Diana Susanti

Through her influential works, such as "Gugur Bunga", "Beginning", "Terima Kasihku, Guruku" and many more, Diana Susanti has been known as The New Papuan Star. Hailing from Mimika (Occupied West Papua), and living in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (UAE) Diana Susanti is driven by her passion to spread the essential love spiritual values to the world through her unique music styles. And also being an activist and entrepreneur, she is dubbed as a New Spirit from the East.

Was born in Timika (Occupied West Papua), on April 6 2003, and being raised & living in Timika where she was exposed to a diverse and multicultural environment from an early age. This upbringing instilled in her a great sense of tolerance and harmony towards others. Her natural talent in music was recognized since elementary school when she became a music conductor in her school choir team. Her teacher said that music is like within her soul, and it made Diana easily understand music, especially classical music.

Music for Susan, music is an expression of Divine Love, and her work has always conveyed a profound sense of the Divine. She draws inspiration from Sayyidah Rabiatul Adawiyyah's philosophy of Divine Love, and her music reflects her heart's main power: Love. Given her strongly held belief that each of her music is an expression of the same essential spiritual truth, it is natural for her to turn to classical music as a means to communicate this message. Susan often incorporates classical and traditional musical systems into her work, resulting in a unique and diverse sound that sets her apart from other musicians. Her passion and dedication to her craft have earned her numerous accolades, and she continues to inspire others through her music and activism.