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    2. How Much a Lemon is S’posed to Squeeze - Favorite Products of 2022 | Audio Distribution Changes | JBL and Headphones

    Dec 29,2022 01:03:20
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    3. That One Where Geddy Lee Raps - TAS on Taiko | CheapAudioMan Power Cable Test | ”XTC, Curated”

    This week, hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger start by taking a look at The Absolute Sound’s coverage of the Taiko Audio Extreme music server and evaluate some claims made by the manufacturer and reviewer alike (4:48 to 20:43). Does a glorified hard drive really need 700,000µF of capacitance? And should your music server really serve double duty as a space heater?

    Next up (21:43 to 43:40), they check out a recent video by YouTuber Cheapaudioman in which he blind-tested a mid-level power cable and compared its performance to a stock cable with the same model of amp. More importantly, they dig into the comments section, which is surprisingly constructive.

    Wrapping things up this week (44:23 to 56:28), Brent and Dennis skim the surface of a new article by Joseph Taylor on SoundStage! Xperience titled “XTC, Curated,” and also discuss other entries in the series, which dig deep into the history and output of a variety of musical artists. 


    “2022 Golden Ear: Taiko Audio Extreme Music Server” by Matthew Clott: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/2022-golden-ear-taiko-audio-extreme-music-server/

    "The Art of Electronics, 3rd Edition" by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill: https://amzn.to/3Pmno96

    "Do Power Cables Make a Difference? The Results Surprised Me - Blind Testing the Audioquest NRG-Z3" by Cheapaudioman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im1aKrc3A6E

    “XTC, Curated” by Joseph Taylor: https://www.soundstagexperience.com/index.php/features-menu/curator/1087-xtc-curated

    “Curator” category page on SoundStage! Xperience: https://www.soundstagexperience.com/index.php/features-menu/curator

    Dec 16,2022 58:14
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    4. Emerson, Lake & Palmer at the Grocery Store - Audio Science Review Misses | Audiophilia in Harper’s | Hi-Fi and Skateboarding

    This week, hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger visit the Audio Science Review forums to shine a spotlight on an overlooked comment by Dr. Sean Olive. The topic? Who should and shouldn’t be included in listening panels and whether a university janitor’s opinions about good sound are as valid as those of your average AES member (4:28 to 21:25). 

    Next up (22:25 to 39:08), they opine about something of a unicorn: an article about audiophilia in a completely mainstream publication. In this case, it’s a piece by Sasha Frere-Jones in the latest issue of Harper’s titled "Corner Club Cathedral Cocoon.”

    In this week’s final segment (39:52 to 57:34), Brent and Dennis watch a new episode of SoundStage! Real Hi-Fi, in which founder Doug Schneider discusses what skateboarding and hi-fi have in common, and why the resurgence of popularity of the former is good for the latter. 


    "Headphones and the Harman target curve" on Audio Science Review: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/headphones-and-the-harman-target-curve.17914/page-18&mibextid=Zxz2cZ#post-1381960

    "Where Are We At With The Harman Curve?" by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/features/217-where-are-we-at-with-the-harman-curve

    "The Relationship between Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality" by Sean Olive: https://seanolive.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-relationship-between-perception-and.html

    "Corner Club Cathedral Cocoon” by Sasha Frere-Jones: https://harpers.org/archive/2022/12/corner-club-cathedral-cocoon-audiophilia-and-its-discontents/

    “View of the World from 9th Avenue: by Saul Steinberg: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/View_of_the_World_from_9th_Avenue

    “Hi-Fi Will Never Die, Because Skateboarding Didn't - SoundStage! Real Hi-Fi (Ep:48)”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksUDpzu8gHA

    “Rubik’s Cube: A Craze Ends” in The New York Times Archives: https://www.nytimes.com/1982/10/30/business/rubik-s-cube-a-craze-ends.html

    "Rubik’s Cube And Spin Master: A $50 Million Deal With Endless Possibilities" by Joan Verdon: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanverdon/2020/11/15/rubiks-cube-and-spin-master-a-50-million-deal-with-endless-possibilities/

    Dec 03,2022 59:21
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    5. An Ultra-Mega Special Guest - Steve ”The Audiophiliac” Guttenberg | Dolby Atmos | SVS and Totem Acoustic Speakers

    Nov 17,2022 01:08:17
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    6. A Purposeful Grimace & A Terrible Sound - Lavardin ”Memory Distortion” | Spotify Platinum | Products from Audio Video Show 2022

    Nov 04,2022 57:55
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    7. Dennis Said Something Nice - Qobuz’s THX Spatial Audio | Hi-Fi Components that Matter | Factory Tours

    In this week’s first segment (3:28 to13:55), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger discuss a story about a new Qobuz playlist featuring songs mixed for THX Spatial Audio. The mixes are designed to make the sound from your headphones seem like it’s coming from within the room rather than right in your ears. Does it work? Is it worth your time? And did Qobuz accomplish something that Apple couldn’t with this?

