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    1. S4E11 - Ice Road Truckers

    In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show
    • Jason checks out ZOINKS!
    • Ron talks about he ice road to the North West Angle
    • Dave changes his lure



    Feb 12,2021 01:04:52
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    4. S5E14 - Fish Donkeys Ice Bears and Season Conclusion

    In the final episode of season five of the hard water fishing show we talk about our Fish Donkey tournament winners and ice fishing out of a snow bear. We also have a on site wrap up of the 22nd annual Hard Water Invitational from the shores of Devils Lake.


    Fish Donkey Tournament 


    Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating. 


    Snow Bear Rental

    Here is a link from where we rented the snow bear from.  https://www.snobearrental.net/  What a great machine. 



    Jason tells the legend of the stinky northern caught by the Itasca Stallion. 


    Feb 18,2022 01:18:22
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    6. S5E13 - Hard Water Freaks Event

    In this episode Jeff and Jason attend the Hard Water Freaks annual ice event and record live.  We four guests join us from the event Max from Hard Water Freaks, Caleb from Fishing For the Heart Meagan from Casting Queens and Robert from DryHootch.


    Max from Hard Water Freaks

    Max from Hard Water Freaks joins us for a quick interview about the annual ice event. The ice event benefits many amazing causes with the goal of brining the joy of the great outdoors to Veterans and children alike.  For more information you see the event link https://fb.me/e/2lmQDytL2 


    Caleb from Fishing for the Heart

    Caleb  joins us to talk about his organization fishing for the heart.  Fishing for the Heart is a non-profit organization designed to connect kids, families and friends to each other and God through the sport of fishing!  You can find more information here https://www.fishingfortheheart.com/ 


    Meagan from Casting Queens

    Meagan joins us from Casting Queens, a women's only fishing brand for women who love to fish and love a little glam!   You can find more information here https://castingqueens.com/ 


    Robert From DryHootch

    Robert joins us to talk about DryHootch.org. DryHootch is a nonprofit organization formed by combat Veterans to help Veterans in their return home.  You can find more information here https://www.dryhootch.org/ 



    Feb 04,2022 35:33
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    13. S5E10 - Interview with Brian ”Bro” Brosdahl

    Jeff and Jason talk to Brian "Bro" Brosdahl about all things ice fishing. For more information about Bro check out his website https://brosguideservice.com/ 


    Current EventsHard Water Freaks Event

    We will be attending the Hard Water Freaks Event in Wisconsin at the end of January, you can find more information on the event here https://bit.ly/3rgKylV 


    Hard Water Fishing Show Fish Donkey TournamentThe hard water fishing show now has a tournament open on fish Donkey. It's your chance to win some HWFS Swag. Cost is $5 To Enter1. Download the Fish Donkey app on your phone2. Search for Hard Water Fishing Show 20223. Join the tournament GearFish Monkey Mitts https://amzn.to/3Kb6Pdl 

    I got a new pair of Fish Monkey mitts, they arrived in the mail today. Will be putting an review out soon on how well they work.


    Boots Red Head Snow Machine https://bit.ly/3npgrrn 

    My Kamik boots were warn out also.  I found a good pair of pull on boots at Cabelas.  Will be doing a review of them soon.


    Frabill Magnum Bait Bucket https://amzn.to/3tr8Pbr 

    My Frabill bait bucket which I love got a bit stinky because I left my bait in it. I talked about a few tricks to get rid of the smell. Will be following up in a future episode on how my de-skunking of my bait bucket goes.


    Jan 14,2022 01:28:55
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    14. S6E9 - Ice Fishing

    In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show Jeff catches some nice sunfish and Ole fishes Leech Lake recorded live.  


    Show Notes

    We talked a bit about underwater cameras.  Here is one that my brother in law owns, that I used in my sunfish outing https://amzn.to/3C4z4bc

    A new ice rod locker I started using, to protect my fancy new tuned up custom rod https://amzn.to/3GoSMBi  I also considered this one by striker https://amzn.to/3YR5m3h but it was a bit big for my needs.

    This is a new shuttle https://bit.ly/3C5qhFR  from Bass Khang I have on order, cant wait to get it.

    Here is the dingle drop I used while pan fishing https://bit.ly/3vstKuF  and the drop kick swirl jig https://bit.ly/3vutawc 

    Check out the official hard water fishing show website here https://www.hardwatershow.com/ 

    Become a patron here https://patron.podbean.com/hwfs 

    Dec 29,2022 01:13:04
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    15. S5E9 - Lake Of the Woods and Mille Lacs Fishing Report

    Jeff and Jason talk about recent ice fishing trips to Lake of the Woods and Mille Lacs Lake. It is the first week of January 2022.


    Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Report

    Jeff was fishing out of the Red Door Resort  on Mille Lacs Lake.  Walked out to the first break and caught some walleyes and perch.   I was fishing out of my one man Frabill Recon 100 ice shack.  Its super tiny but just big enough for me to fish out of and super light to walk out with.  I have no seat so I use one of those tripod chairs.  Not everyone likes them but I find them superior to bag chairs where you sit to low. I can fish out of them for hours.  This is not the one I have but its similar https://amzn.to/3JTnMsA  

    For Presentation I used a few different lures. I was using a perch talker 1/4 oz drop chain with glow pink and white.  You can find a three pack here.  https://amzn.to/3n4eAIa . This lure got bit off on a big fish and I only had one.  Still searching for a replacement.  That is why I always buy two of them incase you loose one or to lend to Jason.  I also used a glow spoon, I have talked to a few anglers that have had success with these.  They work even if your glow stick is not glowing anymore.  I would go for the green and gold ones.    https://amzn.to/3zvdKJy https://amzn.to/3JOdf24 And get some extra glow sticks too. I prefer the red glow sticks https://amzn.to/3G79a6T red seems to work the best for me.  

    I am running 6lb Trilene fluorocarbon line https://amzn.to/3q3EEFh  This stuff is a bit stiff and can have some memory, but I have been told it superior. I switch back and forth between this and mono. I have a ant swivel https://amzn.to/3f5nPn7 on this to take the twist out.  Also running a quick clip https://amzn.to/3qVH4oF  from northland to switch lures super easy. 

    For location I was fishing on break from shallow to deep with a rocky bottom in about 19 feet of water.


    Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

    Jason was fishing lake of the woods on the Canada side, and had a ton of success.  He ran into some rod issues because he was using the wrong action rod for the target species of walleye.  He was running a medium light rod from St. Croix.  Because it was to light it did not have the backbone to get the fish through the hole.  Also it was not giving him the action on his lures he was looking for because the tip of his rod was to quick.  He will be looking for a new rod very soon with medium action when targeting walleyes.  

    For Lures he used a few different ones but found that the VMC Rocker spoon really worked well.  https://amzn.to/3t8F1R0 .  He also found success with a red buckshot https://amzn.to/3G6iqbm and of course the go to glow perch buck shot https://amzn.to/3n8JhvY 



    Last week I forgot my bibs when I went ice fishing.  This caused me to have to drive 45 minutes to Brainerd to find something to wear the next day for ice fishing.  It was an adventure for sure.

    Jan 08,2022 01:07:56
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    17. S6E8 - Red Lake, Mille Lacs & Ice Show with Ryan

    Jason fishes early ice at Red Lake,  Jeff fishes Mille Lacs and we interview Ryan about the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show.


    More Info

    A couple links to information we talked about on the show.

    Fast snaps that when fishing for easy lure switching.  https://amzn.to/3v05Hmp

    Yak Tracks Pro that I used to not fall on my butt on Mille Lacs.  But they should work on any lake :) https://amzn.to/3PF9rn8 

    Perch talker by Lindy Lures.  One of my favorite lures in pint and white.  https://amzn.to/3V1YdKd

    My favorite reel, Phlueger President https://amzn.to/3W5qjpb 

    Link to the rod from Tuned Up Custom Rods, I got the 30 inch precision.  https://bit.ly/3WsOZYy 

    Stop Light Bobber, Ryan got on of these at the ice show https://amzn.to/3G0u1uV 

    Hometown hero outdoors, Ryan mentioned this organization in his show  https://bit.ly/3PxQ9zX 

    Fish Daddy Outdoors Micro LED Spoon, Ryan got one of these at the show  https://bit.ly/3V8ngLU   


    Dec 18,2022 01:26:22
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    18. S5E8 - Max Losche from Strike & Catch

    We talk to Max from Strike and Catch learning about the ice fishing culture in Sweden.


    Current Events and Listener NewsHard Water Freaks Event

    Jeff and Jason will be attending the hard water freaks event for more information go to the event page.  https://bit.ly/3He0Zpg 


    Brandon - Big Northern

    We discuss what is the best way to get a big northern out of the hole, like the big one Brandon caught and send a picture in of a 38 inch 19lb Northern.


    Lisa G - Fly Fishing in Alaska

    We discuss fly fishing in Alaska with some help from former guest Colby Sabutis.  


