The Mood

Dapo Marino
Collaborating through WhatsApp with voice notes thousands of miles apart, the trio of Dapo Marino, Daniel Ayo and John E. Wisdom were set on executing a song that connected them to their shared musical interests growing up.

With Dapo settled in Lagos, Daniel in London and John residing in Florida, "The Mood" is ultimately the result of 3 close cousins living in different continents coming together to deliever a 2000's R&B vibe with contemporary elements rooted in sensual undertones.

Dapo's resillience in the Afro rap scene secured him a feature along side Pop Smoke in a posthumous release and has seen his prominence rise ever since. Dapo shares the stage with his trusted collaborators that bring several production, mixing and feature credits across a range of genres.

"The Mood" will be promoted via targeted Facebook and Google ad campaigns and Tiktok influencer support