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    1. I Believe

    In this episode Nathan, Greg, and Justin Estrada talk about the Creeds. Justin is a well learned man who pastors at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Kingsville Maryland. Check out what these guys have to say about the Creeds. 

    Jan 31,2023 01:00:40
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    6. Happy New Year 2023

    In this episode Nathan, Greg, and Kevin Maher a great thinker and Harford County Young Life leader talk about the importance of people over arguments. A little reflection, a little thought provoking conversation, and a lot of Jesus. 

    Jan 03,2023 57:09
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    7. CFC Christmas Music

    In this episode, Greg and Nathan talk with Matt Smith about the CFC Album Songs of Christmas. Matt pastors at Christ Fellowship Church in Forest Hill, MD with Greg. This was a fun Christ centered conversation that we hope will put you into the Christmas spirit. 

    Dec 20,2022 01:11:00
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    56. Hard Things on a Beautiful Day

    Ted Kluck drops in for a casual chat with Zach and Nathan to discuss his new book A Hard Thing on a Beautiful Day and other essays. We talk a little bit about the book, but mostly we discuss how sad it is when people turn their back on their faith. This episode has it all. Give it a listen. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear and all of the great products they offer, especially the TGT11 page. 


    Aug 23,2019 01:10:39
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    75. What's an Idol?

    In this episode Zach and Nathan are back to recording again. It has been far too long and this was a great topic to get them back into the swing of things. Don't forget that Building Hope Ministries has been a great partner, and stay tuned in the future for more opportunities to help the various ministries TGT11 has been promoting. 

    Mar 08,2019 01:04:00
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    76. Don't Build Fences, Build Hope

    In this episode Mike Callahan from Building Hope Ministries to speak with Nathan about the 5 fold ministry he is involved with. Listen to the podcast, and don't forget to check out their website, and be in prayer for them. 

    Feb 23,2019 01:01:04
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    92. Is Covfefe the New Shibboleth?

    It's a tag team week. Nathan is out and Zach is in. Mark Ward joins to talk about his new book Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible. This is one interview you don't want to miss. 

    Sep 21,2018 49:44
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    94. Holy Plagiarism Batman

    In this episode Zach and Nathan talk about Rocky Mountain Church. This church is actively seeking a pastor who will plagerize "big name" preachers and deliver their sermons to the congregation. Zach and Nathan go through a rollercoaster of crazyness with this one. After you listen go over to check out Missional Wear, they have some great products like TGT11's page and their new baby products

    Aug 29,2018 52:21
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    95. Donor See

    In this episode Zach and Nathan Talk with Gret Glyer. Gret is a really great guy who is bringing awareness to global poverty and doing something about it in the process. Gret's company Donor See pairs donors with actual people who need help all over the world. One such pairing is Amy Hathaway and her project to provide formula for infants. Don't know what to give to specifically, just give a monthly donation and see where it is going to. Donor See Monthly


    As always, huge thanks to Missional Wear for all they do for TGT11, and Gut Check

    Aug 23,2018 53:07
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    97. Shaming Sheep

    In this episode Zach and Nathan talk with Nate Pickowicz about what it takes for something to go viral and pastors who shame their congregations when they are not sinning. Nate  is a thinker and prolific commentator on Christian issues, and has even written several books. Check out the great conversation, and then head over to missional wear to pick up one of their great 5 Solas products, or the TGT11 stuff we have going on. 

    Aug 01,2018 51:38
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    110. Zach Bartels or Hawk Nelson?

    Zach is MIA from this episode (something about being a pastor and Wednesday night). However, that doesn't mean that he is forgotten. In this episode Daniel Biro from Hawk Nelson dials in for a great conversation about following the Lord's calling into music and trusing him through some difficult times. Daniel gives a shout out to Compassion and so do we. You don't want to miss this one. Also don't forget about Missional Wear and all of the great things they do and sell. 

    Apr 26,2018 49:20
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    114. Graciousness: Tempering Truth With Love

    In this episode Zach and Nathan talk to John Crotts about his latest book Graciousness . Don't forget to check out Missional Wear, and listen to our special bounus episode about who is getting a gift. 

    Apr 04,2018 55:28
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    117. Get Out! Are We Really Headed Toward "Exile"?

    Zach and Nathan sit down to discuss Christian Life In Exile. Do we have to be concerned about this warning? Is America going to follow the path of England? All of this and more on TGT11. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear and specifically the TGT11 page, and we just found out the Gut Check has a shirt too. 

    Mar 14,2018 50:49
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    118. Zach Bartels/Black Panther/Discernment in what you watch

    Zach is officially signed on and signed up. In this episode Zach and Nathan talk about Black Panther which leads into a great discussion on discerment in all things that you watch. Couple of glitches, but nothing these guys can't and won't work through. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear for all of their great products. 

    Mar 07,2018 01:11:39
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    119. BONUS: RVW: River Valley Worship

    Ryan Williams lead worship pastor for River Valley Church and head of River Valley Worship called into the podcast to talk about their latest album release on March 2nd. Get your copy today. 

    Mar 01,2018 30:38
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    120. Bye Steve

    Nathan and Steve sit down for the last full time podcast before Zach steps in. Steve reflects on his time before his full time commitment and after. Then the two guys talk about how to raise children!? One for the books and one for the ages. Don't forget about Missional Wear and all of the great TGT11 products on the collabs page. 

    Feb 28,2018 01:02:33
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    121. Adventures of Christina Canapp pt2

    Nathan and Cristina sit down for the first time in over three years. It was a great conversation finding out what is going on with her and what God is doing in the Philippines. Email her at [email protected] to get up dates on what is going on, and how you can support her financially and through prayer. Also don't forget about Missional Wear, we really love those guys. 

    Feb 21,2018 54:42
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    122. Lord of the Olympic Rings

    Steve and Nathan begin the count down. We're sad to see Steve step back, but excited to see Zach Bartels step into the possition. We talk about the Olymipics and the history of Curling, what ever that is. Don't forget about Valentine's Day and Missional Wear for the products that say I love you. 

    Feb 14,2018 54:07
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    124. The Way Back

    Steve takes the night off and Nathan interviews Jonathan Bock and Phil Cooke about their latest book THE WAY BACK: HOW CHRISTIANS BLEW OUR CREDIBILITY AMD HOW WE GET IT BACK. This was a great interview. These two men have a heart and passion to see Christians start living for the Gospel. Don't forget about Missional Wear and say happy Valentines Day with a product from TGT11.

    Feb 01,2018 54:27
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    125. Hail to the Chief, Baby

    Steve and Nathan talk about respect and honor vs. disobedience. When is it good to disobey the government and when should you submit? TGT11 is also pleased to annouce our partnership with Grace Hill Media. We're looking forward to joining with them to bring you great book, movie, and music reviews. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear for all of their great products. 

