JTM Salim

Salim is the universal artist and serial entrepreneur, who is
now signed to award winning music firm Big Noise. As a
universal artist, he has no barriers when it comes to music.
His wide range of life experiences at such a young age give
him a unique perspective of the world, that is evident in
every song that he creates.
Born in Kenya, Salim migrated to the U.S in 2004 at the age
of 5 and was raised for the majority of his life in Louisville,
Kentucky. He began to take an interest into the creation
process of music around the age of 11 when it was
introduced to him by his older brother, Magro.
He turned this interest into a pursuit during his freshmen
year of high school, after quitting wrestling pursuits. His
focus later became a calling after the passing of his older
brother in late 2017. His goals now are large and intentional
as he hopes to become the first established Bantu artist in
the states and looks to inspire the people who originate
from his community to also accomplish their dreams.