Fouda Etoundi Cyril popularly known by his stage name Cysoul is a hip hop singer and a bikutsi artist of Cameroonian origin. Many of Cysoul’s Songs became very popular and trendy on social media in line with a great number of streaming and downloads on Boomplay.

He started music at the age of 9 in choirs. In 2011, Cysoul participated in the song contest “Coca-Cola” with his establishment the Lycée de Ngoa-Ekelle where he experimented with Live accompanied by an orchestra. After this competition, he decided to pursue music and he joined many orchestras such as Akanga Art, Mozart Music Class in 2013 and Djawal group.

With all these groups, Cysoul acquired stage experience after performing in cabarets and at numerous events. In 2016, this Rnb lover founded a group of 4ROARZ singers with his close friends whom he saw as partners in music.

In 2017, he moved temporarily to Douala where he will meet many musicians including his current beatmaker artist Deejay LB. In September 2018, he finally released his very first single “Bouge”. In 2019 he won the Goethe Découverte 2019 competition in the “Music-Voice”category. The Goethe Institute was the one behind the finances of the album recordings. Follow Boomplay and keep up-to-date with the latest songs of Cysoul and information.

Cysoul’s Songs
• Je tombe aussi
• Mouto
• Charlene
• Je veux une femme
• Je t’aimais
• Ma route
• Je sais
• Se oa nu
• Emma
• Nnem
• C’est toi

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