Lian Ross

Lian Ross is a German Disco & Hi-NRG singer and songwriter, best known for her famous hits such as FANTASY, SAY YOU´LL NEVER, SCRATCH MY NAME, IT´S UP TO YOU, GAME OF LOVE, ALL WE NEED IS LOVE etc. which has guaranteed her worldwide success until today.
During the 80’s and 90’s she was the voice of the world wide famous dance projects like: 2 Eivissa, Creative Connection, Fun Factory, Tears & Joy and Teeko X just to mention some of them.
Her 2013 album I GOT THE BEAT comprised a variety of musical styles including Tribal House with the song AROUND THE WORLD, Electropop with the song SHAKE YOUR BOOTY and a new version of Lian´s SAY YOU´LL NEVER.
A double CD compilation GREATEST HITS AND REMIXES including her 7’’ & 12‘’ singles was released by ZYX Records on 1st July 2016 with a very great response from her Fans.
3 years after the success of the album I GOT THE BEAT, Lian Ross finally releases her long-awaited double CD Album called AND THE BEAT GOES ON.
As we know her for being a extremely versatile Singer, this long player contains a wide range of musical genres. She takes you on a journey from classical 80s flavour like GAME OF LOVE, ALL WE NEED IS LOVE and DR. MABUSE to modern pop sounds like ALL ABOUT YOU, MAKE A PARTY and new interpretation of YOU´RE MY HEART, YOU´RE MY SOUL. Special highlights are the sensual EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE including great Remixes and Extended Versions for the Fans all over the world.