Buju, whose real names are originally Daniel Benson, is a fast-rising 21 year old Nigerian Afro-Fusion singer and songwriter who draws inspiration to create music ranging from his personal experiences, his environment or the experiences of his friends.

His ability to tell stories effortlessly in his music whilst including vivid melodies and harmony is something that has made his music a ‘must-listen’ as it is unexplainably enjoyable.

His discography ranges from these singles, ‘A Day In Lagos’, ‘Call You’, ‘Catch A Vibe’, ‘Cool Kids’ and the latest ‘Wahala’, all released in 2018.

His ability to audibly freestyle on any instrumental whatsoever gained him exposure on social media and coupled with the music, he is an unstoppable wave indeed.

Buju (Beauty. Underneath. Just. Understood) is most definitely an artiste to watch in the years to come as he is believed to have ‘just what the world needs to listen to’ and it is evident in his music.