    Next (14:58 to 30:48) they pontificate a bit on a new review of the Nordost QNet network switch and QSource linear power supply in Stereophile, except they really don’t talk much about the review itself. Instead, they use it as a springboard for a discussion about which components make a real difference and which components don’t. They also answer the age-old question: “What’s the all-time best jazz-backed beat poem about critical thinking?”

    In this week’s final segment (31:24 to 52:10), our dynamic duo uses SoundStage! editor-in-chief Jeff Fritz's “Europe Tour 2022” series as an excuse to talk about factory tours, the value thereof, and whether or not engineering tools can truly be considered beautiful. 


    "THX Spatial Audio on Qobuz: Listen with ANY Headphones!" by Jacob Green: https://www.audioholics.com/audio-technologies/thx-spatial-audio-qobuz

    "Playlist: THX Spatial Audio" by Qobuz USA: https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/playlists/thx-spatial-audio-exclusive-tracks/10766496

    "NAD C 399 Integrated Amplifier-DAC" by Dennis Burger: https://soundstageaccess.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/1179-nad-c-399-integrated-amplifier-dac

    "Storm" by Tim Minchin: https://youtu.be/jIWj3tI-DXg

    "Giant Steps: A Player's Guide To Coltrane's Harmony for ALL Instrumentalists" by Walt Weiskopf & Ramon Ricker: https://amzn.to/3S6rT7M

    “Björk: Sonic Symbolism”: https://pod.link/bjork

    "Europe Tour 2022: Arriving in Vicenza and Visiting Sonus Faber" by Jeff Fritz: https://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/features-menu/opinion-menu/1136-europe-tour-2022-arriving-in-vicenza-and-visiting-sonus-faber

    "Europe Tour 2022: Sonus Faber Speaker Production and Design Lab" by Jeff Fritz: https://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/features-menu/opinion-menu/1137-europe-tour-2022-sonus-faber-speaker-production-and-design-lab

    Oct 20,2022 53:29
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    8. A Statler & Waldorf Approach - Surround Sound & Dolby Atmos | CanJam SoCal + Headphone Giveaway | Reel-to-Reel Tapes

    In this week’s first segment (7:24 to 22:07), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger discuss a new piece by Andrew Heinzman about why he thinks surround sound, Dolby Atmos, and headphone virtualization don’t work for music. There’s some agreement. There’s some disagreement. There might even be some nuance. Who knows?

    Next (23:00 to 35:56) they dig deep into SoundStage! Global’s coverage of CanJam SoCal 2022. What were the highlights of the show for Brent? And which products did Dennis wish he could hear for himself? 

    Wrapping things up this week, (36:38 to 46:25), they riff on some recent coverage of a new reel-to-reel tape machine by Metaxas & Sins that looks like it was designed by and for Tony Stark. If this is the future of high-end audio, count us in!


    "Why Surround Sound Doesn’t Make Sense for Music" by Andrew Heinzman: https://www.reviewgeek.com/129509/why-surround-sound-doesnt-make-sense-for-music/

    "Jesse Ray Ernster & Bob Clearmountain on Mixing: 'We’re in!'" by John Baccigaluppi: https://tapeop.com/interviews/151/jesse-ray-ernster-bob-clearmountain-mixing/

    "CanJam SoCal 2022 - Irvine, USA" by Brent Butterworth: https://soundstageglobal.com/index.php/shows-events/canjam-socal-2022-irvine-usa

    SoundStage! Newsletter Signup Form and Focal Celestee headphones giveaway (until Oct. 31, 2022): https://soundstagenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2698&Itemid=601