    Jan 25,2018 01:13:27
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    131. Decided

    Adam Kareus Author and pastor, dropped by the podcast to speak with Steve and Nathan about his book Decided. This is well worth the listen and the book is great too. Check out the cast and pick up a copy. Also, find out how to win a free copy of the book. While you are checking all of that out, don't forget about Missional Wear for all of your Chistmas shopping. 

    Nov 29,2017 48:59
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    132. Kutless

    James Mead from Kutless drops by These Go To 11  to talk about their latest album. We talk about his experience with abuse, his passion for music, but most importantly his love for Jesus. It was great to hear where the band is heading and their ministry EOTA. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear for great Christmas Ideas. http://www.missionalwear.com

    Nov 16,2017 56:13
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    138. Legalism V Holiness

    In this episode, Steve and Nathan talk about waging war on sin, putting it to death, and what that means. Don't forget about Missional Wear and the celebration of 500 years of the reformation with their 5 Solas series, then click over to the TGT11 page to pick up products with our logo on it. 

    Oct 08,2017 59:44
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    139. Studying the Bible for All it's Worth

    In this episode, Steve and Nathan discuss the up's and down's of studying the Bible. What does the Bible say about how often we should read? What does the Bible say about family devotions? Join TGT11 as we attempt to answer these questions and more, and don't forget to check out Missional Wear for all of your reformed lifestyle needs. 

    Sep 25,2017 57:14
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    145. Zach Attack is Back

    Steve and Nathan have a great conversation with Zach Bartels about what has been going on in the past year with Gut Check, and focus on his latest podcast Clinch. This was a great podcast to get caught up with Zach on so many side projects and partners for you all to check out. Also don't forget to check out Missional Wear and Cliff Graham's page. 

    Aug 01,2017 48:03
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    147. Wildfires: An interview with Stephen Christian

    The TGT11 crew sits down for an interview with Anberlin's Stephen Christian. A great interview about staying humble in the music industry, his transition from a band to solo, and a chat about some much overdue family time. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear, especially the TGT11 section. 

    Jul 19,2017 50:45
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    151. Cities of Protection

    Andy Collins is a self-employed New Yorker who decided to try her hand at writing. What she has come up with is a fun science fiction book called Cities of Protection. Check out what she, Nathan, and guest co-host Jason Loveless have to say about this great book. Also, listen to the end of the cast to find out how to win a copy of for yourself. Don't forget to visit Missional Wear for all your TGT11 and other reformed needs. 

    Jun 20,2017 49:11
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    154. Rethinking Hell Part 2

    Unfortunatly Greg could not join us for this one, however, Sean Nolan jumps right in for this great Q&A with Rethinking Hell's Chris Date. Chris answers a lot of questions from you, our listeners and refers to tons of information including things from this podcast, there is also an ETS Conference this friday where you can hear Chris debate. Don't forget to check out Missonal Wear to see all of the great products they have to offer, then check out facebook and twitter to see how to win a TGT11 beer glass. 

    Apr 19,2017 59:29
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    157. Reverend James King Returns And A Steaming Pile of Controversy

    Nathan, Greg and Sean are first assaulted by a fresh-from-the-border-wall Reverend James King, then they turn their attention to some red-hot listener questions! Thanks to missional wear for just being the most awesome sponsor! Enter "sustain" for a special podcast discount!

    Feb 15,2017 01:13:55
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    158. That Moment When You Call Out Kevin DeYoung...

    Nathan, Greg and Steve continue last week's discussion and it's getting hot in here! Check out missionalwear.com for some great swag like our TGT11 pint glasses. Enter "sustain" for a great discount.

    Feb 08,2017 01:00:48
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    160. Greg May Be Wrong/Is Art A Real Subject?

    Gwen Cicone founder of Truth Branch Art  and teacher at Redeemer Classical Christian School drops by the studio to give Nathan and Greg a lesson in the importance of being a Christian artist in a secular world. 

    Jan 25,2017 55:49
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    161. Prayer Advice That Works- No Cliches Here!

    Kathi Westlund drops by and talks about her excellent new book Prayer PathWay. Check out P&R Publishing too!

    Jan 18,2017 42:28
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    162. No Little Women- Straight Talk About Women In The Church

    Author Aimie Byrd and co-host of The Mortification Of Spin stops by tonight, and she's dropping some great wisdom. Her newest book No Little Women boldly tackles some of the thorniest issues regarding women in the church. Retweet the link to the podcast for a chance to win the book. Thanks to missionalwear for just being all out cool sponsors. Enter "sustain" for a great TGT11 discount.

    Jan 11,2017 58:25
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    163. Sometimes We Need Stories

    Erik Guzman from Key Life  stops by the podcast to talk about his book The Seed: A True Myth. This was a great conversation. Hope you all enjoy, and don't forget to pick up a copy of his book, it's worth it. 

    Jan 04,2017 52:27
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    167. God Rest Ye Motor City And Other Christmas Insights

    Zachary Bartels returns in Christmas splendor to the podcast. His Christmas short stories will rock you around your Christmas tree! A hilarious conversation with some pretty striking insights into Christmas. 

    Dec 07,2016 01:13:33
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    168. Elyse Fitzpatrick and Christmas Grace

    Elyse Fitzpatrick joins Greg and Nathan, with a special guest appearance from Lisa Dutcher. The TGT11 team kicks off their seasonal episodes with this one all about Christmas grace. Also, becasuse it is the Christmas season Missional Wear is the monthly sponsor. Check out their great Bistro Mugs and don't forget to check out the seasonal Pint Gift set including Missional Wear, The Reformed Pubcast, and The Happy Rant

    Nov 30,2016 53:01
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    171. Rethinking Hell- Is Eternal Conscious Torment A Litmus Test Of Orthodoxy?

    Chris Date from ReThinking Hell is our guest tonight. Chris is a committed to what is often called "conditional immortality." This one will rustle some jimmies so buckle up! Thanks to Olive Tree Bible Products for their sponsorship. Enter "sustain" for a great discount! And shoutout to Sean Nolan for joining in again!