    I enjoyed the interview with Colby. I was especially curious as both a fly and ice angler/guide, was there any fly techniques or tricks that he uses for ice. 

    I am up in Alaska and have fun jigging flies under the ice (woolly buggers, beaded nymphs) with good success. We can’t use any live bait to ice fish.


    Colby's Answer

    Use the VMC bull fly jig similar to this one https://amzn.to/3Ho6cLr  for both applications. No bait just the fly/jig. When using a woolly bugger I usually jig up then let it flutter down like you would in normal fly application


     Wrote us that he is having a hard time finding some fish.  We give a few ideas

    1. Head to a local bait shop and ask

    2. Don't feel bad, we go fishing all the time and don't catch fish.

    3. Look for a Pike and Crappie lake.

    4. Sometimes when you are on the lake people will share information about the lake.   

    5. Ask your local Fishery department


    "Old Tricks Still Work" by Vick Attardo December 10th Outdoor News

    Vick listed some old tricks he used for ice fishing in this article.  A few of them were discussed on the show.

    1. Put minnows in a jar and drop to the bottom of the lake

    2. Don't shock your minnows, add some lake water to your bait bucket to equalize the water temp


    "Staying warm on ice from head to toe" by John Teruliani in Outdoor News December 10th

    We agree with a few of the points made in this article

    1. Eat oatmeal or pancakes, carb load,  instead of protein before you go out on the ice for the day.

    2 use toasty toes in your boots to keep your toes warm

    3. Gloves vs Mitts - Jeff suggests mitts are better than gloves.


    Fishing ReportMille Lacs Report

    Jeff was out on Mille Lacs he did not catch a fish, Jason suggested that he should just record a clip as it happens to often.


    Southern Minnesota Fishing Report

    Jeff and Jason met in southern Minnesota at a small lake.  Fishing was slow but a few fish were caught.  It was a great day, the weather was so mild we did not even put up a shack.  Kept on drilling and moving until we found some fish.

    We used Jason's Eskimo Pistol bit https://amzn.to/3qzMHIO  and a DeWalt cordless drill and it worked really great for what we were doing.  We went through a 5AH battery. The light weight was much appreciated as we were walking.


    The ice was clear and you needed yaktraks https://amzn.to/3EuVMru  for sure or you would fall over.   We saw someone ice skate across the lake. 


    When to Talk to People on the ice

    A great time to chat with people on the ice is when they are on the move.  This changes on different lakes, each lake has its own culture.  


    Beaver dam tip ups https://amzn.to/3sVZngf  are still one of my favorites. 


    Max Losche from https://strikeandcatch.com/

    We talk to Max Losche from Strike and Catch about ice fishing in the Baltic Sea and smaller inland lakes in Sweden.  Max tells us that pimpling is actually a verb. In Sweden a pimple is a small spoon used for ice fishing.  It' s more about the me

    Dec 31,2021 01:29:22
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    20. S5E7 - First Ice & Erika from Women Anglers of Minnesota (WAM)

    In this episode of the Hard Water Fishing Show Jeff gets out on first and and we talk to Erika Blegen from Women Anglers of Minnesota (WAM) about there upcoming ice queen fishing tournament.  You can find there website here https://bit.ly/3JbjDAb for more information.


    Fact Checking
    • Jason and Jeff Clarify what Ole we are talking about.  
    • Lil Ole said that North woods Dave should have used aluminum studs in his ice shack.  
    • North woods Dave was to busy to do any additional fact checking.


    Current EventsOutdoor News "Long Rods" by Vic Attardo

    Vic talks about not casting a shadow over his hole.  He believes you will catch more fish if you cast over your hole.  Jason thinks this may be lake dependent. 


    Outdoor News "Shallow Walleyes" December 3rd Outdoor News by Jason Mitchell

    Jason Mitchell recommended fishing in shallow water for Walleyes, if you can find them there in the summer you can find them there in the winter.  He also talked about how electronics are not as useful in shallow water.  Jason talked about some experience from Matt who fishes in shallow water and his flasher is only showing 2 inches of the bottom.  Sometimes fish can be attracted to noise.  Both Jeff and Jason has experienced noise can trigger bites.

     Nevada Dave - how to secure a hub?

    - answer is to put a stake in the ground and put a guy line on it first.  Then you will be good. 


    Gary does Noise Effect Fish?

    The short answer is yes.

    Gary asked if fishing with a generator will scare the fish away.

    Fish will scatter even with an electric auger.  A generator will affect the fish how much very hard to know.  Gary was fishing for Cusk.  

