Ian Nyawanga Muhanji (born April 23, 1993) is a Kenyan rapper and songwriter. Known for his musical genius in an array of styles and religious commentary in his writing, he is considered a unicorn in his age of music. Born in Kakamega and raised in Jericho, Nairobi, Muhanjii began his career as a Poet performing under the stage name Mshefa/ Mhenga. in (2012) among the founding members of the group "The T412" they had a 6-year musical run until Muhanjii decided to take on his solo career in 2017. Later that year he dropped his self-titled EP 'Muhanjii' under a management deal with Agency5ve.

His second project 'Odd one out' (2018) characterized by diverse music genres got his name in the mass media space, which created enough ground for his debut album 'Lost in Translation' (2020) which was propelled by major releases such as "Elevate", "Pressure" & "Face." Established as a solo act he continued producing records and collaborating with other artists.

He performed at the Groove Awards in (2018 & 2019) his song "Issues" was nominated for the hip-hop song of the year | Groove Awards (2019) Won Male Artist Of The Year | Verse5ve Awards (2020) & got nominated for the Gospel Hip-hop artist of the Year | Unkut Awards (2020)