About Boomplay

Boomplay (formally known as Boom Player) is a music and video streaming & download service developed and owned by Transsnet Music Limited. Boomplay’s vision is to build the largest and most reliable digital music ecosystem for artists and content creators in Africa. The Boomplay app which won the “Best African App” at the 2017 “AppsAfrica Awards” has over 68 million users as at January, 2020. It is currently the biggest and fastest growing music app in Africa with a catalogue of 20 million songs and videos which is still growing day by day. Users can stream songs and videos online free of charge, subscribe to one of the daily, weekly or monthly plans to save songs and videos to play whilst offline or purchase content to download. The service is currently available on Android, iOS and Web.

Boomplay aims to build the largest and most sustainable digital music ecosystem for artists and content providers in Africa.

Development History

• January 2015 - Testing done and the first version of the app was released for pre-load.

• March 2015 - The app was officially released with the launch of TECNO's first music phone Boom J7

• August 2015 - Version 2.0 was released. Videos and pre-set FM Music Radio stations for selected African countries were added in this version.

• March 2016 – Version 2.1 released. Subscription was added which allows users to pay a reasonable Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly fee to stream music and videos without ads and save unlimited music and videos for offline play.

• 7th April 2016 - Version 2.1 of the app was uploaded on Google Play Store , making it available for all Android users.

• 29th June 2016 - Less than 3 months on Google Play Store, the app clocked 100,000 installs on Google Play Store.

• 18th October 2016 - A steep growth was evident, in just 3 more months, the app had reached 500,000 installs on Google Play Store which makes it the fastest growing music app in Africa.

• 11th January 2017 - Becomes the first and only music app in Africa that has passed the 1 million installs mark on Google Play Store.

• 2nd March 2017 - Version 3.0 was released and with it comes the new name Boomplay, new logo, redesigned UI, follow feature and the introduction of the Buzz that allows user to check the entertainment news without leaving the app and many other exciting new features.

• 21st April 2017- Closed a deal with TuneCore, one of the leading distributors for indie music in the world, hence growing the catalogue further.

• 13th May 2017 - Boomplay becomes the No.1 music app on Google Play Store in Nigeria and Kenya by hitting the #1 title of the Top Free charts of Music and Audio category in these 2 countries.

• 1st June 2017 – Boomplay reaches the 10 Million total user base thresholds.

• 14th June 2017 - Boomplay becomes the No.1 music app on Google Play Store Ghana by hitting the #1 title of the Top Free chart of Music and Audio category in this country.

• 19th June 2017 - Boomplay becomes the No.1 music app on Google Play Store Tanzania by hitting the #1 title of the Top Free chart of Music and Audio category in this country.

• 12th July 2017 – The Facebook page @Boomplay music reaches 1 million likes.

• 27th July 2017 – Boomplay was selected by Google as one of the top 5 apps/games to demonstrate to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and other Google executives during the Google for Nigeria event.

• 5th November, 2017 – Boomplay reaches 5 million installations in Google Play store.

• 7th November, 2017 - Boomplay wins 'Best African App' award at The Apps Africa Awards.

• 27th June, 2018 : Boomplay v3.7.5 released with new card payment integrations, transfer of coins to multiple users and bug fixes.

• 28th June, 2018 – Boomplay reached 10million installations in Google Play store and 29 million total userbase.

• 1st August, 2018 – Boomplay v3.7 released with viewing of comments by likes, search optimization and bug fixes.

• 5th Nov, 2018 – Boomplay announced a landmark deal with Universal Music Group.

• 21st, Dec, 2018 – Boomplay iOS version released on App Store.


Although concentrating primarily on African local and urban music content, its diverse music catalogue makes Boomplay Music a global music app. You can sign up to the app via your mobile number or your frequently used social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

The app was first launched in Nigeria in 2015. The expansion was gradual as the success was notable and expansion to East Africa was the next step.

In August 2016, the Kenya office was opened and an Operations team put in place to build the foundation of the business in the region.

In April 2017, the Tanzania office was introduced to the region, and the team is working hand in hand with the industry players to create awareness of the brand to the content providers, artists and users.

In April 2018, the Ghana office was opened with the operations team set-up to sensitize artists and music lovers alike in order to build a foundation for the business in the country.


The first royalty payment in Q4 of 2015 was followed by subsequent Incremental payments to various CPs, showing growth of content providers on the platform.

Boomplay is set to fight against privacy. All the content on Boomplay are legally licensed. Boomplay pays its content providers every quarter for streaming, subscription and purchase.

Boomplay believes in transparency. Every Content Provider is given access to the Content Management System which allows the Content Providers to upload and manage their own content and check the performance of their content and royalty reports in real time.

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