    "2022 Golden Ear: Metaxas & Sins Tourbillon T-RX Reel-to-Reel Tape Deck" by Jonathan Valin: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/2022-golden-ear-metaxas-sins-tourbillon-t-rx-reel-to-reel-tape-deck/

    "Metaxas And Sins T-RX Portable Reel To Reel Finally In Production" at HiFi Pig: https://www.hifipig.com/metaxas-and-sins-t-rx-portable-reel-to-reel-finally-in-production/

    Elusive Disc: https://elusivedisc.com/music/reel-to-reel-tape/

    The Tape Project: https://tapeproject.com/

    Oct 11,2022 48:19
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    9. Look at My Curves - Sonarworks SoundID SR | AirPods Pro 2G Noise Canceling | JBL’s L75ms Integrated Music System

    In this week’s first segment (3:20 to 24:00), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger have a conversation about a proposed new headphone tuning standard from Sonarworks called SoundID SR. What does it do and why does it exist? And does it reveal any flaws in the Harman Curve?

    Next up (24:34 to 38:36) they react to the reporting on the announcement and release of Apple’s new second-generation AirPods Pro earphones, specifically the claim that these things block “two times as much noise.” Or is it “two times more noise”? And what do either of those things even mean? (Hint: they don’t mean the same thing.)

    In the third segment (39:11 to 49:30), they dig deep into Gordon Brockhouse’s exciting new review of the JBL L75ms Integrated Music System for SoundStage! Simplifi. This all-in-one music player combines forward-thinking connectivity and crossover design with retro-yet-timeless styling, all wrapped in a gorgeous walnut cabinet, and Brent and Dennis are here for it.


    "SoundID SR for Headphones: A new Headphone Tuning Standard" by Helmuts Bems: https://www.sonarworks.com/blog/research/white-papeR

    “Apple’s new AirPods Pro can cancel twice as much noise” by Chris Welch and Jay Peters: https://www.theverge.com/2022/9/7/23327631/apple-airpods-pro-new-second-gen-specs-price-release-date-features

    "Phiaton 900 Legacy Bluetooth Headphones" by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/equipment/headphones/349-phiaton-900-legacy-bluetooth-headphones

    “JBL L75ms Integrated Music System” by Gordon Brockhouse: https://www.soundstagesimplifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/211-jbl-l75ms-integrated-music-system

    Sep 23,2022 51:01
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    10. The Ka-CHUNK Sound - ”Creem” Magazine | 8-Track Tapes | ”AudioXpress” on Room Acoustics | MidJourney

    In this week’s first segment (3:33 to 14:28), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger start by celebrating the return of Creem magazine and discussing a new article about the resurrection of 8-track tapes thanks to Sacred Bones Records.

    Next up (15:26 to 37:09) they dig into the August issue of AudioXpress, which is dedicated to acoustics and acoustical treatments. Unsurprisingly, Brent and Dennis have opinions about how the high-end audio industry covers room acoustics, including the fact that the most thorough and conclusive research on this subject has largely been ignored.

    And for something completely different (38:06 to 51:00), they discuss a recent SoundStage! Access article by Dennis about Midjourney, a text-to-image neural network that might give some insights into public perception of the audiophile hobby. 


    “Sacred Bones Resurrects the Objectively Greatest Audio Format: The 8-Track” by Grace Scott: https://www.creem.com/fresh-creem/sacred-bones-records-sacred-8-track-townes-van-zandt

    “8-track player shootout” by Brent Butterworth: http://nebula.wsimg.com/70d6cc9f190ef501628c12bc8abc0c89?AccessKeyId=DF4B3AC4447AE4612BF0&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 [PDF]

    “Acoustics and Great Audio Electronics in audioXpress August 2022”: https://audioxpress.com/news/acoustics-and-great-audio-electronics-in-audioxpress-august-2022

    "Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms (Audio Engineering Society Presents) 3rd Edition" by Floyd E. Toole: https://amzn.to/3D029FY

    “What Do Our Future A.I. Overlords Think About Hi-Fi?” by Dennis Burger: https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/feature-articles/1212-what-do-our-future-a-i-overlords-think-about-hi-fi

    "I Went Viral in the Bad Way: A few lessons from my mistake" by Charlie Warzel: https://newsletters.theatlantic.com/galaxy-brain/62fc502abcbd490021afea1e/twitter-viral-outrage-ai-art/

    Sep 16,2022 53:01
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    11. The Race Is On! - Strata-gee.com on Consumer Trends | Stereophile’s 60th | 2022-2023 EISA Awards

    In this week’s first segment (2:54 to 13:57), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger opine about a new report from Strata-gee.com about consumer trends in difficult economic times, and speculate about what all of this may mean for hi-fi, especially given how luxury-focused our hobby has become. 

