending time working at Berlin-based technology start-ups before eventually landing at Sprout Social. She discusses the current lack of creativity in B2B social media compared to B2C, the opportunity this presents, and how social media offers a great, relatively low-cost platform for experimentation.

    Cat also shares the benefits and insights social media tools can offer users and gives some tips and tricks on how to stand out and overcome a reluctance to be creative.

    Aug 02,2022 29:51
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    15. Interview with Marc Mustard – ABB Robotics

    In the first interview of our leading B2B marketing professionals’ series, we talk to Marc Mustard, Global Head of Content and Brand at ABB Robotics, a pioneer in robotics, machine automation and digital services.

    Marc gives insight into his career, how he came to work in robotics, and how he thinks the robotics industry will change the way we live. He also shares his thoughts on why there is no standard approach to B2B campaigns, and how marketers can be creative, as well as why it's time to stop thinking of business-to-business/business-to-consumer and time to think of business-to-human.

    Jul 19,2022 30:54
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    16. Interview with Shannon Martin – Podbean

    In this podcast episode, we interview Shannon Martin, Director of Communications at Podbean, a podcast publishing solution. 

    Shannon shares what B2B businesses need to consider when starting a podcast, the vital role that podcast hosting platforms play in distributing across different platforms, and how to understand the download metrics of a podcast episode. 

    Jul 04,2022 30:12
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    17. Interview with Jeff Coyle - MarketMuse

    In this podcast episode, we interview Jeff Coyle, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at MarketMuse, an AI-powered platform which removes manual intervention by identifying content quality issues and accelerating the research, creation and optimisation process.

    Jeff explains what it means to publish fearlessly and how MarketMuse brings content confidence and the assurance that it will have a predictable and meaningful impact on the business.

    He also shares the two most common editorial mistakes he sees with content marketing, and how MarketMuse’s insight is data-driven to support all teams within the creative, content writing and marketing departments.

    Jun 10,2022 38:19
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    18. Interview with Matt Young - UserVoice

    In this podcast episode, we interview Matt Young, CEO at UserVoice, a product feedback management solution for SaaS platforms.

    Matt explains how the platform captures user feedback to deliver insights into product problems and solutions and how this raw data can be used to inform marketing and sales strategies.

    Matt also shares his insight into trends within the SaaS industry.  


    May 20,2022 34:57
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    19. Interview with Tim Langley - CANDDi

    In this podcast episode, we interview Tim Langley, CEO and Founder at CANDDi, a digital intelligence tracking platform.

    Tim shares his journey to founding CANDDi, and how the platform can help B2B marketers be more proactive by gathering data which allows them to engage with leads both at the top and bottom of the sales funnel.

    He also shares how CANDDi supports sales teams and discusses the difference between third and first-party cookies, and how CANDDi uses this data.

    May 05,2022 34:52
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    20. Interview with Sarah Bond - Lucky Orange

    In this podcast episode, we interview Sarah Bond, Vice President of Marketing at Lucky Orange, a website conversion optimization tool. 

    Sarah shares her career journey on how she got into marketing, and how Lucky Orange helps B2B marketers understand website visitor behaviour. 

    She explains the different tools available such as heat maps, session recordings, and live chat; and how these tools help understand visitors' behaviours in aggregate but also at an individual user level. 

    She also shares details on how Lucky Orange remains GDPR and CCPA compliant, and what she thinks is the key to conversion rate optimization.  

    Apr 21,2022 32:02
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    21. Interview with Laura Caveney - Ruler Analytics

    In this podcast episode, we interview Laura Caveney, Head of Marketing at Ruler Analytics, a leading marketing attribution and marketing mix modelling software company.

    Laura shares what makes Ruler Analytics different, how their platform gives power to the user through data by enabling them to optimize their campaigns and website with data-driven decisions; leaving “wishy washy metrics that mean very little”.

    She also gives an example of how they helped a customer understand attribution and improved their marketing and explains the biggest mistakes that people make when optimising without data. 

    Mar 30,2022 21:21
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    22. Interview with Carolin Bink - 1plusX

    In this podcast episode, we interview Carolin Bink, VP of Customer Success at 1plusX, an AI-driven data management platform. 

    Carolin shares what makes 1plusX different to other data management platforms, and how their AI-first approach helps both publishers and marketers to utilize data and reach qualified leads instead of random audiences. 

    She also explains what the impact is for marketers with third party cookies going away, the benefits of AI, and what they are doing at 1plusX to generate real benefits for marketers and publishers. 

