Patience Nyarko

Patience Nyarko is a Ghanaian female gospel artist, born and raised in Ghana, the famous singer is known for her hit songs like ''Me Ye Nyame Dea'', Anibre Mpaye. Many of Patience Songs became very popular and trendy on social media in line with a great number of streaming and downloads on Boomplay.

Patience like any other successful musician, never had a soft background growing up. She shared that for the first time arriving the the capital city, she had to sleep in a kiosk.

Her rise to fame was not a walk in the park since she recalls all she encountered, she moved to the city together with her aunty at the age of 18 to make a living. For a considerable period of time, she was sleeping in a small salon. She heightened that though they got the salon as a place to sleep, it had it’s associated ills. Eight persons occupied the room (salon). The most difficult times are celebrations and festive seasons.

The place gets so much busy that they had to stay awake till about 1am; and even that, they are required to wake up very early in the day to make way for business to commence for the new day. The worst of it was getting soak when it rain; the roof was leaking. She recollected how she was sacked from a church where she sleeps as an aftermath to fall prey to the advances of the associate Pastor towards her.

The pastor then lied about her to the elders and she was humiliated, disgraced for a non-committed crime of disrespect and given a week notice to vacate the premises. She then had to sleep on parks overnight until she found a better accommodation.

Patience Nyarko the “Obi Nyane Me” hitmaker declared that she didn’t fall prey to the adversities confronting her and didn’t equally compromise her faith in God for anything because her Christian background and strong personality made it so.

But all in all she managed to release 9 albums and 21 songs through it. Her latest hit song being “Back To Sender.”

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Patience Nyarko’s Songs
• Back To Sender
• Nkunim
• Eboboba
• Meye Nyame Dea
• Apam Bimu Beti
• Wasore
• Atigya
• Hallowed Be Thy Name
• Onyame Kania (Medley)
• Nia Asei Beyeyie

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