Mike Akox


Mike Akox, also know as The Showman is an energetic entertainer. Drawing inspiration from greats like Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Fela Kuti, Mike's passion for music has been a lifelong pursuit. It is a force that drives him, an innate part of him that he simply cannot resist. All he knows is to give love and compassion, to project his energy through his God-given craft, and to make people feel good.

Hailing from Ghana, Mike Akox has been immersed in the world of music from a young age. With a debut EP titled "Patience" released in January 2021, his talent has quickly garnered attention. Known for his incredible stage presence, his performances have left audiences in awe, with many likening him to the legendary James Brown. It is this reputation that has earned him the moniker "The Showman."

Mike's previous releases have not gone unnoticed. From his home country of Ghana to media sources in Australia such as Triple J, Spotify, Apple Music, and Red Bull Music, his singles have received praise and recognition. Tracks like "Spectacular," "Merlot," the Ebro-co-signed "Florence," and the massive hit "Super Mario" have taken his career to new heights.

What sets Mike Akox apart is his unique blend of signature melodies and international sounds. By infusing Afrobeat with various musical influences, he brings a fresh and innovative approach to the genre. Mike's ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles creates a dynamic and captivating experience for listeners