Big Baller

Esteemed Nigerian maestro, Flavour, is gearing up to unveil his latest sonic masterpiece with the forthcoming release of the tantalizing single, "Big Baller," offering a sneak peek into his upcoming album, African Royalty. The single which is making its debut today, paves the way for the full album launch on December 1st. (Pre-Save/Pre-Add HERE)

"Big Baller" weaves a spellbinding tapestry of Igbo drums, enchanting trumpet melodies, and contagious cultural refrains. Celebrating the lavish lifestyle of affluent Africans, the track assures to captivate audiences with its distinctive fusion of highlife elements. In this musical offering, Flavour extends an invitation for listeners to immerse themselves in a realm of opulence, indulgence, and extravagance backed with lyrics that radiate confidence, rendering it an anthem for those who savour a life of abundance. Timed perfectly for the festive season, "Big Baller" seamlessly aligns with the celebratory spirit of the upcoming detty December