    Next up (14:27 to 28:28) they springboard off an article about the 60th anniversary of Stereophile to discuss how that publication changed the way we read and write about audio, how the industry has changed since the magazine launched, as well as how much it has changed since John Atkinson became editor in the late 1980s. 

    Finally (29:09 to 47:43), they dig into SoundStage! Hi-Fi’s coverage of the 2022-2023 EISA Awards. What are these awards, how are they selected, who votes on them, and which of the awards resonates most with Brent and Dennis? 


    “Data Suggests Inflation-Impacted High-Income Consumers are ‘Trading Down’” by Ted Green: https://www.strata-gee.com/data-suggests-inflation-impacted-high-income-consumers-are-trading-down/

    "60 Years of Stereophile!" by John Atkinson: https://www.stereophile.com/content/60-years-stereophile

    "Do That Voodoo That You Do" by Brent Butterworth: https://archive.org/details/home-theater-october-1996/page/n120/mode/2up?view=theater

    "EISA's Best Products of 2022–2023" by Doug Schneider: https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/eisa/2022-2023-awards/2022-2023-hi-fi/1730-eisas-best-products-of-2022-2023-hi-fi

    "Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Music System review" by Gordon Brockhouse: https://www.soundstagesimplifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/203-sonus-faber-omnia-wireless-music-system

    "EISA HI-FI AWARDS 2022-23" by Darko Audio: https://youtu.be/reAviL5aRk4

    Sep 01,2022 49:05
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    12. Episode 14: The Credible Hulk - KEF LS60 Speaker System | The Absolute Sound on Measurements | Copper on Headphones

    In this week’s first segment (3:00 to 15:04), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger get the ball rolling by agreeing that Gordon Brockhouse’s review of the KEF LS60 Wireless active speaker system is probably the most important speaker review of 2022, and you should definitely read it. 

    They follow that with a discussion (16:05 to 38:05) about a new blog post from The Absolute Sound’s Tom Martin that effectively presents bad measurements as proof that measurements are bad.

    Finally (38:54 to 51:20), they dig into part two of Copper Magazine’s coverage of the AES Europe Spring 2022 convention, specifically a paper titled “Survey of User Perspectives on Headphone Technology.” There are some interesting revelations here. Will they influence the way Brent reviews headphones? And what do these data tell us about where, when, and how people are using headphones? The results might surprise you. 


    "KEF LS60 Wireless Active Speaker System” review by Gordon Brockhouse: https://www.soundstagesimplifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/209-kef-ls60-wireless-active-speaker-system

    "Philosophical Notes: What Is the Trouble with Measurements?" by Tom Martin: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/philosophical-notes-what-is-the-trouble-with-measurements

    “AES Europe Spring 2022, Part Two” by John Seetoo: https://www.psaudio.com/copper/article/aes-europe-spring-2022-part-two/

    “Survey of User Perspectives on Headphone Technology” by Milap Rane, Philip Coleman, Russell Mason, and Søren Bech: https://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=21669

    Aug 18,2022 53:14
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    13. Episode 13: MoFi-pocalypse - Mobile Fidelity Digital Debacle | Monitor Audio Studio 20 | iFi Audio Zen One Signature

    In this week’s first segment (02:48 to 15:52), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger share their varied opinions on “MoFi-gate,” the biggest scandal in the analog audiophile world right now. It turns out that Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab—long lauded for their all-analog production process—actually creates their lacquer masters from 4X DSD files these days, not directly from the master tapes. Will this be the end of this revered audiophile company? Is the outrage justified? Brent and Dennis have thoughts.

    Next up (16:24 to 28:15), they dig back through the Stereophile archives to discuss a review of the Monitor Audio Studio 20 loudspeaker written by Robert Harley in 1991, complete with measurements by John Atkinson. Monitor Audio is a brand beloved by Brent and Dennis alike, so this throwback review gives them both the opportunity to reflect on just how much has changed in the world of loudspeaker design in the past 30 years. 