    Sometimes when you are doing combat fishing and moving you could be pushing the fish.  Maybe you would be better off just sitting and one spot and drive the fish away. You have to make sure you sit long enough for the noise to get quiet and let the fish come back.  


    GearSnyder 360 death roll https://bit.ly/3mhyhf4 

    I would like to get one of these and try them out, its a spoon that rolls over


    Ruffian Snow Bike https://bit.ly/3FaS1bG 

    Its like a snow dog with a ski on the front its the size of a pit bike.  Looks pretty cool


    Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon 6LB https://amzn.to/320Rif9 

    I just put this stuff on 4 of my rods.  Seems to be pretty good stuff. Used it last weekend. Still not as easy to use as mono. 


    First Ice

    Drove two hours north  to ice fish, and did not catch a fish. Was fishing for Crappies in a place I have caught some really nice fish.  The ice was 6 - 8 inches but very inconsistent. Had to read the ice to get around the cracks. Had full on safety with ice picks.  Also have a long rope on my sled. 


    Frabill I-3 Ice Bibs https://amzn.to/3pZzwkg

    These are the ice bibs I use.  They work great.


    Guest Erika Blegen

    Talked with Erika about the ice Queen ice fishing contest and Women Anglers of Minnesota.  Also discussed the 77 inch lake sturgeon she caught,  that is recorded on the master angler program.   Ericka describes how she  fishes with a "ball or crawlers" on a hook.  For an auger she uses a kDrill and drill multiple holes to get the hole big enough to fit the big fish through. Mud puppie

    Dec 17,2021 01:06:42
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    21. S6E6 - Buffet of Ice Fishing

    In this episode we go back to the buffet for seconds and thirds.  Jeff attended the Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo and went to some seminars.  Also we take a few listener questions. Julie Henson shares a ice fishing legend of ice fishing as a kid and catching a big walleye.



    We talked a bit MN-Fish, who represents the interests for all anglers, clubs, local organizations and industry stakeholders. 

    Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo

    Jeff went to the Hard Water Ice Fishing Expo ice show and took Jason's advice and went to the seminars

    Jason Durham

    Gave a hour long talk about fishing expectations.  He had a ton of knowledge he was willing to share on fishing.  

    Mike Raetz

    Learned a ton about pan fishing in the weeds from Mike.  If you see him speaking at a show check him out.

    Clam Pro Tackle Plastics

    I am going to try a few plastics recommended by Mike Raetz.  








    Nov 29,2022 01:16:29
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    22. S5E6 - St. Paul Ice Fishing Show

    Jeff and Jason attend the big one, the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show.  We meet up with A few listeners and friends and have a great time looking at all the latest ice fishing gear and gadgets.



    The Statement of Purpose Martin House Brewing - A Peanut Butter Golden Stout https://bit.ly/3Ir8kDk 

    Turkey Mountain Ale from the mountains of Iowa - Jason is drinking a home brew qualifies as an old man beer  


    Chris moved up to the Legend status, so will be sending him out a hat.  Thanks for your support Chris.  A zoom meeting will be coming up soon for our patrons.  We also talk to about how to get discord on your phone.  Here patrons can chat about ice fishing.  We ran into Leo a patron on the second  floor at the ice fishing show.  Its always great to meet our patrons in person.  We tried to meet some other patrons at the show but were not able to connect.


    Show BusinessListeners News / Current EventsAaron G

    Sent in a picture of his new HFS sweatshirt, thanks for purchasing one.

    Kris ZCooler Case for your Camera https://bit.ly/3DCpHgW  

    Screen is in the lid and he has a direction finder to show what way his camera is going.  Different than a panner. Unsure why this is better than a case but I suppose its kinda cool?  Love that its home made

    Tri-pod Camera Mount

    He put his Marcum 5+ camera https://amzn.to/3pCHlvX   on a tripod at amazon https://amzn.to/3Gq05Wn  and used a Marcum camera compass https://bit.ly/3dwtJgn   to control the direction of the camera. He said it works really well.  My brother in law used a similar setup last year. 


    Calibrate your Ice Chisel

    Jason talks about how to calibrate your ice chisel as you gage the amount of ice on the lake. Things such as your arm strength and chisel or spud bar type can affect how thick you are testing the ice.   As always there is no safe ice and be careful early season.  


    Tim Asks About Minnows

    When do you use a full minnow, head vs cut off the tail.  Charlie says to cut the tail off if your minnow is to active.  If the fish are finnicky use a fish head to get the fish to bite the hook.  Jeff has used minnow heads less than tails.  Jason says minnow heads and Cheetos are a bad combination.  Start with a whole minnow, if that is not working then switch to a minnow head or tail.  If your bait is getting stolen then move to minnow heads.  