    Mar 17,2022 33:07
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    23. Interview with Alun Lucas - Zuko Analytics

    In this podcast episode, we interview Alun Lucas, Managing Director of Zuko Analytics, a powerful form analytics platform.

    Alun shares how Zuko helps businesses understand the analytics behind forms, and the why, when and where behind users not converting.

    He also explains how Zuko works with A/B testing tools to allow businesses to A/B test on a granular level, as well as sharing the errors that have the biggest impact on the performance of forms, and how users can use analytics to double conversion rates.

    Mar 07,2022 31:45
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    24. Interview with Jeroen Corthout - Salesflare

    In this podcast episode, we interview Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder of Salesflare, a CRM platform. 

    Jeroen shares his journey to setting up Salesflare, and how the platform can help make sales teams lives easier by automatically entering data that previously would have been manual. 

    He also explains how he thinks CRMs should be benefiting salespeople, what the future of CRM's look like, and why lead scoring is a vital tactic that all B2B marketers should consider. 

    Feb 21,2022 29:35
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    25. Interview with Matthew Hunt- Automation Wolf

    In this podcast episode, we interview Matthew Hunt, Founder of Automation Wolf, a company that supports B2B founders and CEOs create snackable content to develop personal brands on LinkedIn. Matthew shares the process of how the team at Automation Wolf work with founders and CEOs to develop snackable content that keeps them top of mind and stay consistent in prospects newsfeeds; while also bridging the gap between short and long-form content. He also shares why it's important to encourage CEOs to get involved in social media, how honest you should be in your posts, and his views on how broad the social marketing effort should be across a company. 

    Feb 06,2022 32:24
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    26. Interview with Emma Valentiner - CanIRank

    In this podcast episode, we interview Emma Valentiner, Director of Strategic Content at CanIRank, an SEO software platform that uses AI to provide specific action recommendations. 

    Emma shares how the platform supports B2B marketers with improving SEO, why it's so important to layer SEO into other marketing activities, and why small search volumes in B2B can drive really valuable and qualified leads. 

    She also discusses why it's important to 'take all the voodoo out of SEO' to be successful, and shares her tips on how people generating content can rank higher. 

    Jan 21,2022 31:07
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    27. Interview with Ike Singh - Social27

    In this podcast episode, we interview Ike Singh, Co-founder and CEO at Social27, a virtual and hybrid events platform.

    Ike shares how event platforms can accelerate revenue, and how Social27 uses an AI recommendation engine to recommend content to the right people. 

    He also discusses why he thinks there needs to be a change in the way we deliver content due to COVID, as well as the challenges events face with networking, and how they can overcome them. 

    Jan 04,2022 30:30
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    28. Interview with Chris Willis - Acrolinx

    In this podcast episode, we interview Chris Willis, Chief Marketing Officer at Acrolinx, an AI-powered software that improves the quality and effectiveness of enterprise content. 

    Chris shares his journey to joining Acrolinx, his top tips for content generation, and how the platform helps increase the alignment and consistency of content for an organization. 

    He also explains how Acrolinx helps companies shrink the time it takes to get content from ideation to production to meet deadlines, and ultimately increase the amount of content being generated by making it easier to generate content that gets through the often difficult internal filters. 


    Dec 10,2021 38:05
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    29. Interview with Kate Terry - Turtl

    In this podcast episode, we interview Kate Terry, Head of Demand at Turtl, a content automation platform. 

    Kate shares why she thinks content is essentially communication, and why Turtl is persuading marketers to move away from webpages and PDFs. She discusses how the platform encourages an interactive and personalized approach, and how Turtl provides data that marketers can use to optimise content. 

    She also explains the benefits of real-time engagement data, how personalization can be used to increase results, and the true problems marketers face with PDFs. 

    Nov 23,2021 36:50
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    30. Interview with Mark Abrami - Hootsuite

    In this podcast episode, we interview Mark Abrami, Senior Manager of Business Value Services at Hootsuite, a global leader in social media management. 

    Mark shares his career journey from psychology through to marketing, and why he decided to specialize in social media marketing. He explores why he thinks B2B social is lagging compared to B2C, and how B2B marketers need to overcome the fear associated with social media. 

    He also shares how Hootsuite's full enterprise solution grows and scales with different organizations, as well as tips on how to be successful, and the true benefits of having a social management solution. 