    Finally (28:50 to 39:20), they dig into James Hale’s latest “Art+Tech” column on SoundStage! Experience, in which he explores the music of Charles Lloyd through a pair of different iFi Audio DACs, including the same Zen One Signature, which Dennis recently fell in love with and added to his reference stereo system. Somehow or another, though, this leads right back to a discussion about vinyl. 


    "Mobile Fidelity UPDATE New details on the current Controversy" by The 'In' Groove: https://youtu.be/mrahjsfJBc8

    "Mobile Fidelity - Interview on Mastering With Shawn Britton, Krieg Wunderlich & Rob LoVerde" by The 'In' Groove: https://youtu.be/shg0780YgAE

    "Michael Fremer from Tracking Angle Focus on the MoFi Video" by 45 RPM Audiophile: https://youtu.be/Xl15-RC3wMU

    "Did Mobile Fidelity Lie?? The evidence examined (with a surprise at the end!)" by poetryonplastic: https://youtu.be/S6kFRQ9NTDw

    "Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab VINYL, oops!" by Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac: https://youtu.be/B-_1lL3tfS0

    “Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece” by Ashley Kahn https://www.dacapopress.com/titles/ashley-kahn/kind-of-blue/9780306815584/

    "Monitor Audio Studio 20 loudspeaker review" by Robert Harley (First Published on Dec 1, 1991): https://www.stereophile.com/content/monitor-audio-studio-20-loudspeaker

    "The iFi Audio Zen One Signature and Go Bar Open the Door to Charles Lloyd’s Chapel" by James Hale: https://www.soundstagexperience.com/index.php/features-menu/art-tech/1075-the-ifi-audio-zen-one-signature-and-go-bar-open-the-door-to-charles-lloyd-s-chapel

    "iFi Audio Zen One Signature Digital-to-Analog Converter review" by Dennis Burger: https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/1197-ifi-audio-zen-one-signature-digital-to-analog-converter

    Jul 30,2022 42:44
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    14. Episode 12: The ’Free Bird’ of Hi-Fi - Audio Group Denmark and RF | Pitt & Giblin and ”Future-Fi” | Selective Product Reviews

    In this week’s first segment (3:24 to 24:13), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger once again discuss the issue of RF interference, this time with regard to electronics, not speakers. A new product by Audio Group Denmark purports to deliver three levels of protection against noise sneaking in on your gear’s unused inputs. Is there anything to it?

    Next up (24:44 to 36:46), they geek out over a really wild new speaker from Pitt & Giblin, which looks like a steampunk analog audiophile dream, but is powered by the latest in active class-D technology. That leads right into a sort of philosophical musing by John Darko of Darko Audio about a category he’s dubbed “Future-Fi.” 

    Finally (37:18 to 51:10), they dig into a piece by SoundStage! editorial overlord Jeff Fritz about why audio journalists review some brands and not others. This gives Brent and Dennis the opportunity to discuss their somewhat different philosophies about what to review and why, and how PR and brand recognition play into the products they write about. 


    “Ansuz Acoustics Sortz” by Anthony Kershaw: https://www.audiophilia.com/reviews/2022/3/15/p3by3j4tge7ua99hujode955rfnuqg

    SEESII Portable TinySA Spectrum Analyzer: https://amzn.to/3z2EsKK

    Australian Manufacturer Pitt & Giblin's New Dynamic Duo” by SoundStage! Australia News Editor: https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/news/677-australian-manufacturer-pitt-giblins-new-dynamic-duo

    "Is this the future of hi-fi? (I think it might be)" by John Darko: https://darko.audio/2022/07/is-this-the-future-of-hi-fi-i-think-it-might-be/

    “The Curious Case of Avalon Acoustics” by Jeff Fritz: https://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/features-menu/opinion-menu/1122-the-curious-case-of-avalon-acoustics

    Jul 22,2022 53:22
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    15. Episode 11: Maybe This is Satire - McIntosh LB200 Light Box | Vintage Hi-Fi | ChiFi Earphones

    In this week’s first segment (2:30 to 15:01), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger talk about McIntosh Laboratory’s newest product, the LB200 Light Box. This $1500 black box is, in the words of McIntosh, “very unique.” But what is it? Brent and Dennis explain this history of this controversial product and debate whether or not it’s worth the price.