    Q: Critical things to increase your odds on the ice

    A: Hope and Prayers


    Check out hard water freaks for there big event Saturday January 29th. Looks like a great time and we would love to go.  https://bit.ly/3rL9G69 


    Topic - St. Paul Ice Fishing Show

    Jeff and Jason get together in pers

    Dec 08,2021 57:11
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    23. S6E5 - Ice Fishing Safety with Guest Ice Shack Customizer Jay Peterson

    In this episode Jeff and Jason cover Ice fishing safety, and have award winning ice shack customizer Jay Peterson.

     Jay Peterson

    Jay Peterson, who has customized ice shacks that have most recently been seen at the North Metro Ice Show presented by Thorn Brothers.  You can check it out on YouTube here   http://bit.ly/3UVHTLH 

    Jay is a retired volunteer firefighter and race car driver, and currently a tournament bass fisherman, boat rebuilder, general tinker. 



    Bobbery Buddy http://bit.ly/3g5dStZ 

    I got a bobber buddy on at a recent ice show.  Going to try this out this winter.   More review on this one coming soon.


    Ice Safety

    This was the most comprehensive information I found on ice safety.  Take a look.  http://bit.ly/3tsBWtQ 


    Here are a few pictures from Jay about his builds


    Nov 13,2022 01:10:53
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    24. S5E5 - Buying a used Portable Ice Shack

    Jeff and Jason discuss buying a used portable ice shack.  You can often find something really good for a fraction of the price of a new shack. 


    Current Events

    The St. Paul Ice Fishing Show is this weekend. This is the big one! https://bit.ly/3EaEZup  

    Minnesota Record 55LB Muskie caught in Mille Lacs Lake https://bit.ly/3dbEsMW What a monster of a fish.


    Listener News

    Seth E reported four inches of ice reported near Alexandria MN.  Also sent along a nice picture of a pike and a sunny.


    Sam D asked about some intel on Kabetogama lake.  This is a lake near the Canadian border of Minnesota near Voyagers national park in St. Louis county.  This lake is 25K acres and is one of the big ten lakes in Minnesota.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabetogama_Lake Tons of structure.  Jason gave some very general information about fishing the windward side, or find the mid lake humps bars and transitions.  In reality we need to ask our listeners for help on this one.


    Andrew Checked in from Minnedosa Manitoba Canada.  They have 8.5 inches of meh ice.  Hard sided shacks reported.  They had the dreaded snow then ice. 


    JoePete sent an email about our bands to put your reel on the rod. So you are using a total of four bands. He said to double them up or use zip ties!  And zip ties have a lot of utility. As we digress you should always carry a role of duct take and zip ties in your car.  That and a small tool kit you can just about fix anything. 


    Other Current Events
    • Monofiliment turns 70, and still has a place in our world.  Both Jeff and Jason use mono all the time. 
    • Spinner Blades naming in outdoor news by Joe Fellegy, also the author of classic Minnesota fishing stories
    • Fact Check Alert, North Woods Dave may have gotten out ice fishing this past weekend.  
    • Girl of 1000 lakes had a video about going in a float suit https://bit.ly/3ly3lXO 
    • Outdoor news had a great write up of some of the best ice fishing lakes in Minnesota and the outlook for each. Make sure to subscribe and check it out.
     GearCoffin Minnow https://bit.ly/3G7wMaS 

    The coffin minnow is a new Northland tackle lure spoon out this year.  Its a top weighted spoon that would be used to bang off the bottom of the lake to attract fish.  

     The "Brad Hawthorn way" to fish, as he talked about on youttube  https://bit.ly/3xWwfWC 

    Use 6lb floral for line, a very small swivel https://amzn.to/3pjVzBG  and a leader and a fast snap https://amzn.to/3xSKL1s .  The swivel gets rid of the line twist and the fast snap lets you switch your lure really fast.  I am trying this out this year, rigging two of my rods in this way.

      Jointed Pin Head Minnow https://amzn.to/3DzsO9z 

    Ordered a few of these to try out, Jason has had some good success with these lures in the past.

    Colors - UV Green, UV Pink, Gold 

     Reel Size

    Get a Bigger size reels to reduce line twist.  Get the 30 size instead of the 10, 20 or 25 size.  

     Digger Ice Angels - https://amzn.to/32ZMnv1 

    Want to try these out to anchor my hub shack quicker.  I have wanted to try these for a few years.