    Nov 10,2021 36:16
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    31. Interview with Martin Larsen - Conferize

    In this podcast episode, we interview Martin Larsen, Chief Executive at Conferize, an event-based marketing technology platform.

    Martin shares what led him to join Conferize, and provides some insights into why Denmark is a hotspot for marketing technology startups. 

    He also shares tips and advice on how B2B marketers can show the RoI from their events, why it's important to focus on the outcome as an organizer, and whether hybrid events will be the key approach for the future. 

    Oct 18,2021 30:56
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    32. Interview with Jose Palomino - Value Prop

    In this podcast episode, we interview Jose Palomino, Founder and CEO at Value Prop, a coaching company that helps B2B companies unite their marketing and sales teams to unlock new growth.

    Jose shares the reason behind launching Value Prop and why strategy is the foundation to bringing marketing and sales teams together. He also shares the mistakes he sees B2B marketers make the most when trying to work with sales, and tips on how they can work effectively together.

    About Jose Palomino:

    Over the last 15 years, Jose Palomino has helped hundreds of B2B businesses systematize their strategy, marketing, and sales processes--unlocking over $250M in new growth. He is the CEO of Value Prop, creator of the Revenue Throughput System, and an author, professor, speaker, podcast host, and total comic book nerd. But above all, he loves helping B2B owners develop winning strategies to simplify their sales and marketing processes for greater ROI.

    Sep 30,2021 32:44
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    33. Interview with Naren Hariparanthaman - Social Animal

    In this podcast episode, we interview Naren Hariparanthaman, Co-Founder and CEO at Social Animal, a content intelligence platform. 

    Naren shares his journey to founding the platform and reveals how Social Animal reduces the need for 'manual' work; helping B2B marketers with the full content marketing journey, from finding content ideas, through to distributing and building relationships with influencers. 

    Sep 06,2021 35:25
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    34. Interview with Riaz Kanani - Radiate B2B

    In this podcast episode, we interview Riaz Kanani, Founder and CEO at Radiate B2B, an Account-Based Advertising and Marketing platform.

    Riaz shares his career journey, from initially starting in marketing at the age of 18, through to identifying a need in the market and launching Radiate B2B.

    He discusses how Radiate B2B helps companies cut through the noise and deliver a better buying experience, as well as sharing the tactics and techniques he finds are the most successful in ABM campaigns.

    Jul 28,2021 33:41
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    35. Interview with Tim Bohn - GatedContent

    In this podcast episode, we interview Tim Bohn, Founder of GatedContent, an enterprise web form and content gating platform. Tim shares how GatedContent is helping enterprise companies scale up their marketing automation and lead generation activities, to enable companies to build consistent campaigns easily and effectively across any website or content management system.He also shares what strategies he thinks are best for driving lead generation through content marketing, and what B2B marketers could be doing wrong with forms and content to miss out on generating leads. 

    Jul 16,2021 29:03
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    36. Interview with Steffen Hedebrandt - Dreamdata

    In this podcast episode, we interview Steffen Hedebrandt, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Dreamdata, a B2B revenue attribution platform. 

    Steffen shares his journey to co-founding Dreamdata, and how the platform is solving the problem of attribution and focussing on understanding the customer journey to support multi-touch in the B2B world. 

    He also shares why it's important that B2B marketers start digitalizing their customer's behaviour today, and how they can get started with attribution. 

    Jul 02,2021 34:46
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    37. Interview with Cassandra Jowett - PathFactory

    In this podcast episode, we interview Cassandra Jowett, Senior Director of Marketing at PathFactory, a B2B intelligent content platform. 

    Cassandra shares how her passion for content marketing led to her joining the PathFactory team, and how the platform helps B2B companies connect content to their customers and create experiences to grow revenue. 

    She also shares how PathFactory takes personalisation to the next level, and the importance of understanding what's in your content library. 

    Jun 15,2021 32:46
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    38. Interview with Shea Castle - Terminus

    In this podcast episode, we interview Shea Castle, Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Terminus, a leading Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform. 

    Shea shares his story of how he became part of the Terminus team, and explains how Terminus and ABM flip the traditional marketing funnel, to deliver a full market approach to enable B2B companies to target the people that matter. 

    He also shares how Terminus is an orchestration platform that brings together first and third-party data points, and what the platform allows its customers to achieve. 

    May 28,2021 32:15
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    39. Interview with Andrew Hally - Bynder

    In this podcast episode, we interview Andrew Hally, Chief Marketing Officer at Bynder, a digital asset management platform. 

