Sinach is a famous Nigerian gospel musician. She started singing since she was a young girl and has touched many all over the world with her inspirational gospel songs. Moreover, she is not only a musician but also a graduate from Port Harcourt with a Bachelor's Degree in Physics. Her full name is Osinachi Kalu.

Sinach has been in the gospel music for a number of years. Her music is received with a lot of positivity by both conservative and contemporary Christians. This is because her songs are inspirational, spiritual and entertaining. She is also a songwriter a philanthropist, and stage performer. She is a successful musician who has received numerous awards under her singing profession. She was born on 30th March 1973 in Lagos state that is located in the western part of Nigeria. What tribe is Sinach is a common question. She hails from Ebonyi state, which is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria. In her family, she is the second born daughter among seven children. She is got married in a beautiful white wedding to Joseph Egbu in June 2014. Sinach husband is a pastor at Christ Embassy Church commonly known as Pastor Joe. She attends the same church with her hubby which is under a famous pastor Chris Oyakhilome. After the wedding, the two were blessed with one child. She loves to post pictures of her husband and kid.

She is known all over the world due to hits of several of her songs. One of the most famous is Sinach Way Maker. It is a song that is based on a theme that God makes a way, and He is willing to make a way in times of difficulty. You can easily view the song on YouTube. Moreover, you can use sites like to download Sinach Way Maker mp3. Sinach I Know Who I Am is another hit that is sung by Christians all over the world. It is a song that declares a Christian’s position as a child of God. To know more of her songs, you can look up online for a list of all Sinach songs.