    Nov 16,2016 01:28:33
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    173. Paul David Tripp And New Morning Mercies

    The wisdom of Paul David Tripp drops some great truth bombs on us this week! His book New Morning Mercies beautifully applies the gospel in daily dose form. Matt Smith joins in as well. Thanks to Missional Wear for rocking the swag world and for sponsoring our show. Enter "sustain" in the promo code for a great discount. 
    Nov 09,2016 43:35
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    178. Episode 6: Presence

    In this episode Brian speaks about one of the most important P's in the New Scoreboard, being in God's presence. This is critical to what Brian has been talking about, because, without it, it is all meaningless. This is where the Glory of the Impossible comes into play. Everything leading up to this can only be accomplished through Presence. 
    Oct 24,2016 41:54
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    179. Prophet, Priest And King

    Dr. Richard Belzer stops in to talk about his new book- Prophet, Priest and King. While Jesus fulfills these roles perfectly, every Christian functions in these roles in some capacity. A fascinating conversation! Thanks to Olive Tree for their rocking website- check them out for great Bible software and books! Enter "sustain" for a great discount.
    Oct 19,2016 41:24
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    180. Episode 5: Perspective

    Now that we have thought through our passion for sports, Brian challenges us to a new perspective. How should we view winning and loosing in competitive sports? The New Score Board, is also gearing up for the 30 day fast. Check it out on the links we have provided. 
    Oct 17,2016 36:46
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    181. Reading The Bible For Transformation- Not Just Information

    Rondi Lauterbach joins us to talk about her new book Hungry. Rondi has a keen eye for "following the bread crumbs" God has left us in the Bible- all leading to the true spiritual feast offered us in Christ. We are grateful to missional wear for sponsoring our podcast. Enter our promo code "sustain" for a great discount!
    Oct 12,2016 39:17
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    182. Episode 4: Passion for Sports Part 2

    Brian Davidson continues talking about the 10 P's of The New Scoreboard. In the Passion part 2 discussion Brian disclosses a story to the listeners that is very personal, moving, and illustrates for us how intensely worldly he got as a believer for his love of sports. He also challenges our listeners to a 30 day sports fast that will begin on October 20th. 
    Oct 10,2016 37:36
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    183. Is God Anti-Gay?

    Sam Allberry stops by to talk about his phenomenally helpful book- Is God Anti-GayMatt Smith has preached a couple of sermons on related topics and he picks Sam's brain as well. We are pumped to partner with missionalwear.com   Check them out for great products and enter "sustain" in the promo code for a great discount.
    Oct 05,2016 48:20
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    184. Episode 3: A Passion for Sports Pt. 1

    In this episode Brian talks about having a passion for sports that glorifies God. Love God Like Sports  is more than a title it is a calling from God. Brian talks about the idol that sports has become in our lives. One solution he gives to help is to do a sports fast. Love God Like Sports is going to be hosting a 30 day sports fast starting Thursday October 20th. More details to come. 
    Oct 04,2016 53:55
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    185. Should We Drop The "L?"- A Defense Of 4 Point Calvinism

    Dr. Bruce Ware returns to answer listeners' questions from his previous appearance where he defended his multiple intentions view of Christ's death.
    Sep 28,2016 37:06
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    186. Episode 2: What Do The NUMBERS TELL US?

    In this episode Brian Davidson talks more about The New Score Board and why families need a purpose that goes deeper than trying to get their children into the pros. Brian encourages listeners to write a vision statement about why their family is participating in sports. He then addresses some of the staggering statistics that show how unrealistic it is to push your child into a professional career.  
    Sep 26,2016 39:02
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    188. Is the Old Testament Out of Order? And How Is It Hurting Us?

    Big shout out as always to Missional Wear- the COOLEST site for reformation T-Shirts, mugs and other hip and happinen' stuff. We are joined by Dr. Miles Van Pelt from Reformed Theological Seminary. He offers a fascinating critique of how our English Bibles may have wreaked havoc on the intended effect of the original Hebrew canon.
    Sep 21,2016 46:42
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    189. Episode 1: Love God Like Sports

    Brian Davidson has been doing sports ministry for over 30 years. He has a heart and passion to see a "new score board" among evangelical families. His bold idea is for families to Love God and only Like Sports. Check out the first episode in this brand new podcast series. 
    Sep 20,2016 40:59
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    190. Citizens and Saints

    This episode, Nathan and Greg call in Andrew Landis to get his professional insight to the music group Citizens and Saints. This is a great band that came out of the dispersing of Mars Hill Church in Washington. Check out their web site, their new record releasing September 16th, and their touring schedule. Also check out Olive Tree for great Bible Study products, and enter in the promo code 'sustain' to get a great discount.  
    Sep 14,2016 45:18
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    192. Is Lying ALWAYS wrong?

    Aug 31,2016 01:00:58
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    193. Are Anonymous Twitter Accounts Cowardly?/ A Candid Talk With Agent Coulson

    Fresh from his undisclosed S.H.I.E.L.D. location, Calvinist Coulson reports for his These Go To 11 assignment. A fun, candid discussion awaits!  Be sure to check out his excellent writing at Theology Mix and his podcast at Sinners League. Be sure to check out Olive Tree for awesome e-Bible products. Use "sustain" as our special promo code for a great discount!
    Aug 17,2016 59:40
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    194. The Inexcusable Pressure on Today's Christian Women With Elyse Fitzpatrick

    Author Elyse Fitzpatrick returns to the show! This time Nathan's better half, Joy, joins in the discussion as well. Is there too much "Holly Homemaker" pressure on today's Christian women- you better believe it! We discuss several of Elyse's books- her new one- Home- looks awesome! Be sure to check out Elyse's own family podcast as well! We are thrilled to continue our partnership with missionalwear- use the promo code "sustain" for 11% of great products!
    Aug 10,2016 01:11:40
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    195. Should We Get Rid Of Liturgy Altogether?

    Steve HartlandGreg Dutcher, and Nathan Bell  are at it again. All are back in the studio and have crafted this crazy good podcast for your listening pleasure. Don't forget to check out our sponsor Olive Tree and type in the promo code "sustain" to get 20% off your purchase.  
    Aug 03,2016 55:28
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    196. That's Show Biz

    Greg, on vacation leaves Nathan to run things (We're in trouble folks). While Greg is away, Nathan interviews Jamie Josephs, an actress who has done some great creative projects, including a short feature you can watch for free on Amazon Prime called Flip in the horror anthology Death: A Love Story. Hope you enjoy. We are pleased to partner again with Missional Wear- missionalwear.com. Get yourself a great T-shirt, mug or beer stein. Type "sustain" in the promo code box for 11% off!
    Jul 27,2016 48:53
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    198. Tim Challies On Trump And Amercian Politics

    Author and Blogger Tim Challies joins us to give us a Canadian Evangelical's perspective on the circus that is the 2016 Election Cycle.
    Jul 13,2016 58:32
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    202. No Politics, No Rhetoric- Christianity And Guns

    Steve Hartland and Bill Heidel join us tonight for a candid, rational look at the volatile issue of guns and gun control.
    Jun 22,2016 01:24:26
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    205. Cussing Is A Sin...Right?

    NathanGreg and Steve take the gloves off on this one. 
    Jun 01,2016 56:15
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    206. Is Jesus "At Work" In Other Religions?/ Are Parachurch Ministries Necessary?

    Matt Smethurst, managing editor of the Gospel Coalition, stops in to talk with Nathan and Greg about whether Jesus can "accept" someone who is a devout Muslim or Buddhist? A great discussion on the parachurch too!
    May 25,2016 51:41
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    207. Who Gets To Decide What "Reformed" Means?/ Can Confessional Presbys And Charismatic Calvinists Unite?

    Back for Round 2, Les Lanphere from The Reformed Pub drops in. Nathan and Greg ask if any subset of Christians can lay claim to the title "reformed."
    May 18,2016 57:12
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    209. Missionaries Killed In Jamaica/ How Can There Be Rewards In Heaven?

