Khalid Suleiman Chibuikem, known as Khaleedthefirst, THEFIRST or Alté Presido is a songwriter and singer from Tottenham, UK, with roots tracing back to the Benin Kingdom in Edo state. He began his music career in high school as part of the group TM World.

In April 2022, he made waves with his debut single "Top Boy," featuring Odumodublvck, charting globally and marking the start of his rise to prominence. Following the success of his debut EP, "Khaleed the First," Khaleedthefirst continued to impress with hit singles like "Faded (Puff & Pass)," "Babcock," and "Holy Water."

His mixtape "TwentyII," dropped in October 2023, solidified his status as a rising star, garnering over 600k streams in just three months. Now, with his debut single of 2024, "I Need That," and his recent release "Obafemi Awolowo," Khaleedthefirst's unique blend of Altérnative-Fusion continues to captivate audiences worldwide, firmly establishing him as a force in the music industry.