What does Verification mean?

Having a verified account means that Boomplay has confirmed the authenticity of the account. A "Verified" badge will appear next to the account's profile picture once it's verified.

Verified accounts are available to individuals like public figures, celebrities, Boombuddies that have many followers and have attained popularity on the app and well-known brands. This is to ensure that Boomplay users can easily find verified people and brands they want to follow.

What type of accounts can be verified?

Including but not limited to popular Boombuddies, public figures, artists, actors, actresses, DJs, producers, record labels, TV channels and Radio stations.

How to get your account verified?

If you meet the above requirements and would like to make a verification request, please send an email to support.boomplay@transsnet.com

What is BoomBuddy?

A Boombuddy is anyone who has signed up on Boomplay and actively uses Boomplay as their source for music & entertainment.