Cleo Grae

CLEO GRAE who goes by the name Formbe Clovis Che is a Cameroonian rap and hip-hop musician artist born in the North West Region (Bamenda).

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Achievement of Cleo Grae
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Cleo Grae others albums includes:
• Hustle & Pray ft. Seta Beatz (2022)
• Man no die ft. Kameni (2021)
• No Throne (2021)
• Grasshopper (2021)
• Espoir ft. Vivid (2020)
• Vero (2020)
• Jolie bébé ft. ABZ (2020)
• Money (2019)
• Just my thoughts (Graestyle) (2019)

And also here is Cleo Grae songs
• Espoir ft. Vivid
• Man no die ft. Kameni
• Vero
• Grasshopper
• Money
• Jolie bébé ft. ABZ
• No Throne
• Hustle & Pray ft. Seta Beatz
• Just my thoughts (Graestyle)

While other information about Cleo Grae still remains unknown base on his lifestyle.

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