    Dave Shive rejoins Nathan and Greg. Dave's brother Ray works with Teams For Medical Missions. Recently two of their missionaries in Jamaica lost their lives to a violent crime. Go to their website to learn more and perhaps consider offering support. The guys also tackle the tricky subject of rewards in heaven. Check out Craig Blomberg's excellent article.
    May 10,2016 01:04:44
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    210. Extra Episode! Did Jesus Claim To Be The Son of God?/ Did The Bible Steal Its Stories?

    Nathan and Steve (Greg is MIA)  tackle some listener questions. Great discussion! Very practical apologetics here!
    May 05,2016 01:17:28
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    211. For Whom Did Christ Die?/ Bruce Ware on 4-Point Calvinism

    Dr. Bruce Ware from Southern Seminary joins the podcast tonight. Steve Hartland and Greg cover for Nathan who is doing big ministry stuff! Dr. Ware offers a very compelling argument for 4-point Calvinism. Get his outline here!
    May 04,2016 47:16
  212. Boomplay Music

    212. Scotty Smith On Grace, Brokenness and Earnest Prayer

    Pastor and Author Scotty Smith calls in tonight from Franklin, Tennessee. Greg and Nathan pick this wonderful man's brain on everything from pastoring celebrities to ministering to people who are broken. As you can imagine it is an all out grace feast! Also- check out how you can win his book Everyday Prayers
    Apr 27,2016 50:53
  213. Boomplay Music
  214. Boomplay Music

    214. From "Fundyland" To Graceland/ The Performance Trap And True Freedom

    Marci Preheim, author of Grace Is Free and co-host of Fundyland Sees Red joins us tonight. Get ready for a plunge into never-ending grace. Greg and Nathan resonate with this "freedom-fighter."
    Apr 20,2016 01:13:14
  215. Boomplay Music

    215. What About Free Will? How Is Calvinism NOT Fatalism?

    Pastor and author Scott Christensen joins the podcast tonight. His new book "What About Free Will?" is a masterful treatment on the tricky subject of free will. Scott is sets both a scholarly and pastoral tone in dealing with these subjects. Nathan and Greg are blown away. AND LISTEN TO THEM LOSE IT AT THE END OF THE EPISODE ANNOUNCING CONTEST WINNERS!
    Apr 13,2016 57:26
  216. Boomplay Music

    216. Apologia Radio Reppin'/ Why Should The Devil Get All The Good Toys?/ TGT11 Gets "Ginger"vitis and Likes It!

    Marcus Pittman- aka "King Ginger" joins us from Apologia RadioNathan and Greg have a blast with Marcus as this dude is as straight up, edgy as they come. They kick around Trump, pro-life cowardice, the arts and may take a shot or two at K-Love music. Warning- Rev. James King calls in!
    Apr 06,2016 01:05:39
  217. Boomplay Music

    217. Bonus Episode: Baseball- Is It The Purest Sport? Better Than The NFL/ Is Adam LaRoche A Hero Or A Loon?

    It's that time of year again! With baseball just about to start, Steve Milewski from MASN Sports and 105.7 The Fan rejoins the podcast. Mutual friend and baseball aficionado Scott Perry also chimes in. No Nathan tonight- just feels weird! 
    Mar 30,2016 01:05:10
  218. Boomplay Music
  219. Boomplay Music

    219. Adnan Syed's Appeal/ Trump on Muslims/ A Millennial's Perspective

    Meet Faras Aamir- and incredibly bright, talented thoughtful young man who shares his perspective on a number of current issues. Faras is Muslim and enjoys talking with others about faith, art, life, etc... A terrific dude- we think you'll find this conversation enjoyable and enlightening. 
    Mar 23,2016 54:25
  220. Boomplay Music

    220. Did Satan Want Jesus To Die Or Not?/ Are Easter Services Over Hyped?/ Rev. King on Joe Thorn!

    Nathan and Greg are pumped to have Joe Thorn back on the podcast. Poor Joe takes a beating from Rev James King but keeps on ticking!
    Mar 16,2016 50:53
  221. Boomplay Music

    221. Bonus Episode: An Evening With Nashville Recording Artists: Forlorn Strangers

    Forlorn Strangers joins us tonight. For the last year five young musicians have been traveling around the country and living out of a van. Their first album drops later this summer. Get a taste of some of their great music and please hop on their twitter and their website to see how you can help them with some good old fashioned hospitality. 
    Mar 13,2016 58:34
  222. Boomplay Music

    222. Did Andy Stanley Go Too Far?/ What Is A Biblical Worship Service/ Rev. James King Calls In

    NathanGreg and Steve tackle a number of listener questions from Black Israelites to Andy Stanley ripping small churches. 
    Mar 09,2016 59:26
  223. Boomplay Music

    223. Tullian Tchividjian On How God's Grace Is His Life

    Tullian Tchividjian stops by the podcast tonight. He has walked through the hardest year of his life, but he is still singing the song of God's mercy. Nathan, Greg and Steve ask a number of questions about grace, faith, joy, antinomianism, obedience and suffering.
    Mar 02,2016 59:15
  224. Boomplay Music
  225. Boomplay Music

    225. The Creative Genius Of Stephen King

    Stephen Altrogge makes his second appearance on the podcast! Tracy Smith also joins in- proving that not all King fans are men :-)  Nathan and Greg pick their brains on all things Stephen King. Constant Readers will love this episode. What can Christians learn from the master of horror? A lot!
    Mar 01,2016 58:13
  226. Boomplay Music

    226. Romans 7 Is NOT About The Believer's Struggle!

    Dr. Tom Schreiner makes his second appearance and offers a compelling argument for a pre-conversion reading of Romans 7. Newby Sean Nolan also joins in on the fun to ask a few questions.
    Feb 24,2016 58:25
  227. Boomplay Music
  228. Boomplay Music

    228. Is Breaking Bad The Greatest TV Show Of All Time?

    Our media expert, Josh Mitchell, joins the conversation tonight in this bonus episode. He and Greg both believe that Breaking Bad is the greatest show ever. Why? We think you'll find that interesting. Nathan just sits back and lets these guys go all "Walt and Jesse" on us.
    Feb 17,2016 56:08
  229. Boomplay Music

    229. Legalism/Liberty/License And MacArthurian Christianity

    From Alaska- Pastor Jeff Crotts returns! Jeff trained under John MacArthur and the staff of The Master's Seminary. Nathan and Greg have fun mapping the reformed landscape of today's evangelicalism and asking Jeff where "MacArthurian" Christianity fits in.
    Feb 17,2016 46:38
  230. Boomplay Music
  231. Boomplay Music
  232. Boomplay Music

    232. Fireside Topic #4- Are Tongues, Prophecy and Healing Still A Thing Today?

    The episode so good it was delayed by a blizzard, Nathan drills Greg and Matt on their differences on charismatic gifts. Snuggle up by the fire place for this double episode. 
    Jan 29,2016 01:44:38
  233. Boomplay Music