    Next up (15:51 to 34:44), they take a call from Gordon Sauck, owner of Innovative Audio, Canada’s “largest vintage audio emporium.” Gordon shares some thoughts about Dennis’ recent article on the appeal of vintage gear, as well as some anecdotes about what his customers are looking for, what they’re buying, and what he considers the golden age for stereo receivers.

    Finally (35:36 to 56:08), Dennis picks Brent’s brain about Chi-Fi earphones. What are they, why is Brent reviewing so many of them here recently, and is that term problematic or what? 


    McIntosh LB200 Light Box: https://shop.mcintoshlabs.com/collections/gifts/products/lb200-light-box

    “Why Is Vintage Audio So Hot Right Now?” by Dennis Burger: https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/feature-articles/1196-why-is-vintage-audio-so-hot-right-now

    Innovative Audio homepage: http://vintageaudio.ca/

    “KZ x Crinacle CRN Earphones” by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/equipment/earphones/334-kz-x-crinacle-crn-earphones

    “CCA C10 Earphones” by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/equipment/earphones/319-cca-c10-earphones

    “NiceHCK DB3 Earphones” by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/equipment/earphones/339-nicehck-db3-earphones

    “TinHiFi T3 Plus Earphones” by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/equipment/earphones/340-tinhifi-t3-plus-earphones

    Jul 05,2022 57:55
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    16. Episode 10: Double-U Tee Eff - $29,150 Headphone Stack | Measurements Good and Bad | ”Resolving” PS Audio

    In this week’s first segment (03:48 to 17:46), hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger discuss a new $29,150 headphone listening stack from dCS, and contrast that audio extravagance with a recent video from headphone tester/tuner Crinacle, in which he busts some myths about standalone headphone amps. 

    Next up (17:46 to 44:32), SoundStage! Founder Doug Schneider calls in to discuss gear measurements from a publisher’s perspective. Are they bad for business? Do they alienate manufacturers? Are they useful to readers? And how do they help subjective reviewers support or defend their observations?

    Wrapping things up (44:32 to end), Brent and Dennis give their thoughts on one of the most overused but poorly defined terms in audio: “resolving.” What does it mean in terms of speakers? Is “highly resolving” a good thing or a bad thing? A few videos from PS Audio’s Paul McGowan might give us some insight.  

    Sources:SoundStage! Network landing page: https://www.soundstagenetwork.com/

    ”Introducing dCS Lina” by TAS Staff: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/introducing-dcs-lina

    “You Don't NEED an Amplifier” by Crinacle+ https://youtu.be/a3moaaOpYZM

    PSB Speakers - 50 Years | Full Documentary: https://youtu.be/i_qy0dZDX8Q

    “Can Speakers Be Too Resolving?” by PS Audio: https://youtu.be/6XFn8JPIr40

    “Resolving Loudspeakers” by PS Audio: https://youtu.be/qPpr9g_i7xw

    “What Speakers Have Resolving Power?” by PS Audio: https://youtu.be/PkErAEp7y0o

    “What Measurements Can We Hhear?” by PS Audio: https://youtu.be/KHTYqOm3Y8c

    Jun 20,2022 59:21
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    17. Episode 9: The Actual Sausage-Making - How We Listen | More on Munich’s High End 2022 | KEF LS60 Wireless Speaker System

    Jun 04,2022 58:42
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    18. Episode 8: Sitting In a Sweat Box - Bankrupt Onkyo | KEF LS60 Wireless | SoundStage! at Munich’s High End

    In this episode, hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger read the obituary for Onkyo, lament the company’s demise, then dig into why it may (or may not) ultimately be a good thing for the Onkyo brand. Next up, they discuss what is undoubtedly one of the most important speakers announced so far this year, the new KEF LS60 Wireless loudspeaker system. 

    Wrapping things up, Brent and Dennis scratch the surface of SoundStage! Global’s coverage of High End 2022 in Munich, spotlighting some of the products that grabbed their attention.