    Andrew shares how digital asset management has evolved over the last few years, and how Bynder helps companies 'scale-up', using DAM to power the digital experience. 

    May 11,2021 29:52
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    40. Interview with Olivia Kenney - LeadSift

    In this podcast episode, we interview Olivia Kenney, Marketing Manager at LeadSift, a sales intelligence platform that generates qualified leads using intent signals.

    Olivia shares how LeadSift helps B2B marketers solve everyday issues, and how intent data can be used to get ahead of competitors and generate a higher quality of leads rather than a large quantity of leads. She also shares her views on why lead scoring should be an integral part of a marketing strategy, as well as some top tips on how B2B companies can do a better job in terms of lead generation and improving quality.

    Mar 24,2021 25:39
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    41. Interview with Sam Ovett - Mobile Pocket Office

    In this podcast episode, we interview Sam Ovett, co-founder of Mobile Pocket Office, which is leading the way in helping new and established businesses augment their human and technological resources to leverage growth and streamline productivity. 

    Sam shares his story from originally being a whitewater kayaker and guide to becoming a complete automation nerd, and how Mobile Pocket Office helps companies identify the opportunities they are missing out on, and which processes they can implement to ensure they are on calls that are closing deals rather than prospecting ones. 

    Mar 11,2021 45:07
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    49. Interview with Remy Gardien - Webinar Geek

    The Webinar Geek team believes that a webinar can be an added value to any organisation. Software should never be the reason to not start with webinars. This is why they are developing software that not only is user friendly, but is also pleasant to work with and can help you be successful.

    We were looking for a suitable webinar platform for Napier: we wanted to deliver focussed webinars to a relatively small audience and wanted to see if there was a better solution than the well-known big providers such as Goto Webinar and Webex. When we found Webinar Geek, we subscribed and have been delighted with the platform, so we asked if we could interview one of the team.

    We were lucky to be able to interview Remy Gardien, who is the CTO at Webinar Geek. His knowledge of webinars, and experience helping the many customers at Webinar Geek, meant he was able to pass on a wealth of knowledge. If you are not running a webinar, this might be the podcast episode to inspire you to start.

    Jun 28,2020 35:27
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    50. Interview with Ash Jones - Great Influence

    Ash has helped to build some of the UK’s biggest CEO’s & Founders into industry-leading influential figures on Social Media, particularly on LinkedIn. His journey started with Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain, where Ash helped him to grow an audience of over 1,000,000+ across Social Media platforms. Steven is now widely considered the UK’s most influential marketer and is seeing huge commercial success.

    More recently, Ash has launched his own company, Great Influence, where he has worked with CEOs including Umar Kamani, CEO of Pretty Little Thing, Julian Hearn, Founder of Huel and Sacha Lord, Founder of Parklife & Warehouse Project.

    I've worked with Ash a few times and have never failed to be impressed. This episode is a great overview of how some of the most influential business people use LinkedIn and Ash is kind enough to share numerous tips that will help you, and your company's executives grow their influence on this important social platform.

    Jun 19,2020 34:01
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    51. Interview with Fernando Angulo - SEMRush

    SEMRush describes itself as the world's leading competitive research service for online marketing. The tool helps marketers optimise SEO, paid traffic, social media, content and PR as well as providing useful competitive research. 

    In this interview I discuss how marketing professionals that don't specialise in digital can make use of a tool such as SEMRush to improve their marketing campaigns. Fernando describes a wide range of useful tips and tricks that will let you improve the performance of your content and website immediately. This is a must-listen for anyone who cares about their content being found on search engines.

    May 11,2020 34:39
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    52. Interview with Adrian Tobey - Groundhogg Marketing Automation for WordPress

    Groundhogg.io is disrupting the world of marketing automation with a self-hosted platform that is significantly cheaper than other commercial alternatives. In this episode of Marketing B2B Technology, I discuss how Adrian got to the point where he decided he wanted to build a marketing automation system, and how he managed to become so successful in such a short space of time. Adrian is very ambitious, wanting Groundhogg.io to be one of the most popular WordPress plugins, and he has a clear plan to get there. This is a great episode that anyone involved in digital marketing or WordPress development cannot afford to miss!

    Apr 14,2020 43:38
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Marketing B2B Technology

Napier‘s take on the world of B2B marketing and PR, with a particular focus on Europe. For more information about Napier and the services we offer B2B technology clients visit www.napierb2b.com.

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