    233. American Idolatry- Idols Of The Heart

    A special treat in this bonus episode. Elyse Fitzpatrick has written the definitive book (15th anniversary edition!) on idolatry. Are 21st century "civilized" Christians really in danger of idolatry? Elyse also shares some profound thoughts on women and the gospel.
    Jan 20,2016 53:58
  234. Boomplay Music

    234. Fireside Topic #3: Female Pastors? Elders? Can A Woman Lead?

    Nathan and Greg have a frank exchange on an issue they've never seen eye-to-eye on. What can a woman in do in a leadership role in the church? What do you think?
    Jan 20,2016 01:18:57
  235. Boomplay Music

    235. Fireside Topic #2: Can A Christian Buy A Powerball Ticket? The Gambling Question

    NathanGreg and Steve are at it for a second week. Powerball is up to 1.4 billion dollars. Tickets are 2 bucks each. Is it wrong to buy one? What about Vegas? Fantasy football? Even bingo? This is a fun and informative one.
    Jan 13,2016 01:16:26
  236. Boomplay Music

    236. Fireside Topic #1- What Should We Think About Those Who Think Salvation Can Be Lost?

    NathanGreg and Steve kick off the new year with some probing questions about Christians who don't believe in eternal security. Is it heresy to believe you can lose your salvation? 
    Jan 06,2016 01:00:16
  237. Boomplay Music

    237. Happy New Year/ 2015 In The Books/ Preview Of 2016

    A classic fireside chat with Nathan and Greg. They are blown away by the first year of the podcast venture. They review some of their favorite moments and talk about their hopes for 2016.
    Dec 30,2015 57:15
  238. Boomplay Music

    238. Christmas Part 4- The Mind-Blowing Truth Of The Incarnation

    Pastor, commentator and scholar Dr. Richard D. Phillips joins us for this last Christmas-focused podcast. He is one of the chief editors of the Reformed Expository Commentary series, and his thoughts on the incarnation are incredibly insightful. Enjoy this one- and to all of our listeners- Merry Christmas! 
    Dec 23,2015 58:26
  239. Boomplay Music
  240. Boomplay Music

    240. Christmas Part 2- A Double Episode- Christmas Music- The Good, The Bad and The "Are You Kidding Me?"

    Matt joins Nathan and Greg in this double episode to riff on Christmas Music. Many song clips (and a few songs in their entirety) are played. Hope you have half the fun we had recording this one.
    Dec 09,2015 01:31:21
  241. Boomplay Music

    241. Christmas Part 1- Christmas Beer Recommendations/ Should Churches Do Christmas Sermons?

    Steve Hartland steps off his Santa-decorated Harley to talk all things yuletide. Greg defends why he preaches Christmas series. And Nathan struts his expertise with some great beer insight.
    Dec 02,2015 59:27
  242. Boomplay Music

    242. Thanksgiving/ Is It Insensitive To Native Americans?/ A Few Thoughts On Refugees

    Dave Shive is back in DA HIZOUSE! Nathan and Greg riff on the ups and downs of Thanksgiving. And there may be another nasty caller who shows up!
    Nov 25,2015 52:09
  243. Boomplay Music
  244. Boomplay Music

    244. John Frame Discusses His New Book/ A History Of Western Philosophy And Theology

    Dr. John Frame is back! His new book, A History Of Western Philosophy And Theology is hot off the press. NathanGreg and Steve ask him questions about everything from Augustine to Zoology (well, not really Zoology but you get the point).
    Nov 11,2015 57:56
  245. Boomplay Music

    245. Bonus Episode- Listen To Our First Heckler/ Listener Hodge Podge

    PARENTS- we do have a short discussion on sex near the beginning of the episode. NathanGreg and Steve tackle a variety of questions from listeners- Can Satan Read Minds? Christian Online Dating Sites? Gun Control? Also- don't miss the debut of the Right Reverend Doctor James King.
    Nov 07,2015 01:19:03
  246. Boomplay Music

    246. Author Steve Swartz on Shattered Shepherds

    Pastor and Author Steve Swartz has written an outstanding book, Shattered Shepherds. Steve knows about true heartache in ministry and writes one of the most probing books on how pastors (and implicitly- churches) can recover and get back on the road of grace.
    Nov 04,2015 59:23
  247. Boomplay Music

    247. The Halloween Episode/ Should Christians Participate?

    Get your candy corn and hot cider ready- it's the Halloween episode! NathanGreg and Matt discuss costumes, the conscience and candy! Does Halloween have pagan/satanic origins? Is it ok to be scared? Also- shout out to listener Matt Hatcher for posting this intriguing article to our Facebook page!
    Oct 28,2015 53:04
  248. Boomplay Music

    248. Dr. Thomas Schreiner on NT Wright and Justification By Faith/ Are We Wiser Than Solomon?/ Can Women Speak In Church?

    Dr. Thomas Schreiner joins the podcast. He is a brilliant New Testament scholar, and the guys ask him a lot about NT Wright and the New PerspectiveGreg is like a kid in a candy shop having one of his favorite commentators on the show. Nathan asks him if we are wiser than Solomon. Steve asks if women can speak in church? Wha- whaaaat?
    Oct 21,2015 57:25
  249. Boomplay Music

    249. Have John Piper And Friends Moved Too Far Away From Grace?

    In what is sure to be a more controversial episode, NathanGreg  and Steve talk about trends in many reformed circles today. Piper rails against, security-craving, entertainment-addicted Christians. Platt says that "abandoning ourselves is the central message of Christianity."  DeYoung thinks that the movie ratings guidelines from the 1930's were better times (but institutional racism was embraced then!).  To be fair, this is largely Greg's hobby horse, but Nathan and Steve make great riding partners!
    Oct 13,2015 01:00:19
  250. Boomplay Music

    250. Dr. Peter Kreeft Brings The Boston Flava!/ Between Heaven And Hell/ How To Help A Skeptic

    World renowned apologist, Dr. Peter Kreeft, joins Greg and Nathan. We discuss his outstanding book, Between Heaven And Hell. JFK, C.S. Lewis and Alduous Huxley all died on the same day, November 22, 1963. Kreeft imaginatively paints a brilliant conversation in "heaven's waiting room" among these three men. It's great stuff! So is Dr. Kreeft's helpful suggestions in answering a skeptic.
    Oct 06,2015 48:28
  251. Boomplay Music

    251. Should Kim Davis Represent Us?/ Hype About Harbingers And Blood Moons

    A well rested Steve Hartland rejoins the discussion. Nathan has gotten some questions from listeners on Kim Davis and marriage licenses. Is she right to refuse them as an elected official? What roles does the conscience play in ethical decisions? Greg vents about blood moons (although he's highly interested in blood orange beer!) and the Harbinger.
    Sep 30,2015 52:06
  252. Boomplay Music