    “Onkyo has gone bankrupt” by John Hvidlykke: https://www.lbtechreviews.com/news/hi-fi/onkyo-has-gone-bankrupt

    “VOXX International Corporation Completes The Acquisition Of The Audio/Video Business Of Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation”: https://investors.voxxintl.com/news-releases/news-release-details/voxx-international-corporation-completes-acquisition-audiovideo

    “Premium Audio Company, LLC Comments on Onkyo Home Entertainment Bankruptcy Filing”: https://investors.voxxintl.com/news-releases/news-release-details/premium-audio-company-llc-comments-onkyo-home-entertainment

    “KEF LS60 Wireless Loudspeakers”: https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/news/660-kef-ls60-wireless-loudspeakers

    “A short film about the KEF LS60 Wireless” by John Darko: https://darko.audio/2022/05/a-short-film-about-the-kef-ls60-wireless/

    “High End 2022 - Munich, Germany” by Doug Schneider, Jeff Fritz, Jonathan Gorse, and Edgar Kramer: https://www.soundstageglobal.com/index.php/shows-events/high-end-2022-munich-germany

    May 26,2022 54:05
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  20. Boomplay Music

    20. Episode 6: You Could Be Beyoncé - Stenheim & Paradigm | Live-Music Reference | Montreal Audiofest 2022

    In this episode of the SoundStage! Audiophile Podcast, hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger riff on an article by Diego Estan, in which he re-evaluated a pair of Stenheim Alumine Two speakers that demand something a little different in terms of setup. That leads to some insights gleaned from an interview Dennis conducted with Zoltan Balla and Blake Alty of Paradigm about how room design is influencing speaker design.

    In the second segment, Brent and Dennis revisit the “live music as a reference” debate, which leads to a discussion about an old article by Sean Olive on live-versus-recorded-music tests and why they’re problematic. Lastly, they vicariously visit the Montreal Audiofest 2022 by way of SoundStage! founder Doug Schneider’s show coverage, and discuss the products they wish they could have heard themselves. 


    "Doing Our Due Diligence: Room Gain Revisited with the Stenheim Alumine Two Loudspeakers" by Doug Schneider and Diego Estan: https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/opinion/1661-doing-our-due-diligence-room-gain-revisited-with-the-stenheim-alumine-two-loudspeakers

    "A Fantastic Gateway" by Dennis Burger: https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/feature-articles/1186-a-fantastic-gateway-a-qa-with-paradigms-zoltan-balla-and-blake-alty-on-the-new-monitor-se-8000f-loudspeaker

    "On Live Music" by Jim Austin: https://www.stereophile.com/content/live-music

    "Why Live-versus-Recorded Listening Tests Don't Work" by Sean Olive: https://seanolive.blogspot.com/2010/07/why-live-versus-recorded-listening.html

    "AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones" by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/equipment/headphones/75-audioquest-nighthawk-headphones

    "Montreal Audiofest 2022 - Montreal, Canada" by Doug Schneider: https://www.soundstageglobal.com/index.php/shows-events/montreal-audiofest-2022-montreal-canada

    Apr 20,2022 51:20
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    21. Episode 5: Dancing About Architecture - Graffiti Jazz | Dirac’s Auto Target Curve | Cutting-Edge Class-D

    In this episode of the SoundStage! Audiophile Podcast, hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger dig into a new album by David Chesky called Graffiti Jazz, a unique and fascinating jazz composition that comes with separate mixes for speakers and headphones. From there they transition into a discussion about Dirac Live’s new Auto Target Curve and how it potentially improves some aspects of room correction, as well as how it could be improved even more. As an aid to new listeners who’ve complained about overuse of terms like hertz and kilohertz without explaining what these mean, we’ve also included a few tone sweeps to illustrate the frequency ranges being discussed. 

    To wrap things up, Brent and Dennis dig into two new articles about GaN FETs vs. MOSFETs and what they mean for class-D amplifiers, which gives them a perfect opportunity to dispel some myths about class D. 


    Graffiti Jazz (David Chesky) [Digital Download]: https://theaudiophilesociety.com/products/graffiti-jazz-david-chesky-digital-download

    "David Chesky's New New Revolution in Headphone Sound" by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/features/329-david-cheskys-new-new-revolution-in-headphone-sound

    "Dirac Introduces New Dirac Live Auto Target Curve" by Joao Martins: https://audioxpress.com/news/dirac-introduces-new-dirac-live-auto-target-curve

    "This One Room-Correction Trick Could Breathe New Life into Your A/V Receiver" by Dennis Burger: https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/feature-articles/1109-this-one-room-correction-trick-could-breathe-new-life-into-your-av-receiver

    "NAD C 399 Integrated Amplifier-DAC Review" by Dennis Burger: https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/1179-nad-c-399-integrated-amplifier-dac

