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Boomplay verified artists can analyze the performance of their releases, including streams, playlisting details, the profile of the audience and the source of streams through the Boomplay For Artists tool. 

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Boomplay For Artists Navigation:


1. An overview of your stats on Boomplay, including your total streams, unique listeners, followers and favourites.

2. View insights for “Top Streams”, “Top Content”, “Top Playlists for your content”, and " Playlists you created" within the last 7, 30, and 180 days.

3. Check out the articles in the "How-to" and “News For you” segments.


1. Your Top listeners list (Tips: Interact with your fans by messaging them or following them back!)

2. Your Play Source, check out what channels your fans are using to discover your music.

2. Detailed demographic data regarding the gender breakdown of your audiences, and find out the countries and regions they are located.


1. Your Top content and release with streams and favourites.

2. Top 5 playlists for your content and the Top 5 playlists you created.

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