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Retired Army Veteran Dagmar Torres, brings you success stories, tips, and content that will rock your world. Be Fearless Podcast is here to help you grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. Get inspired, become fearless, and unlock your potential....more
Dagmar Torres

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    5. #80 Why Insurance Is Important?

    Season 2, Episode 34

    Meet Candise Shanbron!


    Candise Shanbron was born and raised in Taiwan by a Taiwanese mother and an American father who was from the Greatest Generation and a World War II veteran. She is proud of her Taiwanese heritage and the principles instilled in her from father, which has shaped her to being a person of honor, integrity, compassion, and always has the courage of conviction to stand up for what is right.  It is with these guiding principles that she has infused into her law practice.  There are a lot of lawyers out there, but only some lawyers are problem solvers.  Candise believes in and is passionate about problem solving.

    Candise has dedicated her entire legal career to handling insurance cases involving property damage and personal injury cases. She began her legal career representing insurance companies, which has provided her with great insight, unique vantage point and advantage in representing policyholders and injured individuals throughout the State of Florida.

    For the past 10 years, Candise has been the managing partner of Cernitz Law whom she started with her husband, Justin Cernitz, and helped build a successful law firm completely organically without social media, marketing, or much of a digital footprint - 100% through word of mouth and referrals and are proud of what they have built on this, the most solid of foundations. Now, they are ferociously charging through the digital age and expanding as far as the internet can touch.

    Candise is a Recipient of the 2022 Elite Lawyer Award and the Lawyers of Distinction Award, recognizing her excellence in insurance law.  Candise is a complete family person. She and her husband have a beautiful 11-year-old son. Candise is a devoted foodie, loves to travel, entertain, and is an avid but frustrated golfer.

    Candise and her husband’s motto is “We love to live, we love to love, and we love to laugh.” Website: CernitzLaw.com

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/candise-shanbron/

    Nov 19,2022 45:51
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    6. Change Your Money Mindset

    Season 2, Episode 33Meet Deborah Daniel! Deborah brings nearly 3 decades of experience as the founder and CEO of Charter Accounting and Tax Service – a CPA firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, with clients all over the country. Deborah brings a unique blend of financial expertise, real-world authenticity, and practicality to help her clients understand and master the whole money equation. Her goal is to help clients Make More Money, Keep More Money, and Grow More Money. Through her platform at WomensWealthSecrets.com, she covers all of the money and financial aspects of business and personal finance- from teaching individuals financial confidence to helping her small and medium size business clients scale past the 7-figure mark. Deborah is a speaker, author of 100 Innovative Ways to make more Profit, and the soon-to-be-released “Money- A User’s Guide” and host of the podcast show “Money Without Limits” on the eWNPodcastNetwork. Deborah’s goal is to change the Money conversation, especially for Women --to support her belief that when one of us prospers, we all do. Visit https://womenswealthsecrets.com/ Grab Your Course for only $97.00 on Black Friday Weekend 2022 at MoneyWithoutLimits.com   #BeFearlessPodcast #BeFearless #Success #WomenInBusiness #Money Linktr.ee/AskMsLogan 


    #BeFearlessPodcast #BeFearless #Success #Marketing #PublicRelations #PR #WomenInBusiness #SocialMedia

    Nov 17,2022 25:52
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    25. Episode 43: Speaking Like a PRO

    Donna is naturally introverted and was once so terrified of people that she could not even look someone in the eye and talk to them at the same time.

    She likes to say public speaking is the most extroverted thing an introverted person can do and that anything extroverted you observe in her has been learned!

    Her original career for many years was as a hairdresser and trainer in high-end salons in New York City.

    She was so afraid of people; she says it was divine intervention that led her there – because there was no earthly reason she ever would have done that!

    After many years of being in the professional beauty industry, she moved on and became a trainer in a global personal growth and development company for over 16 years.

    Donna is a trained NLP practitioner. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming and is a fancy way of saying learning the language of your mind which translates into how you talk to yourself and others.

    She is also an 11-year veteran of Toastmasters, an organization known for public speaking. She has earned the highest award of Distinguished Toastmaster.

    She is also a current and active member of the National Speakers Association.

    Donna Riccardo offers public speaking programs and coaching through her company, Red Stiletto - Get to the point!

    Connect with Donna at:



    Opt-in freebie:

    Top 10 Public Speaking Tips to Keep Your Audience Hanging onto Every Word


    FREE webinar masterclass I'm giving next Tuesday, 7/20 at 12:00 MDT.

    5 Essential Public Speaking Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Get Leads


    --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
    Mar 26,2022 18:40
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    27. Episode 41: Generating Wealth with Dr. Wendy Labat

    Mar 24,2022 22:48
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    30. Episode 38: What to do when feeling deflated

    Today, I am interviewing Michael Barham Elevates

    Michael Barham was born and raised in Bessemer, AL. His coaching journey started when he accidentally became a little league basketball head coach in 2010. Later, he had the opportunity to coach high school basketball as an assistant coach. Upon seeking to become a better coach for his players, Michael sought after personal and professional development. The tools he learned from Dr. Eric Thomas and Kendall Ficklin inspired him to create his personal brand, Push Elevation.