    252. Special Guest Trevin Wax/ Beware Moralistic Bible Teaching/ The Gospel Project

    Pastor, author, editor and blogger par excellence, Trevin Wax, joins us from Nashville. He is one of the minds behind the outstanding Gospel ProjectGreg asks him how we avoid giving "be good boys and girls" moral instruction when teaching the Bible to kids. Nathan asks him about the role and mission of the Gospel Coalition.
    Sep 23,2015 51:12
  253. Boomplay Music

    253. Things Pastors Talk About Behind Closed Doors/ Benny Hinn??

    Nathan and Greg go full-throttled fire-side chat in this episode. Nathan wants to know what things discourage pastors that most pastors won't ever share. And yeah- there may be something to do with Benny Hinn in this episode- sort of.
    Sep 16,2015 59:27
  254. Boomplay Music

    254. Why Are So Many Christians Enamored With Trump?/ Birth Control Continued

    Dave Shive phones in from an underground bunker in an undisclosed location. Nathan asks Greg and Dave why such a large number of evangelicals are for a dude like Donald Trump. They also continue there conversation on birth control.
    Sep 09,2015 50:26
  255. Boomplay Music
  256. Boomplay Music
  257. Boomplay Music
  258. Boomplay Music

    258. Has Tchividjian's Theology Been Discredited By His Adultery?/ Can A Fallen Pastor Ever Serve Again?/ Is Hell Spatial Or Relational?

    NathanGreg and Steve resume their conversation on marital fidelity- this time with a twist- is there ever a road back to vocational ministry for maritally unfaithful pastors? Conventional wisdom among a large number of Christians is "no."  The guys kick around the pros and cons of that premise in this intense episode. They also explore the implications of understanding heaven, hell and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in a relational way rather than a spatial one.  WHAT??? 
    Aug 26,2015 55:59
  259. Boomplay Music
  260. Boomplay Music

    260. Are We Supposed To Have A Lot Of Kids?/ Is Birth Control Not Trusting God?/ A Present Day Snapshot Of Luther's Germany

    Dave Shive makes his first visit since the infamous Calvinism debates! Nathan and Greg ask him questions about the "right" number of kids Christians should have, birth control and "procreation evangelism." Dave's sister and brother-in-law Tammy and Joe Thomas from New Winegate missions also join the panel. They have been missionaries in Germany for the last 9 years and we talk about the current spiritual state of the once glorious seedbed of Protestantism. And please consider supporting the Thomases in this very unique missions work. You can email them at [email protected]egate.com
    Aug 12,2015 54:44
  261. Boomplay Music
  262. Boomplay Music
  263. Boomplay Music
  264. Boomplay Music

    264. Joe Thorn- How To Preach The Gospel To Yourself/ Can A Pastor Take Anxiety Meds?

    Fresh from a Taylor Swift concert, pastor and author Joe Thorn stops by to talk about his first book- Note To Self. Our friends at Reformed Pub did a great podcast with Joe recently on his second bookExperiencing The TrinityGreg asks how Christians can PRACTICALLY preach the gospel to themselves each day. Nathan asks Joe questions about pastors, anxiety, depression and the potential role of medication for these problems.
    Jul 22,2015 53:51
  265. Boomplay Music

    265. Calvinist Batman And Charismatic Calvinism

    Calvinist Batman- aka "Bruce" stops in to join the show. While committed to reformed theology, he is equally committed to continuationism regarding all of the spiritual gifts. Nathan shares some of his negative experiences in his own past with hyper-Pentecostalism. Greg asks him why 1 Corinthians 12-14 convinces Bruce that the spectacular sign gifts weren't just for the apostles.
    Jul 15,2015 01:01:41
  266. Boomplay Music

    266. Bonus Episode For Orioles Fans- Mid-Season Update

    Nathan has it easy this week- being a non-baseball guy he simply turns it over to the guys who bleed orange! MASN Network writer and 105.7 The Fan radio personality, Steve Milewski, returns to give his take on the Orioles just before the All Star Break. His good friend, Scott Perry, joins the podcast to add his two cents (the dude sounds like a DJ himself!). Greg has a blast picking the brains of these Orioles experts!
    Jul 08,2015 01:00:36
  267. Boomplay Music

    267. American Flags In Sanctuaries?/ Should There Be Patriotic Worship Services?/ Would Jesus Say The Pledge Of Allegiance?

    Having just celebrated the 4th of July, Nathan asks Greg and Steve a series of tough questions. Are we allowed to be American patriots as Christians? Should churches have American flags in their sanctuaries? Is pledging "allegiance" to our country (or any country) wrong? The guys tackle these questions and leave some room for differing opinions.
    Jul 08,2015 58:06
  268. Boomplay Music

    268. How Should We Live In Light Of The SCOTUS Decision On Gay Marriage?

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about the 5-4 verdict legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states last week. Nathan does not want to engage on the POLITICAL response to this issue but the CHURCH'S response. Greg recaps his recent sermon addressing the issue. Steve Hartland also shares some provocative thoughts on not being too "apocalyptic" in our response to this issue. How does the church continue to fulfill its mission? How do we engage homosexuals in gospel conversations?
    Jul 01,2015 01:01:33
  269. Boomplay Music

    269. Hot Topic #5- The Destiny of Children Who Die

    This one is NOT a debate but a conversation. We recognize there is no way to "go academic" on such a sensitive issue. Nathan asks Greg a series of questions about the destiny of children who perish. Does Scripture speak to the issue? Is there room for disagreement among Christians? How do we seek to comfort parents who have lost a child? Please let us know if this is a helpful conversation to think through such a sensitive issue.
    Jul 01,2015 58:01
  270. Boomplay Music

    270. Hot Topic #4: Calvinism Concludes!

    Nathan reviews the Scriptures both Greg and Dave cited at the end of part 1. Dave argues for a position often called "corporate election-" that God' s choice is not of individuals regarding their eternal destiny but of nations/entities for redemptive historical purposes in the world. Greg and Dave get into the nitty gritty of specific verses in Romans 9-10.
    Jun 24,2015 01:03:33
  271. Boomplay Music

    271. Hot Topic #3- Calvinism Begins! (Downloadable Version)

    After months of hinting about it and brushing up against it in every podcast, we finally take on Calvinism. Dave Shive is a mentor and friend to Greg. They have for 18 years now never seen eye-to-eye on the issue of God's sovereignty in the salvation of sinners. Nathan asks them how their friendship has endured this divide then rings the bell to let the debate begin. This is PART ONE of a two part episode.
    Jun 17,2015 01:07:30
  272. Boomplay Music

    272. Dr. John Frame Joins The Podcast!/ Philosophy/ Dudes Who Don't Think Arminians Are Christians/ Apologetics

    TGT11 is honored to be joined by one of the most prolific, thoughtful theologians of the 21st century. Dr. John Frame has influenced pastors, students and fellow theologians significantly in his almost 50 years of ministry. Nathan picks his brain about philosophy- did Christians lose the upper hand to early in the battle? Steve Hartland asks him tricky questions about what's gotten Dr. Frame in hot water over the years. Finally Greg asks him whether the apostle Paul was an "evidentialist" or a "presuppositionalist" when he preached in Athens. 
    Jun 11,2015 01:05:22
  273. Boomplay Music