     Beaver Dam Tip Ups https://amzn.to/3rA3T39 

     Jason got some artic fisherman beaver dam tip ups for $22 a piece, they were from the 80s.  

     Fire House R-Tek Tip Up  https://amzn.to/3GcZ6Zz 

    This is what I carry in my ice bag all the time. It works and is very portable.  

     Pro Pod Cast Tip


    Dec 04,2021 01:14:14
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    25. S6E4 - Amped Outdoors

    Guest Matthew from Amped Outdoors talks about the benefits of using lithium batteries to keep your electronics running longer on the ice.  For more information on amped outdoors go to https://bit.ly/3SVhMDb 

    A Minnesota record hybrid sunfish was caught.  Here are the links to all the Minnesota state fishing records https://bit.ly/3zHslTr 

    Thomas asked about some entry level flashers.  Jason likes the Marcum M1 https://amzn.to/3sRbmdE and Jeff prefers the hummingbird ICE-35 https://amzn.to/3SZz5mA .  Another good option is the Vexilar FL-8 SE https://bit.ly/3froaV5 

    We went fishing on the Alma float on the Mississippi.  More information can be found here.  https://bit.ly/3UmjApL 

    Nov 03,2022 01:11:43
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    26. S5E4 - Fishing Guide Colby Sabutis

    In this episode of the hard water fishing show Jeff and Jason talk to Colby Sabutis, who is a ice fishing guide based in New Hampshire and Vermont. 


    Current EventsCatch and Cook

    On of my new favorite you tube channels is Jay Siemens https://bit.ly/3nQdXmh  He is also the creator of catch and cook.  A great alternative to shore lunch for cooking fish.  I had some this summer and it was excellent.  Probably even better because someone else cooked it for me. FYI no sponsorship for this, just a product I like.  

    Here is the video we spoke about with fly in fishing https://bit.ly/2ZtFtg8 

    Here is a video about first ice https://bit.ly/2ZtFtg8 

     Utility Trailer to ice fishing shack

    Listener Cody sent in some pictures of a converted utility trailer to an ice fishing shack.  These are posted over on Facebook and Instagram.

     Rogers on Red

    Predicting fishable ice first week on December, but we will see. https://bit.ly/3I012Xc 

     GearHome made ramp for ice shack

    Get a aluminum extension ladder, used for cheap.  Cut it down and put a series of rollers to get your shack on and off of your pickup truck.  Jason will post some pictures on our page. You can also get a winch and mounted in the front of a picket, mount the winch in the front of the pickup and then you can use it to load and unload your heavy ice shack without risk of injury.  

     Pickup Truck

    Jason gave some great advice on pickup truck buying.  If you want a fast pickup truck get a red one. The red ones are always faster than the blue ones.

     Lure Storage

    Jeff talked about using tackle box containers and how they are making a mess.  I am thinking of changing the way I store tackle. I am thinking of getting similar smaller ones that are fully open and then put some foam in them to prevent damage.  Basically remove the cons from these two products. 

     What I am using right now

    I have one of each of these https://amzn.to/3FUgXEx  or this https://amzn.to/3FQDdPv

    This is a trophy angler box I used for my tungsten jigs  It has foam on one side and on the other we have hard plastic.  This is what I used for my smaller panfish jigs. https://bit.ly/2ZploHG 


    1. You can fit them in your pocket

    2. They are cheap

    3. You can have on per species or fishing type.  I have one for tip ups, one for pan fish and two for spoons. 


    1. They can get messy fast

    2. The hard plastic can damage your lures


    Hard Water Expo https://bit.ly/3xs8epX

    Attended the Hard Water expo It was a small show and I did not stay to long, but found a few new notable things. 


     Fish Daddy Lures https://bit.ly/3cRsJmz 

    Specializes in LED jigs. We had Andy from Fish Daddy Outdoors a few seasons ago, you can find the interview here 

    S2E9- What Food To Bring Ice Fishing and Interview with Andy from Fish Daddy Lures

    They have a new lure out that looked interesting the jig f

    Nov 26,2021 01:22:12
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    28. S5E3 - Ice Fishing Rod Trends

    In this episode of the hard water fishing show Jeff and Jason talk about ice rod trends.  

    - Jason tells a story about the time the bait bucket iced up the fishing rods. 

    - Don't put your leaky bucket next to your reels. Jeff wants to figure out how to be a beer can story writer. 

    - We are looking for a future guest who is a professional beer can story writer.

    - Jeff Sings (prepare yourself) Real men of Genius, Mr. Beer Can Story Writer!



