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The Kenyan Sound: 2019 Vol 1

Anyiko Owoko | Boomplay Music
Anyiko Owoko
My review of 19 Dope Kenyan Albums, EPs & Mixtapes from 2019 via led to this playlist featuring my favourite songs off 23 Kenyan albums from 2019. What a wonderful year of Kenyan music that was! From stunning debuts from the likes of Suzziah, H_art The Band, Boutross, Xenia Manasseh, Ayrosh, Kagwe Mungai and Mutoriah to the anticipated return of industry greats including Elani and Juacali; this is a true representation of the Kenyan sound. Not to mention Ondara's 'Tales of America' was Grammy-nominated for the 2020 awards. All the way from Reggae, R&B, Genge, Shrap, Hip-Hop, Rap to Gospel - come discover our diversity and brilliance! ...