    273. Hot Topic #2- How Old Is The Earth? Special 2-in-1-Episode

    How old is the earth? Does a Christian HAVE to believe that the 7 days of creation in Genesis 1 are 24-hour literal days? Is the earth as old as science tells us, and if so, what does that do with our reading of the creation narrative? Mark Sweeney, Executive Pastor of Christ Fellowship, joins forces with Greg this week as they defend an old earth position. Nathan Schneider, Associate Pastor of Grace Anchorage Church, joins regular guest Jeff Crotts in contending for a young earth (literal 24-hour-day) position. Nathan Bell has his hands full trying to keep this debate from getting out of hand!
    Jun 10,2015 01:30:07
  274. Boomplay Music

    274. Hot Topic #1- Believer's Baptism Vs. Infant Baptism

    It's a SIZZLING START TO SUMMER as June is devoted to HOT TOPICS. Up first, Greg's old seminary friend and PCA pastor Mark Fodale argues FOR infant baptism- contra Greg who defends believer's (credo) baptism. Nathan calls a few time outs to make sure they don't geek out too much on paedo-communion (WHAT!!) and other side issues.
    Jun 03,2015 55:11
  275. Boomplay Music

    275. The Most Butchered Verse In The Bible?/ Marriage Revisited/ Wives Submitting To Their Husbands

    Is Jeremiah 29:11 REALLY an appropriate verse for a high school or college graduate? Steve Hartland shares his concerns with treating that verse like a guarantee of the American dream. Greg asks Steve some tricky follow-up questions on his unique thoughts on marriage. Nathan pins Greg down on what wifely submission actually means in real life. Of course, Greg dodges that question and puts it back on Steve!
    May 28,2015 57:25
  276. Boomplay Music

    276. The Duggar Controversy/ Should Christians Put Themselves In The Spotlight/ Grace is Awesome- Legalism...Not So Much

    An unexpected, unplanned episode. Greg has an Orioles ticket "conflict" so the podcast schedule is reshuffled. It leads to Nathan and Greg having a "fireside" chat about the tragic development in the well-known Duggar family. They also hit on a few other topics in no particular order.
    May 27,2015 52:49
  277. Boomplay Music

    277. Spurgeon's Sorrows/ Is Depression Sinful?/ Is Suicide Unforgivable?

    Pastor and Author, Zack Eswine, joins the podcast. His new book, Spurgeon's Sorrows, takes an honest look at the difficult subject of depression- using the life of Charles Spurgeon as a template. Fascinating (and dare we say SHOCKING) details emerge from Spurgeon's life as Nathan and Greg discuss subjects with Zack ranging from brain chemistry to ill-timed attempts at encouragement to a tragic, deadly stampede (at a church service) that left Spurgeon near traumatized for life. We believe that many folks suffering from depression will benefit greatly from this podcast and even more from the book!
    May 20,2015 58:22
  278. Boomplay Music

    278. What's REALLY Behind The Curtain?/ Do Pastors' Wives Regret Their Husbands' Job?/ Can Marriages Survive A Pastor's Calling?

    A These Go To Eleven First! The Pastor's wives come with much in their arsenal. Greg and Matt are worried! Lisa Dutcher and Tracy Smith say they got tricked into joining the podcast. Maybe- but their insights just rock! Nathan asks a number of probing questions about marriage, children, tension, disappointments and unexpected joys in the life of a pastor's wife. 
    May 20,2015 01:05:10
  279. Boomplay Music

    279. "Les" Is More- Reformed Pubcast Joins The Show/ The New Star Wars Movie/ Why Do So Many Reformed Christians Drink?

    Les Lanphere from the Reformed Pubcast joins the show! This podcast is one of the most wildly successful podcasts out there that combines beer advice with great theology. Nathan asks him where the line between "blessed euphoria" and "flat-out drunkenness" lies. Greg geeks out a little with Les on all things Breaking Bad and Star Wars.
    May 13,2015 57:18
  280. Boomplay Music

    280. Will Our Teenagers Survive The 21st Century?/ Should We Let Our Kids Get Tattoos And Earrings?/ Pornography-Proofing Our Marriages

    Youth Specialist, Greg Speck, joins the podcast from "tropical Rockford Illinois!"  He has been working with teens since 1973Nathan asks Greg about his life, ministry and 2 published books. Then Dutcher puts him on the spot with hard questions about teens who want to do things their parents probably won't like. Finally, we discuss some practical advice for pornography-proofing our marriages.
    May 12,2015 53:22
  281. Boomplay Music

    281. Cinco De Mayo/ Social Drinking/ The Avengers Phenomenon/ Talking To Kids About Sexual Innuendos

    The Ultimate Nerdfest! Andrew Landis, worship leader at Christ Fellowship, joins the podcast for our GEEKIEST episode yet! We talk about Cinco de Mayo and whether or not Mexico makes truly good beer. We also talk about social drinking and American evangelicalism. Having all seen the Avengers, Nathan asks Greg why our culture has such a preoccupation with superheroes. 
    May 06,2015 53:31
  282. Boomplay Music

    282. Aaron Armstrong's Book Contend/ Is Doctrine Something To Be Fought Over?/ Does The Internet Turn Cowards Into Bullies?

    Author Aaron Armstrong drops in! He has an excellent blog with great resources. Nathan asks him why he wrote Contend- don't all Christians already agree on basic Christian doctrine? "You'd be surprised," Aaron says. He shares some examples of how not guarding doctrinal standards can lead to utter chaos in the church. Finally, Greg and Aaron talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of the Internet.
    May 01,2015 54:02
  283. Boomplay Music

    283. Pray For Baltimore/ Why Didn't The NT Writers Oppose Slavery?/ Is Demonic Activity Still Happening?

    Nathan explains why we are delaying our response to the Baltimore riots and asks for prayer. One of our regulars, Dave Shive, and Greg resume their debate on who are the "sons of God" in Genesis 6. Then they go on to consider the reality of demonic activity in the 21st century.
    Apr 29,2015 57:42
  284. Boomplay Music

    284. The Altrogge Invasion/ What Makes A Good Worship Song? / "Fox News" Christianity/ Lesbian Wedding Cakes?

    Stephen Altrogge joins the podcast. Stephen's The Happy Rant has been the model for our own cheap knock off of his superior show! Check out his The Blazing Center for great resources. Pastor and worship leader Matt Smith chats with Stephen about song writing, good and bad worship music and generational preferences. Greg opines about the dangers of politically conservative Christianity. Nathan has a spirited debate (it's nice though!) with Stephen about gay marriages and wedding cakes. Don't forget to listen how you can get one of Stephen's books- FOR FREE!
    Apr 24,2015 58:37
  285. Boomplay Music

