Dr. Yohan

Dr. Yohan, also known as Yohanna Bako, has seamlessly fused his calling into ministry and passion for music and with a career in Digital Strategy, after a distinguished stint as a university lecturer.

Dr. Yohan's dynamic sound and authentic storytelling expressed in how he writes his songs have captured the attention of music enthusiasts globally. He founded The Anointed Praise (TAP) in 2006 and the team became known for their unique performances that were out the box with stereotypical Christian nuances.

Dr Yohan is radical about his message that finds root in the goodness of God and he's passionate about using his music to bless lives across the nations of the earth. He's a 'performance-enhancer' helping singers and musicians achieve ingenious feats with excellence. With an honorary doctorate in International Affairs, Dr. Yohan currently serves as a Youth Minister in his local church after years of being a music director, sensational praise leader, song writer and arranger.