Mr Julz

Mr Julz is an Afrobeats recording artist and song writer. He unique vocal blends of Pop, African rhythms and catchy harmonies bring something fresh that cuts across and enables him to deliver very catchy dance music playlist super friendly and Afrobeats dance lovers.

His critically acclaimed most successful single "Go Down" landed Mr Julz in the spotlight and garnered him a lot of attention to the rising act. 'Go Down' gained more than 600K streams on digital platforms over 20K playlist, made Top 3 on Beats FM London Afrobeats as well as other radio stations in the UK, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and many more.

His follow up singles like 'Gandala' and Ya Bam Bam won't leave you breathing on the dance floor. With endless dance challenge videos from 'Go Down' to 'Slow Down' and 'Gandala' it is a clear statement that dancers and music pundits sure love the sound Julz brings on board.

Mr Julz is definitely one of those artists to watch and listen as mentioned by Kim Davis on BBC London. Julz has a great ear for beats and melodies that leave you coming for more. The best is yet to come and we are excited for the journey ahead for Mr Julz.