Amankrado GH


Amankrado GH is a singer-songwriter and a rapper from Assin Fosu in the Central Region of Ghana. He has been passionate about rap music since he was a child but began performing house music as far as age sixteen when he discovered his ability to do music.

Amankrado GH is not only hugely popular within Assin Fosu but is also affectionately known as one of the country’s most popular music artist. The Ghanaian-born and raised Assin Fosu is an outstanding performing artist and soul rapper who rose to fame a few years back with the song titled “GOD DEY WE DEY”.

Richard Oduro Kissi, whose real name is Amankrado GH, is an Afro-pop and soul rap artist inspired by traditional music and culture. His songs combine a range of hip-life fused with afro music styles and uses electronic instrumentation.
His music often touches upon socially conscious themes, and he sees himself as a mouthpiece for the poor and disadvantaged. As well as being popular in Central Region, he’s toured all the regions in Ghana and even played in some neighboring countries.


Richard Oduro Kissi knew by the stage name Amankrado GH, hails from Assin Fosu in the Central Region of Ghana. He is born and bred by Mr. Joe Kissi and Madam Diana Arthur in the Central Region. He had his basic school at Kwahu Pepease Presbyterian J.H.S and completed his Secondary School at Holy City Senior High School.


His music promoter (Assin Talks) helped Amankrado GH to nurture his talent when he discovered his ability to write his own song. He was inspired by Nas to do professional music as a career. He had no mentor because his love and passion for music made him listen to all kinds of genres which has helped him to grow and glow.