    Since creating Push Elevation, Michael has had the opportunity to help increase the performance of individuals and organizations in the areas of communication, team building, and leadership. His focus shifted after witnessing his former players experience tough transitions in life after sports. He knew he had to develop a way to fill the need and support athletes after sports. He created programs to help athletes pursue their purpose and build their own brands. His first book, Purpose Pioneers became an Amazon Bestseller. Michael has been featured in the popular blog, Voyage ATL, for his dedication to being a trailblazer for his community.

    Michael has over 5 years of experience as a business coach and consultant. As a DISC expert and a professional speaker, he has trained thousands of students to unlock their potential and perform at a high level. Seeking to serve a gap in sports, Michael wrote his second book When The Ball Goes Flat. His mission is to help one million athletes discover their gifts after sports and monetize them by creating their own brand.

    --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
    Mar 21,2022 29:02
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    49. Spanish | Episode 18 - Entrevista a Lalah (Aquí Vamo’)

    LALAH”, nombre artístico de la joven cantautora Boricua Alana del Mar Gómez González. Lalah nació en San Juan, Puerto Rico y criada en el pueblo de Comerio. Toca el piano, la guitarra y otros instrumentos musicales. A los 14 años de edad comenzó a componer sus propias canciones, logrando escribir al menos 50 temas, muchos de los cuales son parte de su proyecto musical.

    Cursó estudios en la Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, donde pudo desarrollarse en otra de sus pasiones “el teatro”, participando como artista protagonista de las obras “Rent” y “Contratiempo”, logrando la aceptación y reconocimiento del público. También formó parte del elenco de las obras: “Elliot” y “Curious Incident of the dog in the night time”. Posteriormente fue aceptada en Marymount Manhattan College en New York donde comenzó sus estudios en actuación.

    Lalah ha colaborado como corista del artista Cristian Daniel, tuvo su presentación en las Fiestas de la Calle Sebastian y fue artista invitada en el concierto del reconocido artista puertorriqueño Tommy Torres con quien compartió tarima. Sus influencias musicales provienen de sus padres quienes se desempeñan: su padre como músico de artistas reconocidos y productor y su Madre como Maestra de Teatro.

    Actualmente Lalah se encuentra trabajando en su primera producción musical. La entrega, pasión y dedicación de esta jóven por la música van de la mano ,lo cual le augura éxitos y triunfos en su Carrera. Pueden seguirla en su página de Facebook @LalahMusic

    ***No olviden subscribirse a mi canal. ***

    Sígueme en Facebook.com/DMDagmarTorres

    Instagram @the_successstrategist

    --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
    May 26,2021 48:47
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    65. #53 Becoming That Good Thing

    Season 2 Episode 9

    Meet Kimberly Cleveland!!

    Kimberly Cleveland, The Good Thing Guru, helps single women become wives and be #ThatGoodThing. She is a certified life coach, international speaker, #1 Best Selling - 4X author, blogger, ladies' ministry leader, event producer, and mother. She has been featured in SwagHer magazine, Glambitious magazine, The I am Dr. Sharon Radio Show, Cheryl Wood & #39's Impact the World Radio Show and Creating Your Seat at The Table Live Radio Show, The New Empower Woman Radio show, The Yellow Room Podcast, The Parenting 411 Radio Show and the travel writer for Woman on the Verge Magazine.

    Having been a wife and experiencing the pain of divorce, she knows what to

    do and what not to do. She has spent 20 years studying, teaching,

    mentoring, and coaching on the keys to marital success. Not so long ago, she took a leap of faith, found purpose through her pain and passion, and created The Wife University! She specializes in compassionate, heartfelt, and powerful personal development to prepare you for marriage and to keep you leveling up in your marriage!

    Register for the 12 Days of Becoming His Gift at https://us02web.zoom.us/.../tZYtcOmopjwiHtR6etyM...

    #thatgoodthing #Glambitious #Author #BeFearlessPodcast #Dauntless #TheSuccessStrategist #Entrepreneurship

    --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
    Apr 13,2022 27:45
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    73. #49 Going All-In!

    Season 2 Episode 5

    Meet Wendy Lee Stephenson!

    Wendy Lee Stephenson was a mom of 3 during her corporate career in sales and marketing. A layoff caused her to go all-in with an online business, changing her life and family forever. With her newfound time freedom, she and her husband adopted three kids from Africa (one with disabilities requiring full-time care), and she found out she had another on the way.

    As a mom that went from 3 kids to 7 in just 16 months, she continued to build a successful online business that has provided for her whole family and has done over $10M in sales online. Along with her network marketing business, she’s also built a coaching and training company called Impact Marketing Group to help mompreneurs grow their businesses online while keeping family a priority.

    She was featured in Yahoo! News as one of the Top 10 Social Media Experts to Watch Out for in 2021, and she recently launched her flagship course, “Foundations of a 6-Figure Mompreneur”, to help moms’ in-network marketing hit that 6-figure income with simplicity, intention, and joy and without the overwhelm.

    She’s been featured on Jessica Higdon’s Mompreneur Mondays, the My Lifestyle Academy Podcast, and she was a guest speaker at Bob Heiligs’ first-ever Impact Summit.

    She has a book launching in 2021 called MLM Money Moves to change the narrative around making, managing, and multiplying money. The book will address the common money mistakes that network marketers make and how to avoid them to build legacy wealth truly.

    --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
    Apr 02,2022 24:31
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Be Fearless Podcast

Retired Army Veteran Dagmar Torres, brings you success stories, tips, and content that will rock your world. Be Fearless Podcast is here to help you grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. Get inspired, become fearless, and unlock your potential.

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