    Jason admits that bud light is not an old man beer, but totally redeems himself by cracking open an American classic born in the land of the sky blue waters, a Hamm's.  Jason pairs his Hamm's with an iced oatmeal cookie from his custom built iced oatmeal cookie dispenser. 

    [put iced oatmeal cookie picture here]


    Jeff is drinking a Kid Kölsch from New Glarus Brewing  https://newglarusbrewing.com/beers/ourbeers/beer/kid-klsch.  It is a great beer from Wisconsin. 

    GearFlame King Heaters https://amzn.to/3kNWEjN 

     Few More Details on the flame King Heaters

    - They are a little more expensive and weigh a bit more.  

    - It comes with a thermostat vs low, medium or High.  

    - Buy one and give us a review, we would like to learn more about this heater.


    Buddy Flex Heater

    - It has surround heat because of the shape

    - Is said to be less sensitive to bumping than the buddy heater

    - Has an accessory to put a cooker on the side, Jason is skeptical if its a good thing.   

    - Buy one and give us a review, we would like to learn more about this heater.


    Super Capacitor ( Not Flux Capacitor) https://amzn.to/3coztIm

    - Used to start your car from a low battery.  

    - Not for time travel

    - Could be better than a jump pack. 

    - Will it work at -30 we are not sure

    - Never tried this but would like someone to and see how it works out on the ice or in the cold.


    Versa Auger Carrier https://icerunnerhouses.com/versa-auger-carrier/ 

    - something to carry your auger outside of your ice shack on your snowmobile or ATV.

    - having quick access to your auger makes you more mobile. 


    Mudhole.com - rod building supplies https://mudhole.com/ 

    A place to get everything you need for ice fishing.  ( no we are not sponsored, just a cool site) 


    Ice Fishing Rod Trends

    We go in depth in ice fishing rods, we go down the rabbit hole.  Ten pages of notes to talk about ice fishing rods, so buckle up.

    • Action
    • Blank Type
    • Seat
    • Eyelets
    • Grip
    • Guides 
    • Length

    - Weight is a big deal in a rod

    - bent handle rods are not talked about here, maybe called the duck


    From Overton's https://bit.ly/3dNLU4F  and Facebook https://bit.ly/3f81Yi0

    Fact Checks

    Berkley Flickr shad in pearl white https://amzn.to/3eWEpZz - Referred to this as a Rapala in season 6 episode 1.

    Mepps Syclops  https://amzn.to/3BNMUza  - Called this lure a Lazy Ike in the last episode.

    Other Topics

    We talked about how Roger's Rigs filets fish, check it out here https://bit.ly/3RR55c5 







    Oct 05,2022 50:38
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    30. S5E2 - North Woods Dave Builds a Custom Wheel House

    In this episode of the hard water fishing show we talk to North Woods Dave from Nunya lake about his custom wheel house build.  Its green and its green.  Jason tries to tell us that bud light is a old man beer, and fails. Jason east a ice oatmeal cookie from the iced oatmeal cookie dispenser and does not die.   


    Listener Questions

    In reader questions Jason decides that Steele Reserve is the best tall boy gas station beer.  And we decide that you can go from couch to ice fishing for less than the price of a video game.


    GearClam Lock Hub Accessories

    Clam Lock Accessories for your hub shack.  You put an adapter on your clam, and put this rod holder or cup holder.  This can be a problem in a hub when the hole is slushy. I saw these used to mount accessories on a snow dog also. The price of these seemed pretty reasonable.  These can be used on your hub shack or anywhere you can mount them for accessories in your shack. 



    HIT Lures

    A small custom lure maker of plastics. They have many colors and are scent infused.  I thought they look like a caterpillar, but you have to break each one and use on a tungsten jig.


     Arctic Anchor

    Rescue your ATV when it goes through the ice https://arcticanchor.com/ .  Jason Reminds our listeners to put something over the top of the line when winching, for safety to keep it from snapping back at the vehicle. 

    Matts Off Road Recovery Rope

    Here is the Matt's off road recovery rope we spoke about, its a great Youtube channel and a great way to get unstuck https://mattsoffroadrecovery.com/collections/recovery-gear/products/matts-recovery-rope 

    Buddy Flex Heater

    We have not tried this, but you can cook and heat your shack.  I like other buddy products.  Tell us if you like it. https://amzn.to/3BFUqbP 


    Topic - The 2000 yard ice shack Green Shack

    North woods Dave sheds some light on building his custom wheel house, from purchasing a donor ice shack, modifying the frame and building it back up to  a functional wheel house.  He was able to upcycle and build this for much less than the cost of a new ice castle. 