    285. Chilling With Challies/ The Pornography Epidemic/ The Reformed Landscape/ Free Books!

    Pastor and Author Tim Challies, the Cal Ripken of Christian blogging, joins our first international podcast (since the dude is from Toronto after all!). Nathan asks him questions on blogging, pastoring and how to battle pornography. Greg asks him some quick fire questions on Calvinism, Mark Driscoll and the good and bad of reformed Christendom. Also- pay attention to how you can get a free book authored by Tim.
    Apr 21,2015 47:57
  286. Boomplay Music

    286. Why Is Evangelism So Awkward?/ Does The State HAVE To Approve A Marriage?/ Can Separated People Date?

    Nathan asks Greg why it seems so hard to transition to spiritual matters when talking with an unbeliever. Steve Hartland from Trinity Church asks really tricky questions about what constitutes a marriage. Should a church accept people who privately married without the approval from the state? Can a person consider himself divorced before God regardless of the state's recognition? Can such a person feel free to date?
    Apr 15,2015 59:31
  287. Boomplay Music

    287. Return Of The Shive/ Did Our Isis Podcast Leave A Bad Taste?/ Greg and Dave Debate Angels

    Dave Shive returns to the podcast to "clean up the mess" of so many erroneous comments he's heard since! Bill Heidel, an elder at Christ Fellowship joins the podcast for the first time. Our previous Isis podcast left him with some questions and comments that get clarified. Nathan sets up a great debate between Greg and Dave on whether the "sons of God" in Genesis 6 were angels or humans. 
    Apr 08,2015 50:53
  288. Boomplay Music

    288. Can Expository Preaching Survive The 21st Century?/ Defending The Resurrection of Christ/ How To Prepare For Easter

    Back to the podcast for a second time from the frozen tundra of Anchorage, Alaska- Pastor Jeff Crotts shares great thoughts on expository preaching. Greg starts off a discussion on why he has found the resurrection of Christ THE most helpful apologetic in engaging with unbelievers. Nathan asks how we can prepare our hearts for Easter so that the weekend actually holds some meaning!
    Apr 01,2015 59:23
  289. Boomplay Music

    289. A Spring Preview Of Orioles Baseball With Steve Melewski

    In our significantly numbered 11th episode, we are joined by our first true radio professional. Steve Melewski from MASNSports.com sports joins the podcast to talk all things Orioles. Steve is a born and bred Baltimorean with encyclopedic knowledge of the Orioles. Greg and Nathan interact with him on best ballparks, minor league development and the Birds chances in 2015.
    Apr 01,2015 56:20
  290. Boomplay Music

    290. The Purpose Of These Go To Eleven/ The Missionary Adventures Of Christina Canapp

    Christina Canapp, with New Tribes Missions, visits the podcast just two weeks before returning to the Philippines. Nathan and Greg ask her about everything from weather, stomach bugs, singleness and the impact of the gospel.
    Mar 25,2015 49:14
  291. Boomplay Music

    291. Why Are My Non-Christian Friends Nicer?/ Submission To Authority/ Do I Have To Read The Bible Every Day?

    Steve Hartland from Trinity Church makes his second visit to the podcast. He asks a classic elephant in the room question- “Why are so many of my non-Christian friends kinder than my Christian ones?” Nathan shares a real life example where Christian school kids are outraged by their principal’s horrible behavior. Does submission to authority preclude raising questions or concerns? Finally Greg skates close to the edge and suggests that maybe we don’t need to read the Bible every day.
    Mar 25,2015 51:56
  292. Boomplay Music

    292. The Stallone Zone/ The Ups and Downs of Worship Music/ Dealing with Mental Illness

    Matt Smith makes his second visit to the podcast. Greg and Nathan try to shame him with his love of all things Stallone, but Matt doesn't flinch. What is it like for a pastor who is good at preaching AND music? Is it a blessing or a curse? What are some of the ups and downs in a church's worship service? Finally, they talk about how the gospel connects with people who struggle with mental illness.
    Mar 18,2015 55:30
  293. Boomplay Music
  294. Boomplay Music

    294. Isis/ Nature of Evil/ Missions Vs. Mission

    Dave Shive from Frontier Ventures  joins the podcast- finally! Can we call members of ISIS evil in light of the fact that we are all evil? What may be behind our vested interest in Islamic evil that could betray our ignorance of the evils at home? Finally- Dave provocatively sets the stage for another podcast on how the church might be getting missions wrong.
    Mar 11,2015 49:47
  295. Boomplay Music

    295. You Are the Treasure/ Tolkien, Lewis, and Witches/ Fearing the Father/Greg Gives Wrong Twitter Address!

    Nathan asks probing questions about Greg's first book- chiefly, what would he change six years later? Are witches and wizards always evil- even when they are in the hands of two of the greatest fantasy writers ever? Finally they explore the counterintuitive notion that God- even in his fatherhood- should be feared.
    Mar 04,2015 52:48
  296. Boomplay Music

    296. Oscars/ Race/ Christian Conferences

    Our first out-of-town guest joins us via Skype. Jeff Crotts is the senior pastor of Anchorage Grace Church in Alaska. He, Greg, and Nathan talk about this years Oscar awards. This leads to an interesting discussion on race and the Gospel. Finally they spend a few minutes on the highs and lows of Christian conferences.
    Feb 25,2015 45:07
  297. Boomplay Music

    297. Legalism/ Christian Celebrities/ Formal Education

    Motorcyle-riding, Steve Hartland, pastor at Trinity Church, joins Nathan and Greg on the podcast this week. Steve has had a real journey out of legalism and he shares some of the dangers of equating man's practices with God's law. Also- how should we think about Christian celebrities (Dave Ramsey, Jim Dobson, John Piper, etc...). Finally- we devote a few minutes to the role of seminary/formal education in the life of the church.
    Feb 18,2015 49:41
  298. Boomplay Music

    298. I am a Christian, Now What?/Tithe and Taxes/Fifty Shades of Grey

    Matt Smith (sorry not the cool, hip Dr. Who version- the much more boring version), Lead Pastor at Grace Community Church joins Nathan and Greg on the podcast. Are today's sermon listeners too application-happy? Do we REALLY find a New Testament command to tithe? What lessons/challenges face Christians in a movie like 50 Shades of Grey?
    Feb 11,2015 01:02:57
  299. Boomplay Music

    299. Podcasting/Deflated Gate/Changing of the Guard/What Angels Long to Look Into

    Our inaugural episode! Host- Nathan Bell and Greg Dutcher discuss their hopes for this podcast. To have honest (at times even uncomfortable) conversations about real issues affecting Christians today. Greg shares how there is so little time on a Sunday morning to go deeper into the weeds on so many subjects. The three special guests (one per week) are introduced: Pastors Matt Smith, Dave Shive and Steve Hartland.
    Feb 04,2015 41:17

These Go To 11

An unchurchy conversation about everyday faith.

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