Martin Wagura, born April 1st, 1997, professionally known as Gwaash is a Kenyan gengetone artist and songwriter. He is best known for his smash hit Wabebe which was significant in popularizing the gengetone wave in Kenya.

Many of Gwaash’s songs become very popular and trendy online with a great number of streaming and downloads on Boomplay.

Gwaash’s music career started picking up steam in 2018 after the release of his single ‘Sponyo” which was a moderate success in Kenya boosting his popularity.

His 2019 smash hit Wabebe was however his breakthrough moment as it dominated radio stations and clubs due to its popularity. Wabebe has been currently viewed over 5 million times on Youtube.

In 2021, Gwaash released his debut album titled ‘Fat Boys’ with a single feature from Mejja on ‘Diva wa Insta’ ‘Fat Boys’ currently has over 100,000 streams on Boomplay.

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Gwaash’s Songs
• Gwaash’s most popular songs include;
• Wabebe
• Sponyo
• Kalongo ft Boondocks Gang
• Bad Manners
• Dum Digida
• Kidogo Tu
• Diva wa Insta featuring Mejja

Gwaash has surpassed over 400,000 streams on Boomplay and 12,000,000 views on Youtube as of 2022.

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