    "Voice for True Wireless Earbuds, GaN, and More Exciting Audio Frontiers in audioXpress April 2022": https://audioxpress.com/news/voice-for-true-wireless-earbuds-gan-and-more-exciting-audio-frontiers-in-audioxpress-april-2022

    "The Peachtree Audio GaN400: A New Breed of Class D Amplification" by Jacob Green: https://www.audioholics.com/amplifier-reviews/peachtree-audio-gan400

    Apr 08,2022 46:49
  22. Boomplay Music

    22. Episode 4: Cryogenically Frozen Kitty Litter - RF Filter | Wilson Lōkē Sub | DACs | Blind-Test Problems

    Mar 26,2022 51:39
  23. Boomplay Music

    23. Episode 3: Like Marriages and War - Measurements | Headphone Sound | Sound United | Florida Audio Expo

    In this episode of the SoundStage! Audiophile Podcast, hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger dig deep into the former's most recent editorial on SoundStage! Solo: "Why You Shouldn't Always Rely on Measurements." They also give their take on the recent news that medical equipment manufacturer Masimo has purchased Sound United—parent company of Denon, Polk, Marantz, Bowers & Wilkins, Classé, Definitive Technology, and Boston Acoustics—for a billion bucks.

    Finally, Brent and Dennis take a virtual stroll through SoundStage! Global's coverage of the 2022 Florida Audio Expo and talk about the products they most wish they could have auditioned for themselves.


    "Why You Shouldn't Always Rely on Measurements" by Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstagesolo.com/index.php/features/325-why-you-shouldnt-always-rely-on-measurements

    "Thoughts on Reviewing" by Jim Austin: https://www.stereophile.com/content/thoughts-reviewing

    "Segmentation of Listeners Based on Their Preferred Headphone Sound Quality Profiles" by Sean Olive, Todd Welti, and Omid Khonsaripour: https://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=20289

    "Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G Loudspeakers" by Dennis Burger: https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/1175-monitor-audio-silver-300-7g-loudspeakers

    "Sound United Acquired by Medical Products Maker Masimo Corp. in $1B Deal" by Ted Green: https://www.strata-gee.com/sound-united-acquired-by-medical-products-maker-masimo-corp-in-1b-deal/

    "Florida Audio Expo 2022 Coverage from Tampa, USA" by Doug Schneider and Jason Davis: https://www.soundstageglobal.com/index.php/shows-events/florida-audio-expo-2022-tampa-usa

    Mar 09,2022 56:07
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    24. Episode2: Stop Me If I Get Unhinged - A Dangerous Myth | NFTs | Danny Richie & Reviewer Corruption

    Feb 22,2022 50:13
  25. Boomplay Music

    25. Episode 1: Kerfuffle Coming Up! - Headphones vs. Speakers | Cheap Speakers | Less-than-Perfect $45K Amps

    In this inaugural episode of the SoundStage! Audiophile Podcast, hosts Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger dig into fan mail, relitigate the great “headphones vs. speakers” debate, and discuss why they’re hopping on the podcasting bandwagon at this juncture.

    They also riff on a recent video from The Audiophiliac himself, Steve Guttenberg, about why you shouldn’t spend a ton of dough on your first pair of speakers. The two also pontificate about a hot new Kickstarter campaign for the Heavys, the first modern wireless headphones aimed squarely at metalheads, and speculate about why no manufacturer is making cans specifically for the underserved Yacht Rock community.

    Lastly, they dig into a new article by SoundStage! editor-in-chief Jeff Fritz titled “Stereophile and D'Agostino: Is It Really a Progression?” Is there really any excuse for a $45K/pair monoblock amplifier to measure anything less than perfectly? And what do those measurements mean, really? Unsurprisingly, Brent and Dennis have opinions on the matter.

    Sources:“BEFORE you buy an expensive speaker watch this video!” by Steve Guttenberg: https://youtu.be/dZDylt8F0fI

    “Speakers or Headphones?” by Dennis Burger and Brent Butterworth: https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/feature-articles/1167-speakers-or-headphones

    HEAVYS | Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal: https://www.heavys.com/

    “Stereophile and D’Agostino: Is It Really a Progression?” by Jeff Fritz: https://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/features-menu/opinion-menu/1069-stereophile-and-d-agostino-is-it-really-a-progression

    Feb 10,2022 59:33

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