    Prior to the build Dave had a converted camper that sat 12 feet ooops I mean 12 inches off the ice and put plywood around the shack.  But he needed an upgrade. 


    The projected started with a dilapidated ice shack on Facebook for sale.    The ice house was junk, the walls were rotten but the frame was decent.  The shack had good bones, spine or feet to build on.   Tore the shack down to the frame and converted it from a 8x18 to a 6x14 to save weight and meet his needs.  The weight savings will enable it to be pulled by a wheeler on skinny ice.

    After the frame was in place the base was built with green treat plywood, The floor is screwed and glued.  On top of the plywood is recycled/upcycled 2x2 carpet squares and carpet that was "borrowed" for the flooring.  Jeff questioned the choice of carpet, as he prefers rubber floor.  But the carpet was free and also worries about a slick floor with vinyl. 

    The walls were made of 2x3 they are the

    Nov 05,2021 01:08:59
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    31. S6E1 - Its Electrifying

    In the first episode of season six Jeff and Jason cover our summer fishing, and take a deep dive into the electrifying world of bow mount trolling motors.

    BeersJeff - Indeed brewing - Day Tripper

    This beer had dank hops, and we discuss this in detail.   It was very tasty but would not make my top 10.


    There might be a little dust on the bottle, its a home brew.  Made by Jason's dad.  

    Fishing Report

    Jason went fishing this summer in the BWCA.  Fish were snapping on worms and lindy rigs.  Caught a few but then switched to a Berkley flicker shad in pearl white.  Here is the link to it in amazon https://amzn.to/3eWEpZz   Wore the paint off of it so many small mouth, walleye and pike were caught.  Bugs were bad, worse ever but had to wear a head net, hat, long sleeves and pants.  You don't have to worry about bugs in ice fishing. 

    Fishing depth was twelve feet.  This goes against common knowledge.  In August everyone says fish deep but they were in 12 feet.   Speed fishing out of a canoe is slower than you would do in a boat.  

    Jeff talked about fishing on the flats on Mille Lacs with Bobbers and leeches in August.  Trolling for pike at 3 MPH, pulling Mepps Syclops  https://amzn.to/3BNMUza caught a walleye fishing for pike.  Jason says he has more pike tactics to play with. 

    Jason caught crappies on a flat with a small hole using a yellow jig head and a black tail. 

    Gear Update
    • My Frabill Magnum Bail Cooler broke its latches last year.  It took a while but Frabill sent out some new ones and now its all fixed.  https://amzn.to/3xrQMTK  
    • Jason uses a rock to sink his minnows in the lake to keep them on the bottom and make sure the don't die.  Tell us if you use this pro tip.
    • Jeff wishes for a snow dog this year, but its probably no in the cards
    Topic - Bow Mount Trolling MotorsJason's Motor

    Jason got a used Minnkota Terrova 24 volt 80 pound thrust  https://amzn.to/3BnEVav .   Got two group 27 deep cycle  batteries from the Menards.  He has it  on a Alumacraft  Lunker. Fished all day.  Did not use a anchor all week.  It was awesome.

    Jeff's Motor

    12 volt 55 pound Minnkota https://amzn.to/3dk7Jsx  on a 16 foot Lund rebel.  Works well but will not last as long as Jason's due to the 12 volt system.  Does have the link feature to hook to a helix head unit and use follow the contour on the lake.  It makes fishing so nice and relaxing.


    We both use this mount for our boat.  Its a quick release to get it off easy https://amzn.to/3eWFqkl 

    New vs Used 

    You can save money but there is some risk. Maybe check for parts. make sure they are available.  Jason had good luck with his used unit and saved some money in the process.

    12 vs 24 Volt System

    The foot pounds does not matter as much. Its about how long that the trolling motor can last. A 24 volt will outperform a 12. Cost is a factor 24 costs more and you also need two batteries instead of one for a 24 volt motor


    Jason got something on Ebay to charge at 24 volts.  Back feeds and charges the batteries.  35 dollars vs Minnkota dual bank charger for like $100.  I have a normal battery charger and trickle charger hooked to mine so its always ready to go. This is the battery charger I use https://amzn.to/3eQf3MJ  It works well to keep it topped off but need something with more charging power if you fish back to back days and need to charge in between. I got that charger at Menards but any normal 12 volt battery charger will work.


    Jason used jumper cables to rig the boat.  Big gage wires are expensive.  Note we are not electricians.  Don't do what we do

    Sep 17,2022 01:07:46
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Hard Water Fishing Show

Tactics Gear and Ice Fishing Legends

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