Sammyboy Kenya

Sammyboy Kenya, also referred to as Sammy Coolkid, is a 25-year-old businessman and forex trader from Kenya. His real name is Samwel Mogaka Ondieki. Sammy Boy gained notoriety in 2019. He became well known for being a successful trader and young businessman. He won the "Top 100 Traders in Africa 2022" award in Rwanda after being chosen as one of the "Top 100 Young Influencers" for the "2022" award due to his apparent wealth in comparison to other young people.

Sammy Boy is currently the focus of intense interest. He began to think about ways he could support himself while still a student instead of relying on his mother, who had other children to care for. After conducting extensive online research during this time, he eventually learned about trading.

He gradually started to make a few pennies, which helped him support himself in Nairobi. He got really good at it over time, and when he was still quite young, he bought his first car, a Toyota. He was now able to take care of his siblings, himself, and even build his mother a home in Kisii. Despite success, the road has not always been as straightforward as most people think. His new song Zoza has been disturbing Kenya's airwaves gracing clubs and parties.