Queen Bee 254

Queen Bee, officially known as Valentine Kathambi, is a 22 year old female artist based in Kenya. She is a rapper | singer | writer and performer from Meru Kenya.
Queen Bee launched her music career in the year 2018 when she released her first single "confuse me" followed by her other major HIT songs featured in her 1st EP "Rewind. Just to mention a few ; Like Fire, Impossible, I do, Rewind among others.
Her prowess in free-styling to different beat genres including , reggae, afro-dancehall, afro-pop,riddim, gengetone, among other vibes make her outstanding. She's known for live music performances while freestyling to random sounds.
Through her music journey Queen Bee has worked on major collaborations like Mavela featuring artists like Og Sam | Akasha Don, unipee featuring Hq kavirus | Iano calca ,Party featuring Nassizu murume among other gengetone tracks.
Her debut EP "SoftLife" released on December 2021 has shown and continues to show her diversity and genius lyricism.