TBDK (feat. Sinzu & Erigga)

M.I Abaga
TBDK sets the pace for the Album to be released by Jude Abaga in June 2021 - Pillow Talk and Sweet Dreams.

More than the actual content of the song, or the features, TBDK’s strength lies in its bounce, and throwback feel because it sounds like a song from the 90’s. M.I Abaga, SauceKid and Erigga, some of the prolific rappers out here, bar out on the song like it’s 1995 again; a great moment for fans of hip-hop.

When you think TBDK, think virality! The catchy hook is the perfect tune for a lazy Saturday afternoon with your clique next door. The song’s silly/unserious tone makes it a perfect candidate for a targeted video campaign/challenge with a 90s theme – baggy pants, harlem shake head-bopping, Timberlands, and durags as the chorus rings, “This beat dey knock…”

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