Confam Boy

Confam Boy whose real name is Confirm Odion born 7th April, 2008 is a Nigerian Singer and Songwriter from Edo state. Right from small just like most Children who always pick a Career, he had always have the ambition of been part of the Entertainment Industry. He first desired to become a Footballer, he further desired to do Acting because of his love for Nigerian Movies. Then at the age of 10, he started developing love for Music as to as withdrawing his future plans of becoming an Actor to a Musician. He started making acapella music and free-styling them.
At the age of 12, He joined Children's Choir in a Biblical Church where he was granded on how to sing with series of vocal trainings and instrumental skills. Due to his talent and commitment discovered in him, he was promoted to the Senior Choir after a year of partnership at such tender age.
Since entering the music world with his first Single released independently and single-handedly on April 11, 2023 Confam Boy has taken music to new heights, capturing the hearts of few Listeners.
The Super Motor crooner is very much an independent artist working and hoping to get on limelight one-day