Baye Mass

Baye Mass is a talented Male Singer from Senegal who has released so many albums which is so interesting and with amazing vibes. Many of Baye Mass songs become very popular and trendy online with a great number of streaming and downloads on Boomplay.

Baye Mass Albums
• Capitaine (2022)
• Aldiana (2021)
• Crax Njaboot (2021)
• Ndaw (2021)
• Ndekete Yaw (2021)
• Denkaané (2020)
• Xale Rewmi (Remix) (2020)
• Niaboot (2020)
• Sante Yallah (2019)

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Baye Mass Songs
• Ndekete Yaw
• Capitaine ft. Sokhou BB
• Denkaané
• Ndaw
• Niaboot
• Sante Yallah
• Aldiana
• Xale Rewmi (Remix)
• Crax Njaboot

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